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Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter Review

Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter Review

Electric scooters aren’t new to us anymore. We’re seeing these gadgets alongside the road every day and one of the reasons why electric scooters are so popular these days is because of convenience. Electric scooters are easier to handle. You can fold them and carry them along inside the train or bus. The Hover 1 Pioneer electric scooter is one of such electric scooters that is easier to maintain and manage. It’s a lightweight scooter that can be folded with just one click. Due to its lightweight and simple folding system, a lot of people believe the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is designed for kids. It turns out to be false because this machine is designed for adults. Teens however can still ride and enjoy the scooter.

One of the attractive features of this scooter is that it takes less time to recharge the battery than it takes to recharge other scooters. You’ll be able to fully recharge the battery within 3-5 hours. The average scooter can take up to 10 hours to recharge fully. Overall, this scooter has a lot of features that make it the best option for anyone that’s looking for a high-quality electric scooter. That’s why we pick the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter and decided to write a full review about it. In this hover 1 pioneer electric scooter review, we’ll take a look at the features of this scooter and then show you whether it’s the right fit for you or not.

Review of Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter

Specs For Hover-1 Pioneer

20 miles
14 miles
Motor Type
Brushless motor
Disc Brakes
Lithium-Ion Battery
Charging Time
3-5 hours
Battery Capacity
10.4 Ah
Product weight
35.2 Pounds
Net Weight it can handle
Maximum Incline


Features Of Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter

  • Motor

Motor power is one of the first things you want to check before buying your electric scooter, the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter comes with a motor power of 300W. This motor power gives the scooter a top speed of 14mph. The power capacity isn’t the best. Can handle all your daily commute without a problem and it makes it suitable for adults to ride. It’s however ideal for riding on a smooth road, not on rough surfaces.

Hover 1 Pioneer Spec
  • Battery

The battery is also good because as we’ve mentioned earlier, it takes 3-5 hours to recharge the battery. On the other hand, you can cover 20-miles on a single battery charge. When you compare the hover 1 pioneer with other electric scooters within its category this is definitely a good range on a single charge. The duration of the battery will depend on the speed with which you’re riding the scooter and how you maintain the battery over time also matters.

  • Brakes


The brakes are very responsive and are able to stop the scooter fast for your own safety. You’ll experience an instant stop while riding on this scooter. The hover 1 pioneer electric scooter comes with dual disc brakes and you’ll be able to control both two brakes with your hand.

  • Tires

The tires aren’t really big, but they’re enough to provide the rider all the comfort and safety they need. It comes with 8.5-inch tires that can be put in place whenever you fold the electric scooter. When you ride hover 1 pioneer electric scooter with a padded seat, you’ll experience great comfort. The pneumatic tires can handle little rough surfaces and terrain. As mentioned previously, the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter isn’t designed for off-road. They’re ideal for smooth road riding.

  • LCD Display

Hover 1 Pioneer LCD Display

There is a display monitor that allows you to monitor important parameters such as speed, temperature, battery usage, headlight, and other important things you need to keep your eyes on while riding.

  • Weight

The total weight capacity of the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is 285lb. This includes your weight and other loads attached to the machine, the scooter is recommended 14+. That means both teens and adults can enjoy riding the scooter.

  • Safety

A lot of safety features are equipped on this scooter. One unique feature it has includes a key-based system that prevents the scooter from unauthorized use or theft. Another important safety feature is the Brake activated power cut off. It’s activated when the throttle or the brakes are mistakenly applied.

  • Maintenance

As you probably know, electric scooters in general don’t require a lot of maintenance like traditional vehicles. The hover 1 pioneer electric scooter isn’t different because it comes with a resettable fuse and circuits to keep your maintenance at a minimum.

  • Horns and headlights

Most scooters out there don’t come with horns since it’s assumed that you’ll ride at low speed and alongside the road only. The hover 1 pioneer electric scooter comes with horns and headlights to make your life easier.

  • It’s quiet

Electric scooters make some noise especially the ones that come with chain drive instead of a belt. The hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is very silent. It comes with a belt-drive, you’ll be able to peacefully ride the scooter.

  • Price

The price of the Hover-1 pioneer electric folding scooter isn’t a big deal because it costs less than $200. We can say that it’s affordable and the scooter has great value for money.

These are some of the major features of the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter. There are still other noticeable features worthy of taking a look before you buy.


There are dozens of accessories you can add to your scooter for a better experience. You can visit the hover 1 official website for all the accessories you need. We’ll mention a few that are important in this Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter review.

Hover 1 Pioneer

  • Helmet

This is the first and most important accessory you want to add to your purchase because a lot of cities require that you were a helmet before riding any vehicle around, and electric scooters aren’t an exception. Secondly, it’s for your own protection. When it comes to the helmet, you have endless options to choose from. Choose the right one based on your budget.

  • Seat

Riding the hover 1 pioneer scooter is more comfortable with seats. You need to add this accessory especially when you’re going out for a long ride. Scooters with a seat are more enjoyable.

  • Bag

Since the hover 1 pioneer scooter can be folded easily. You need a bag where you can store it safely to prevent it from rain and other unwanted substances. You’ll also need a bag for putting your shopping items so that you can rise comfortably.

  • Extra battery

Hover 1 Pioneer Battery

If you want to add more battery to make the scooter last longer on the road. You need to add an extra battery to your purchase. Adding an external battery will increase your range, add a good battery and who knows! You might double the range of your scooter.

  • Locker

It’s also important to keep your scooter safe and avoid theft. With the locker you can tie your scooter to a fixed pole, making it difficult to steal. There are different hover 1 lockers and they don’t cost much. For less than $10, you can find a good locker for your hover 1 pioneer scooter.

These are some of the basic accessories we believe anyone should add to their bundle when buying an electric scooter. There are a lot of other accessories you can find when you visit the hover 1 accessory section. If you also want to replace some parts you can find them from the hover 1 store.


Pros and Cons – Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter Review


  • Easy to fold – it’s one of the electric scooters that’s easier to fold and that’s why it’s also referred to as Hover-1 pioneer electric folding scooter. It’s also easier to store – it can be in your car trunk. You can as well tack it under your bed or can just carry it along while you travel.
  • It’s lightweight – the Hover-1 pioneer electric folding scooter weighs 35.2 pounds and that makes it easier to carry along. Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s a low-quality scooter. It’s made with a strong and durable metal frame to make it last for years.
  • It’s comfortable to use – Thanks to the shock absorbers equipped in the scooter and the 8.5-inch tires. They’ll give the rider all the comfort they need while riding.
  • Less recharging time – the batteries are faster to recharge than other electric scooters that take an average of 8-10 hours to recharge.
  • It doesn’t make noise – it’s a silent drive electric scooter, you won’t disturb anyone while riding.
  • It’s safe to use – the Hover-1 pioneer electric folding scooter is safe to ride and that’s because of its low speed and other safety features installed on the device.
  • It has excellent acceleration especially when you’re on flat and smooth surfaces.


  • It travels at low speed – the top speed is 14mph, if you’re a kind of hurry person, you won’t enjoy riding this scooter.
  • It’s not suitable for riding on wet surfaces and through puddles.
  • Even though it costs less than $200, still some people find it to be a little bit expensive than other scooters within its category.
  • You need to adjust the disc brakes it comes with, but you can do that pretty quickly.



Who Should Buy Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter?

The hover 1 pioneer scooter is for anyone that wants to have some fun riding around the city. It’s a great option for daily commuting to school or work. Both students and workers can use the device safely.


Why You Should Buy The Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Folding Scooter?

The hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is affordable and has lots of features. It’s a durable and lightweight scooter that can be carried along anywhere you’re going. It requires little space for storage and a lot of other things you need that make the hover 1 pioneer electric scooter an excellent commuting device.

Hover 1 Pioneer Size
Hover 1 Pioneer Size


Hover 1 Pioneer Vs Xiaomi M365

We can say that the Hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is a clone of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. They’re pretty much the same with the exception that Xiaomi M365 is more expensive. It costs $400 while the hover 1 scooter costs $200 or a little less. They’re both foldable scooters and are lightweight. Xiaomi M365 is even lighter because it weighs 27lbs, the range is 14.6 miles, and has a top speed of 16.7 miles. From our own view, you should pick the Hover 1 pioneer electric scooter over the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. It’s more affordable and has similar features to the Xiaomi M365.


Hover 1 Pioneer Review – Common Questions And Answers

Is The Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter For Adults?

Yes, this scooter is strictly not for children, it’s for 14-years and above persons.

Can You Ride The Hover 1 Pioneer Scooter On Terrain?

This scooter is ideal for riding on a flat and smooth road, that’s to say it’s not a good fit for off-road riding. If you want to go off-road, you should consider upgrading to a better model.

Is the Hover 1 pioneer electric scooter portable?

It’s a portable machine because it’s lightweight and can be folded, it also requires little space for storage.

How Is The Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter When Compared To Other Scooters?

It’s really a great electric scooter that’s ahead of most scooters within its category and everyone will love riding the Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $200 or even less to acquire this electric scooter.


Final Verdict of the Review

So far we’ve mentioned the features, pros, and cons, by looking at the specifications you’ll be able to judge whether the Hover 1 pioneer electric scooter is right for you or not. We will say that if you’re looking for simplicity. You should definitely go for it because as we reviewed the Hover 1 Pioneer Electric Scooter, has proven to be one of the best electric scooters you can ride on a smooth road. If however, you want to go off-road. You should consider upgrading to an electric scooter that can handle such conditions.