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Best electric scooter for under 300 – Ultimate Selection – Buying Guide

by Kerry Washington
Best electric scooter for under 300

Electric scooters are a great way to navigate through cities and neighborhoods without consuming much gas. “Best electric scooter for under 300” buying guide examines some budget-friendly scooters that will ease your daily struggles commuting to work.

If this is your first electric scooter then you may opt to go with something budget-friendly as you get the feel of the ride before moving to pricier models. For some people, scooters are for child’s play but a rise in city traffic jams has led to commuters searching for alternative modes of transportation.

At the $300 price range, we have a considerable amount of scooters that combine speed, versatility, and awesome features. While this kind of scooter won’t hit high top speeds it will enable you to commute with ease. This guide looks at the best electric scooters for under $300 and we tell you which one is the best.


Compare the Best Electric Scooters for Under 300

Power (watts)
Range (miles)
Speed (mph)
Check on Amazon
Swagtron 5
Gotrax GXL V2
Razor E300S
GoTrax GKS
Hover-1 Aviator
Razor E100
Pulse Performance Sonic XL
40 min
Voyager Proton
Megawheels S1
Jetson Element Pro
Xprit 8.5


Swagtron 5 – Best Overall

Swagtron is a well-known brand when it comes to electric scooters. This particular model is affordable and is accompanied by awesome features that make it ideal for urban commuting. Weighing in at 27.5 lbs. the Swagtron easily collapses for easy storage in your car trunk and other small spaces.

Swagtron Swagger 5T: High Value And Low-Cost electric scooter

Swagtron Swagger 5T: High Value And Low-Cost electric scooter

Power to the Swagtron is delivered through a 250W hub motor that is able to deliver 15 to 18 mph and handle hill inclines of up to 20 degrees. This speed will get you to and from work with ease. You can maneuver through city traffic and sidewalks with ease due to the Swagtron compact design.

Depending on your speed, terrain, and weights the Swagtron Li-Ion battery is able to recharge in about 3.5 hours and this gives you 6 to 12 miles before the next charge. This short charging time means you can plug in your scooter for charging at any time in your office.

The Swagtron is suitable for all persons and can support weights of up to 320 pounds. This means you can buy it for your teens or ride it yourself.


  • Average speed
  • Fast recharging times
  • Frame made from durable aluminum
  • Easily foldable and portable


  • The range is a bit low

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Gotrax GXL V2 – Best for urban commuting

Due to its easily foldable nature, the Gotrax is an excellent companion for those doing daily commuting or college students. Weighing just 27 pounds the Gotrax can be folded and stored in the office or a locker. The Gotrax is driven by a modest 250 Watt motor that is capable of taking the scooter to a high speed of 15.5 mph. This is pretty decent for those planning on doing daily commutes. We are including it as the first choice on our “Best electric scooter for under 300” Review.

Gotrax GXL V2

Gotrax GXL V2

The 8.5” pneumatic wheels are large enough to absorb vibrations and potholes in city traffic. You can ride the Gotrax for 12 miles before the next charging session. Charging should take 4 hours. You can do this at night or at your office. The scooter comes with a battery indicator that shows you when you are running low on charge.

The smart display not only shows you the remaining battery life but is also vital for showing scooter speed and distance covered. The Gotrax can tackle a weight of up to 220 lbs. and is overall one of the best scooters for urban use.


  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Modest speed
  • Low battery charge time
  • Stylish and ergonomic design


  • May not handle hilly terrain well

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Razor E300S – Best scooter with detachable seat

If you are going to be commuting for long you may as well purchase a scooter with a detachable seat. The Razor E300S offers this and much more. It comes with a powerful motor that will enable you to navigate city traffic with ease and even handle some steep hills. The seat is padded making it very comfortable even when going over bumps.

Razor E300S

Razor E300S

The frame of the bike is built to support older riders. The design is simple yet functional. Power is through a chain-driven motor that is capable of reaching speeds of 15 mph. This gives you around 45 minutes of charge which is adequate to get you to and from the mall. The scooter can accommodate weights of up to 220 lbs.

When it comes to the tires you get large and wide 10” pneumatic tires that can handle a variety of terrain with ease. The tires also prevent from tipping over at higher speeds. Some additional features with the scooter will include a rear brake, twist-grip acceleration control, and retractable kickstand.


  • High torque to climb hills
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Large 10” pneumatic tires
  • Ergonomic design that supports persons of all weights


  • The chain drive motor can be noisy

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GoTrax GKS – Cheapest Option

The scooter has double uses. You can use it as both an electric scooter and a kick scooter. With its smart features, GoTrax GKS is an intelligent choice. The motor is powered with 150 watts. The scooter comes with 6-inch tires. The tires absorb vibrations effortlessly so you can smoothly ride on roads and streets.

GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter


It is lightweight to carry around and only weighs 17.8 lbs(8.073kg). You can bring the scooter in your backpack comfortably. The assembly of GoTrax takes less than 15 minutes. The battery requires 5 hours to charge with a 25.2V battery fully. You can cover up to 4 miles(6.43km)with a fully charged battery. The electric scooter starts when you place both feet on the deck. With a speed of 7.5 mph(12.07 kph), you can reach your daily commute easily.


  • Rubber Tires
  • Foldable
  • Safety lock
  • Light Construction
  • Safe step Technology


  • Small Deck

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Hover-1 Aviator – Most Powerful Option

The Hover 1-Aviator is one of the best scooters you can find for under 300$. It is efficient and smart. It features a 4.0 Ah battery that you can charge in 5 hours. The unique design will surely impress you. It has a built-in suspension, which makes your ride smooth and relaxed.

Hover-1 Aviator

Hover-1 Aviator

The scooter is built to carry around a rider of 264 lbs. It has an impressive and powerful motor of 300V. It ensures simple storage with its compact design. The scooter also has a safe brake system for the protection of the rider. Your riding experience will be hustle-free and comfortable with the hover 1-Aviator electric scooter.


  • LCD
  • Rear Brake system
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Brushless Motor
  • detailed user manual for assembly
  • Available in different colors fuchsia, grey, and light blue
  • Bright LED headlight and built-in reflectors


  • Covers up to 7 miles only
  • It takes a long time to charge

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ROCKETX 8” – Most powerful headlight

While this brand is not well known the scooter will help in your daily commute to and from work. This scooter comes with an ergonomic design that is well suited for navigating in between traffic jams and sidewalks. The price is just right for someone who is looking for an affordable scooter for daily commuting or a student in need of something to get them to college.



The ROCKETX is powered by a 250W that enables it to reach a maximum speed of 12.4 mph. While this is not the best speed for a scooter it will get you by if you are not in a hurry. You will also be able to travel for about 15 miles before the next charge. You also get extra shock absorbers for extra comfort when navigating rocky terrain. The scooter comes with a headlight for those night rides. You also get large 8” tires that are well capable of absorbing shock.

While the ROCKETX is not the best scooter out there it will get the job done.


  • Simplistic design
  • Easy to carry and fold
  • Shock absorbers for rough terrain
  • Easy to charge


  • The scooter is quite slow

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Razor E100 – Most suitable for your children

Scooters were a common feature with kids but now adults have joined in the fun. If you are still on the lookout for a birthday present for a child who is more than 8 years old then the Razor E100 is your ideal choice. Firstly, the scooter comes in several colors like black, green, and blue.

Power to the scooter is through a 100-watt chain-driven single speed motor. This is capable of pushing the scooter to speeds of up to 10 mph. This is adequate for your child who just wants to have some fun outdoors without getting hurt. A 24V lead-acid battery that gives you 40 minutes of riding time supports the motor. Lead-acid batteries while affordable do not contain as much power as the lithium-ion ones. They also require more maintenance. But, since you are purchasing this for your kid who does not do daily commutes the battery will serve you just right.

Razor E100 electric scooter

Razor E100

The Razor E100 comes with 8” pneumatic tires that will absorb shock as you move along bumpy terrain. The scooter design is made with long-lasting steel and a fork that protects the scooter from occasional bumps. It takes an average of 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the scooter.

Some additional features that are added to make your scooter ride comfortable include soft rubber grips that come with twist acceleration control, retractable kickstand, foldable handlebars, and hand-operated caliper front brake. The Razor E100 can handle a weight of 120 lbs.


  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Moderate speed of 10 mph
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Durable steel frame


  • The chain drive motor can be noisy

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Pulse Performance Sonic XL – Best for Teens

Due to its durable steel frame, the pulse performance sonic XL is an excellent budget-friendly choice. The steel frame provides extra protection. The electric scooter comes equipped with smooth, thick, and wide rubber tires, enhancing your riding experience.

The 24-volt sealed lead acid battery is a feature you won’t be able to find in other scooters under 300$. The battery supports a continuous ride up to 40 minutes and has a powerful 200-watt motor, chain-driven. With its ultra-heavy-duty stem, it will last for a long time.

Pulse Performance Sonic XL

Pulse Performance Sonic XL

It has a large deck; measuring 27 inches in length. The pulse performance sonic XL is manufactured to carry 150 lbs(68.03kg) of weight.


  • LED-indicators in the Battery
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Oversize deck surface
  • Noise-free


  • The battery takes up to 8 hours to fully charge.
  • The scooter is heavy to carry.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.

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Voyager Proton

The Voyager Proton electric scooter is another excellent scooter under $300. It is a little faster than Gotrax at a top speed of 12 mph(19.31 kph). It is well-equipped with a 250-watt brushless motor, and an air-filled front tire, making for a smooth ride.

Voyager Proton

Voyager Proton

You can cover up to 6 miles with this classic ride. It is the best scooter for under 300$. It can even carry up to 220 lbs(99.79kg). The electric scooter is super fun and convenient to take on a hike.

The Voyager Proton weighs 18 lbs(8.16kg) and comes with a shock-absorbent spring and a phone mount. It is eco-friendly with zero emissions. If you are looking for environmentally friendly options, this is the best option for you.


  • Foldable
  • Built-in lights
  • Safe to ride at night
  • Charging port for your phone
  • Display for battery life and speed


  • The range is shallow at 6 miles.

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Megawheels S1

With a mega powered 5.0AH battery, megawheels S1 is a modern and equipped electric scooter. Its 29.4V Lithium-ion battery to work at the optimum. The 250 W powered battery helps in the easy functioning of the scooter.

The unique feature it offers is electronic brakes. Under 300$, you have hit the jackpot with this one making the best braking feature. You get two kinds of brakes; a braking pedal on the handlebar and a manual foot brake operated by foot. It has strong 6.0-inch solid tires, which catalyze a bump-free ride.

Megawheels S1

Megawheels S1

It features a smooth and elegant thin design and has an aluminum frame.


  • Brushless Motor
  • Lightweight
  • Fast charging; fully charges in only 3 hours
  • Red hazard light at the back fender
  • The neat and easy folding mechanism


  • Cheap pedal and plastic sidebars
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No front lights; dangerous to ride at night
  • It does not feature cruise control

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Jetson Element Pro

This electric scooter has an elegant and stylish design. Your commute will be fun with a 7500mAh battery. You can reach anywhere in an incredible range of 12 miles on a single charge.

It has a LED display that shows the battery life, speed, and lights. With the effortless folding style, you can store it under your desk at work or in the car’s trunk while traveling.

Jetson element electric scooter review.edited

Jetson Element Pro

The rubber wheels give you a smooth ride on pavements. It is also comfortable to carry around with a lightweight aluminum frame that weighs 24 lbs. The durable motor has a power of 250 W. It is safe to ride at night. If you are looking for a smart and affordable electric scooter, this is the one for you. Check also the review of Jetson Element.


  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Bright LED headlight and taillight for visibility
  • climbs up to 11-degree inclines
  • Powerful E-brake
  • Compatible with the ride Jetson app
  • Rearfoot brake


  • Noisy

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Xprit 8.5

The scooter features a unique power saving mode which can increase the speed up to 15 mph. The average power mode gives it a high rate of 15pmh. You can choose between a power-saving mode and a standard power mode when necessary.

You can effortlessly climb up to 11-degree inclines with this scooter. The frame is stylish and made out of high-grade aluminum. It weighs around 28 lbs. and the motor is powered at 250 W. The scooter is an excellent transportation device with its easy to fold.

Xprit 8.5 electric kick scooter review

Xprit 8.5

It can ride up to an impressive 15.5 miles. If you are looking to buy multiple scooters for your family, you can go for X-Sprit 8.5 without any second thoughts. The battery will last you comfortably for about 4 hours.


  • Fast charging( in 2- 3 hours)
  • Easy assembly
  • Safe brakes system
  • Easy to ride
  • Lightweight


  • No rear foot brake included

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Which one is the best overall, fastest, and a long-range electric scooter?

Best Overall Scooter under 300$

  • Swagtron

    • The compact and foldable design makes it easy for you to store in your backpack.
    • Swagtron has a powerful hub motor of 250W, so you can easily cover the distance at the speed of 15 to 18 mph. This feature makes it one of the best scooters under 300$.
    • The battery takes only 3.5 hours to charges entirely, so you have one less thing to worry about in the busy schedule.
    • A single charge lasts up to 6 to 12 miles, making it ideal for your daily commute from office to home or another place.
    • Unlike many other affordable scooters in the market, the Swagtron can be utilized by both adults and children. It can carry around the weight of 320 pounds. It makes a perfect Christmas gift and a birthday present.
    • The aluminum frame of the scooter is superb, weighing only 27.5 lbs.
  • Xprit 8.5

    • The Xprit 8.5 is moderately priced with brilliant features that you won’t find in any of its contenders.
    • It is effortless for you to keep track of your previous trips and battery level with the help of its display. The display design shows you the battery level, current speed, gear, and trip mileage.
    • The deal-breaker is the three modes in the control panel, Gear 1 for Eco Mode, Gear 2 for Comfort Mode, Gear 3 for Sport Mode. You can switch to any of them according to your ease and comfort.
    • The 10-inch rubber tires are anti-slip; you can ride the scooter easily for long periods, even in the rain.
    • If you ever feel like riding at night, Xprit has got your back. It is safe to ride at night as it features side reflectors and a flashing backlight when breaking.


The Fastest Electric Scooters under 300$

  • Jetson Element Pro:

The speed of any scooter is a deciding factor. It is an essential element shadowing your decision to invest in an electric scooter. The Jetson Element Pro is the fastest scooter you can find for under 300$, making it an excellent budget-friendly option.

It is an efficient and perfect choice for a quick trip. It has a powerful motor, which gives it a winning speed of 16 mph. The company’s previous model was slow, so they decided to develop an excellent and fast pace with this model.

Many factors affect the speed, such as your commuting style, whether your pavements are rocky or smooth, etc. Hence, 16 mph is the optimum speed you can get out of a scooter for under 300$.

The acceleration is smooth. The scooter also features mechanical rear brakes so you can stop the scooter in no time.

  • Hover 1- Aviator

The Hover-1 Aviator is a unique and stylish electric scooter. It comes in chic colors and design. The controllers of the electric scooter are marked on the handlebar. At this price, the speed of the scooter is a steal. It has an impressive rate of 15 mph. The pace isn’t as high as the Jetson pro one, but it’s still ideal for your hiking trips and commutes.

The handlebar is detailed with an electric brake red lever on the left and the acceleration throttle on the right. The brake lever is red so that the ride can operate it efficiently in an emergency.

The rider can use the throttle and the brake lever with ease of thumb. The trait which sets it apart from other scooters in the price range is the suspension. The suspension guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride.

  • Pulse Performance

Pulse Performance has an excellent speed of 13 mph(20.92kph), powered by its 200-watt, chain-driven motor. It is a perfect choice if you are a beginner and learning how to ride an electric scooter.

The medium-speed won’t scare you off. It ensures to make your learning experience a fun one. As a newbie, you should go for a ride that will suit you the best. The price and other features will impress you, sure. It is one of the best and fastest scooters under 300$ for your training regime.

The scooter also has a beginner-friendly Moto-inspired Instant Throttle Response (ITR) twist throttle and a caliper hand brake. You also acquire a charger unit with the scooter.

The Instant Throttle Response allows quick acceleration and complete user-control for your safety. It also has very easy-grip handlebars and twist-grip throttle and comes in two colors; black and yellow.


Best Long-Range Electric Scooter under 300$

  • Xprit 8.5

If you are looking for an electric scooter with the best features, Xprit 8.5 should be on your priority list. It has all the features of an expensive scooter at an affordable price. And for most dependable, it is best Long-Range Electric Scooter under 300$

From looks to speed, the scooter caters to all of your needs. The scooter also covers a decent range of 15 miles(24.14km). How amazing is that! Usually, cheap scooters have an average capacity of 5-7 miles. But this delightful ride is a life savior. If your house is far away from the central city, you should opt for Xprit 8.5. The large wheels are also a selling point of this ride.

The electric scooter is portable and easy to carry on a hike or a walk. The safe brake system is another impressive feature of the scooter. Both children and adults can utilize it as it has a weight capacity of 220 lbs(99.79kg). Therefore we have categorized it as the best long-range electric scooter under 300$

  • Jetson Element Pro

In terms of range, Jetson Element should be your go-to choice. The electric scooter covers 12 miles on a single charge. At this price point, this scooter is a great option. The range is an essential feature of a scooter. While investing in a scooter, this is one of the first things you should look for. Suppose your office is far away from your home. If you want to explore the other side of the town on weekends, the jetson element pro is a brilliant choice for you.

The jetson element is effortless to maintain. Since it offers you a smooth ride, the 12 miles will be the most comfortable miles you will ever cover. The simple and unique design is another advantage of having a Jetson element pro electric scooter. It is suitable for both children and adults. It can carry up to 235 lbs.

  • Hover 1-Aviator

The hover 1-Aviator offers only a 7-mile range. A brushless motor of 250 watts powers it. The battery, when fully charged, is sufficient for your 7-mile range. It is the perfect choice for your short-distance trips. The electric scooter works efficiently with a 24V 4.0 Ah battery.

The 7-mile range can be too short for some people. But it is a perfect range for kids. If you are looking to buy an economical electric scooter for your child, this is the best option.

With the feature of safe brakes, Hover 1- Aviation offers the most protections for kids. Your kids won’t stray far away from home, and they will be at a safe distance.

As a beginner, your kids will love this compact electric scooter. In the delivery package, you will find a detailed user manual as well. You can assemble the scooter with your kids. The assembly is easy and takes significantly less time.


Best electric scooter for under 300 – Buying Guide

Electric scooters come in all manner of accessories and features. We have slow ones that do less than 20 mph and more powerful ones that are capable of hitting speeds of up to 40 mph. The main purpose of getting a scooter will determine the kind of budget you allocate to a purchase. With increased traffic jams been experienced in cities, commuters are looking for environmentally friendly ways to get to work without necessarily spending a lot of gasoline. If you are looking for something budget-friendly consider the following key factors.


Once you make your daily commute to work or college then the next step is how to store your scooter. An ideal budget-friendly scooter should be lightweight and portable. It should fold easily while giving you the ability to store it in small spaces. Portable scooters can be stored under the metro train, at the office, or in the classroom without inconveniencing others.


Power can either be through a lead-acid battery or lithium-ion. The lead-acid battery is common in most budget scooters. It will supply power of about 250W but it comes with the downside of being less durable and requires more maintenance. Lower battery-powered scooters cannot handle hills with steep ascents which can be a problem if you are commuting to such areas. For more power go for scooters with over 500W. You will also need to know whether the scooter is chain or belt powered. Belt drive scooters are the most silent but the belt requires occasional change due to wear and tear. The chain drive motors are noisier but last longer than the belt drive. You will also notice that more high-speed scooters will opt for the chain-driven belts.


Modern innovations have led to pretty fast scooters capable of achieving speeds of up to 40 mph. however, these are pricier and will often come with dual motors capable of churning out over 2000 watts of power. For most commutes, a scooter that is capable of doing 15 to 18 mph is enough. Remember to wear protective headgear when traveling at these speeds.

Smart apps

Modern scooters now come with cool features like Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to communicate with the scooter and get information like speed, distance traveled, and battery life. You can also choose your drive modes, engage alarm systems, and disable lighting.


What would an electric scooter be without the right braking? Scooter brakes differ at the bottom of the pyramid as the regenerative braking system followed by the foot brake. The latter is used in most kids’ scooters and you activate it by pushing your foot to the rear fender. This braking system is ideal for low speeds. The drum brakes are found inside the wheel hub. This is ideal when you are riding in wet climates. The best brakes are disc brakes. This offers more stopping power even at high speeds.

Disc and drum brakes: they’re the best brakes and that’s what you should be looking for when buying an electric scooter. Their downside however is that they wear out with time, require maintenance or have to be replaced over time.

Electric brakes: they don’t need to be regularly maintained like Disc and Drum brakes but they’re not effective when it comes to stopping or slowing down your scooter.

Foot brakes: These are the manual brakes and they take some time to get used to, but if you’re used to scooters for kids, you won’t find any problem working with foot brakes.


The tires will determine the general comfort of the scooter. You can either have air-filled or not air tires. The air-filled tires are great for absorbing shock and vibrations but come with the downside of being high maintenance due to punctures and constant air refills. The non-air tires are zero maintenance but will give you a bumpy ride in rough rides. Also, ensure your scooter comes with the right kind of suspension. This is great for absorbing shocks when riding.


The materials used for the construction will determine the durability of the scooter. While a cheaper scooter may seem ideal you will experience constant breakdowns that lead to higher costs of repairs. While it is not a rule make every effort to purchase your scooter from reputable companies. This does not mean you ignore upcoming scooter companies.

Quality of ride

This is the first thing to check, some designs look great but when you begin to ride them you realize that it’s better to walk on your feet, some are just ‘boneshakers’. You want to get an electric scooter that provides comfort even on rough surfaces, most electric scooters will be good on smooth roads but when tested on rough surface or uphill, you’ll end up getting stuck. The quality of your ride will be affected by three main factors and they’re as follows:

The wheel size: If you’re an adult you should avoid small wheels, anything thing less than an 8-inch diameter won’t provide enough comfort. But for kids, they can still do fine with a smaller diameter.

Air-filled Vs solid tires: Air-filled tires offer more comfort than solid tires, but solid tires are preferred when riding on places with nails, thorns, or glasses. They’re ideal on rough surfaces with lots of particles that can puncture the tires. But when riding around the city on the clean road, Air-filled tires are better, they’ll significantly absorb shock when you hit bumps.

Suspension: Electric scooters without suspension and have large air-filled tires will provide a smoother ride than an electric scooter that comes with suspension but have solid tires and smaller wheels. The best choice is to choose a scooter with air-filled tires with large wheels but no suspension, or select solid tires with suspension.


What is the difference between a 300$ and 500$ electric scooter?

  • The main difference between a 300$ scooter and a 500$ scooter is the price point.
  • A 300$ scooter is budget-friendly and an ideal option for a beginner. If you are buying an electric scooter for the first time, we would advise you to invest in a 300$ one. You will learn the ropes quickly.
  • The 500$ scooters fall under the category of more professional ones. They have better-upgraded features. For people wanting expensive and professional scooters, a 500$ electric scooter is the best option.
  • A 300$ scooter won’t last as long as the 500$ electric scooter. But the life of a scooter depends upon the build and material.


Can you buy a good electric scooter for 300$?

Yes, you can. With proper research and knowledge, you can buy an excellent electric scooter for 300$ or less. Make sure to read our guide precisely and choose the best option for you.


What to expect from a 300$ electric scooter?

A 300$ scooter is lightweight and portable. You can carry it around easily. The charging time varies from one scooter to another, but you can choose the ones with the lowest charging time. A 300$ scooter won’t help you on hard trains, but it works fine on uneven pavements.


What are the downsides of 300$ electric scooters?

A 300$ electric scooter may not last you for a long time, depending on how you ride. It will work fine for 1-3 yrs. Some scooters also offer a great warranty, which prolongs the length of your scooter. However, most of the scooters under $300 don’t have more than a six-month warranty.


FAQ – Best electric scooter for under 300

How much can I save by riding electric scooter
The money you spend on gas for six to nine months is enough to buy you a brand new scooter, after that, you can do the calculation based on your gas spending on a monthly basis. The average person travels at least 12,000 miles per year, imagine the things you can do with the money saved.
How Do You Compare An Electric Scooter With Other Vehicle?
Electric scooters are able to move at the same speed as your typical car or motorcycle moving around the city. Fast electric scooters can travel up to 60 miles per hour, and even cars don’t travel at that speed within the city.
Is It Safe To Ride Electric Scooter?
Electric scooters can be safer than driving a car provided you have all the safety accessories like a helmet and ride sober.
Are all-electric scooters loud?
With the advancement in technology, you can find electric scooters that are very silent, some of them, of course, are very noisy, and you need to avoid such brands.
Do I need a license to the driver an electric scooter?
It depends on your city and the type of electric scooter you’re riding and also the speed limit, so the best way to find out is to check with your state regulations.
Is It Possible To Ride Electric Scooters On Gravel Road?
It all depends on how powerful the motor is and the weight as well. but a good electric scooter should be able to handle rough roads or a steep hill.
How Old My Kid Has To Be In Order To Ride An Electric Scooter?
This also depends on your country or city laws, but generally it’s a minimum of 5-8 years. But you should understand that not every scooter is suitable for kids. There are models specifically for kids around the age of 5, 8, or 10. Make no mistake in buying an adult scooter for your kid.


Electric scooters are the new craze to fight rising gasoline prices and city traffic. In this case, we helped you with the “Best electric scooter for under 300” review. They are easy to operate and you can fold them after a day journey. Improvements in battery output have led to electric scooters capable of speeds of up to 40 mph and with ranges of over 40 miles. A budget-friendly scooter works great for your daily commute or if you are looking for a birthday gift for your teen. GOTRAX GXL V2 is a good choice and that’s why it’s the first on our list. Give it a try and you’ll enjoy riding it.

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