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Gotrax Gxl V2 Review

Gotrax Gxl V2 Review 2021 – Commuting Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are loved for their ease of use, versatility, and convenience they offer. They are perfect for navigating through busy cities and make commuting from home to work easily. To make this possible, they have to be very light, swift, and relatively fast. These are some of the important factors that make a great electric scooter. If you travel uphill, then you need to consider the motor power as this is the key to getting you up hills. When it comes to long-distance traveling, you should consider the range of the scooter above everything else. Gotrax has been making electric scooters for a long time now. We will review in this article Gotrax Gxl V2.

It is hard to talk about electric commuter scooters without talking about the Gotrax GLX V2 scooter. This scooter is one of the best electric scooters for commuters and has even won awards for it. It was released in September 2019 and has impressed a lot in the scooter community. Like the original GLX, this one is also well-built, the sturdy ad has a nice balance of weight and features. It uses high-quality pneumatic tires for comfort and stability. The Gotrax GXL is known for its great value for money. For all the great features it offers, it sells at under $300 which is such a hard bargain compared to its competitors. It weighs just about 26 lbs. which ensures portability and maneuverability.

The following section of our review highlights the top features of the Gotrax GXL scooter.


Gotrax Gxl V2 Review – Key Features

Electric scooters are a great way to navigate through busy streets are cities. In order to move around fast and conveniently, you need an electric scooter with a high range and a powerful motor for high acceleration and top speed.

Gotrax GXL V2
Gotrax GXL V2 Review

High-quality disc brakes

The GXL comes with front regenerative disc brakes as well as rear disc brakes. These are to ensure you come to a stop as quickly as possible while maintaining comfort. The rear disc is easily operated using a hand lever to allow you to ride in different positions. By doing this, safety is increased as your left hand is placed more naturally to allow easy braking

Powerful motor

The Gotrax GXL comes with a 250 Watts power motor that propels the scooter. This is a very powerful motor that will provide decent acceleration and top speed. However, this performance can be slowed down by factors such as the rider’s weight and going uphill.

The GXL is equipped with air-filled pneumatic tires

The GXL is fitted with pneumatic inner tube tires. This is such a great feature as pneumatic tires are great for suspension and an overall comfortable ride. The tires are 8.5inches for stability and comfort. They provide bounce on slightly rough roads and therefore eliminate uncomfortable jerky movements.

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Superb Design

As you know now, electric scooters for commuters must implement a good compact design that is foldable into a small portable package. The GXL does this well with its sturdy design. To make this possible, the controls have been kept minimal and there are not many unnecessary switches and levers. Whether folded or unfolded, the scooter feels solid and this is something any commuter would want.

Superb Design
Superb Design

It is fitted with a telescoping towing handle

The Gotrax GLX V2 is perfect for people who travel in public commuter trains and buses. This is why it is equipped with a telescoping towing handle that enables you to tow it around like airport luggage. Like a suitcase, the handle is deployed using the click of a button and you can move it around on the dolly wheels

It is equipped with long battery life and range

The Gotrax GLX V2 has a 250-watt hour battery which provides a maximum range of 16 miles after a full charge. This great range ensures you don’t need to charge it a lot during the day under heavy usage. For people looking for long-range, Zero 7 would be a great place to start looking

LCD display cockpit

The Gotrax GLX V2 has a very simple cockpit. The cockpit is the area on the handlebar with all the controls. This scooter’s cockpit consists of a power button, a mechanical bell, a twisty style accelerator, and brakes, and an LCD display that shows the speed and battery level.

Superior brake controls

The Gotrax GLX V2 uses an electronic brake system that is controlled in a twist-style manner. The only problem with this braking manner is that it provides little control over braking modulation. However, when you apply the brakes, they grip tightly and efficiently. Some have even said the grip is too much and can be jerky.



  • Top Speed

This e-scooter is the new enhanced and improved version of GoTrax GXL. This electric scooter features a powerful brushless 250-watt motor. At standard conditions, this brushless motor has the potential to accelerate up to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph).

Moreover, this 24.65 lbs (11.2 kg) scooter bolstered by 8.5 inches pneumatic can climb a 14-degree inclined slope conveniently and efficiently. GXL V2 e-scooter is the performance king under the 300$ electric scooter category.

  • Range

GoTrax proffers a 36V 5.2ah battery along with GXL V2 which according to their commercial advertisement can last for around 12 miles (19.3 kilometers). However, mileage and the electric scooter’s top speed may vary with variation in rider’s weight, battery status, and weather conditions. 12 miles mileage and a decent top speed in a generous amount are required for necessary commuting.



In this part of our review, you will find other information about Gotrax GXL V2 Review like Expenses, age limit, etc.

  • Expenses

GoTrax GXL V2 is a practical yet long-term investment as quality, and fully-featured scooters are way too expensive. However, the best part of buying this scooter like the most electric scooter is that you don’t have to pay for the fuel.

Moreover, the only expense of having GoTrax GXL V2 is the electric charging cost. However, you can even eradicate this cost by charging your e-scooter in a public place.

  • Age

Since GoTrax GXL V2 is a lightweight scooter, it suits people of minor age. The only drawback that limits kids from using this scooter is that they don’t have adjustable handles. However, GoTrax GXL V2 is a relatively fast-moving scooter.

  • Safety

Safety of customers isn’t compromisable for any scooter company. GoTrax proffers an imminent responsive braking system to ensure customer safety. The dual braking system provided with the scooter ensures proper braking with immediate effect. Moreover, GoTrax proposes regenerative braking, a digital display for the battery charging status.

  • Warranty

For GoTrax, customer satisfaction is their top priority. However, Gotrax offers a 90 days warranty for GoTrax GXL V2 if you face issues with Gotrax services. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the GoTrax 30 days return warranty for premium customer satisfaction.

  • Pricing

GoTrax GXL V2 is the king of performance and stability under the 300$ e-scooters category. The new and improved version of GoTRax GXL costs around 270$. Great power, combined with convenient portable weight is what makes this scooter worth buying.

Pros and Cons – Gotrax Gxl V2 Review


  • The gotrax gxl v2 is easy to fold and unfold. The building design enables the components such as handlebars to fold quickly into a small compact package
  • It has a suspension system that cannot be said for the majority of the scooters today. The stiff suspension system together with the wheels provide an insanely comfortable ride
  • It is equipped with cruise control. This means you do not need to press down on the throttle to maintain your speed and keep moving
  • Very bright headlights and taillights that ensure the safety of the rider
  • The LCD screen is so bright that it can be seen clearly under the sun


  • It has a design flaw that requires the rider to push the handlebars forward when riding over bumps
  • Handlebars do not lock in place when folded which can be annoying=especially when carrying for long distances
  • The battery life indicator has been reported to be off and inaccurate

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Who Should Buy GOTRAX GXL V2?

GoTrax GXL V2 proffers a dual braking system bolstered by 8.5 inches pneumatic tires to allow safe and convenient commuting. If you are looking for a mid-speed convenient yet portable scooter, GoTrax GXL V2 is ideal for you. This scooter is cheaper and allows you to explore and experience smooth, fuss-free commuting even on irregular terrains.


Why Should You Buy the GOTRAX GXL V2?

GoTrax GXL V2 has outstanding features at an affordable rate. Following are some of the reasons for considering GOTRAX GXL V2 as your commuting partner.

  • POWER AND TOPSPEED: Gotrax GXL V2 features a powerful 250-watt brushless dc Motor to provide a top speed of approximately 15.5 mph (25 kph).
  • BATTERY AND RANGE: GOTRAX GXL V2 offers a rechargeable 36V 5.2ah battery, which lasts for 12 miles (19.3 kilometers) convincingly.
  • DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM: GOTRAX GXL V2 ensures stability and safety of customer thanks to its rapid, responsive double braking system
  • 5 inches TIRES: The 8.5 inches enormous pneumatic tires provide fuss-free commuting on and off the road.
  • ONE-STEP FOLDING: The compact, lightweight and portable folding mechanism is enticing enough to be bought
  • SLOPE CLIMBING: This improved GOTRAX version tends to climb a 14-degree slope conveniently
  • FEATHERWEIGHT: This scooter is portable and one of the lightweight scooters. This scooter weighs approximately 26.4 lbs (11.2 kg) and can carry a 220 lb (100 kg) rider conveniently.
  • EXTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHT; GOTRAX GXL V2 proffers ultra-bright headlights, making it safe for commuting even during nights.
Why Should You Buy the GOTRAX GXL V2?
Why Should You Buy the GOTRAX GXL V2?


Comparision – Gotrax GXL V2 Review

Gotrax Gxl V2 Vs Xiaomi M365

Both of these scooters are affordable and proffer unique designs. Listed below are some of the superiorities

  • MOTOR: GOTRAX GXL V2 and Xiaomi m365 both proffers 250 watts brushless DC motors to generate power
  • SPEED: Xiaomi m365 and GOTRAX GXL V2 can generate a top speed of around 15.5 miles per hour (25 kph) effortlessly
  • Range: Gotrax GXL V2 features rechargeable 36V 5.2ah batteries which can provide12 miles (19.3 kilometers). However, XIAOMI m365 features a 280Wh rechargeable battery which can last for 18.6 miles (30 km).
  • BRAKING SYSTEMS: Both scooters proffers imminent responsive and efficient braking system
  • Tires: GoTrax GXL V2 and Xiaomi m365 both proffer 8.5 inches pneumatic tires.
  • Durable and weight: Xiaomi m365 is a light-year ahead of GoTrax GXL V2 in this category as it proffers aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

Gotrax Gxl V2 Vs Xr

  • MOTOR: GOTRAX GXL V2 and XR features the same and powerful 250 watts brushless DC motor
  • SPEED: This 250-watt motor tends to provide 15.5 miles per hour (25 kph) conveniently for both of these scooters
  • Range: Both of these scooters proffers 36V 5.2ah battery with having approximately the same mileage of around 12 miles.
  • Braking systems: Both Gotrax GXL V2 and XR offer dual braking system with rear disc braking system.
  • Tires: Gotrax GXL V2 and XR features 8.5 inches pneumatic shock-absorbing tires.
  • WEIGHT: Gotrax GXL V2 weighs around 26.4 lbs (11.2 kg) while XR weighs approximately 26.45 lbs (12 kg)

Gotrax Gxl V2 Vs V1

  • Motor: The improved version of GXL also features the same 250-watt brushless motor. That can generate a top speed of around 15.5 miles per hour (25 kph).
  • RANGE: Same 36 Volt battery to generate 12 miles when fully charged.
  • Handbrakes edition: The improved GXL V2 proffers handbrakes like other renowned brands like Xiaomi offers instead of foot paddle braking.
  • Tires: Both feature 8.5 inches shock-absorbing pneumatic tires.
  • Improved fenders: The V2 GXL proffers strong and durable fenders and baseboard after several soft material complaints in GXL V1.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions – Review of Gotrax Gxl V2

Is the GoTrax GXL v2 Waterproof?

GOTRAX GXL has an IPS4 waterproof rating. That means it can withstand splashing of water, but it might fail if it’s completely submerged.

How can I make my GoTrax GXL faster?

You can increase the speed of gotrax Gxl by removing the speed limiter or improving battery power. However, by upgrading the motor and increasing aerodynamics can aid too in increasing the speed.

Does the GXL V2 have lights?

Gotrax GXL V2 features one bright LED headlight and rear reflector which helps you in commuting at nights. However, Gotrax GXL V2 lacks a rear and sidelight which isn’t available at this price range.

How easy is it to carry?

GOTRAX GXL V2 is quite comfortable to carry around. The one-step folding makes it compact enough to be carried single-handedly. Moreover, this scooter is light in weight weighing approximately about 26.4 lbs (11.2 kg)

How smooth is the ride?

The 8.5 inches shock-absorbing pneumatic tires ensure smooth commuting. However, it lacks a decent suspension system to provide the ultimate relief from tiredness during off-road commuting.

Can I connect with my smartphone?

Being a modish priced electric scooter, Gotrax GXL V2 doesn’t proffer Bluetooth or any other smartphone application to link. At this price range, this scooter lacks connection with smartphones, suspensions, and cruise control.

What age/weight is it suitable for riding Gotrax GXL V2?

Kids under 16 should not drive Gotrax GXL V2. Gotrax Gxl V2 doesn’t feature an adjustable handlebar. Moreover, it proffers high speed which is injurious for kids with shorter height and age.

Can I climb hills with this scooter?

The powerful 250 watts brushless DC motor enables GOTRAX GXL V2 to climb a 14-degree slope conveniently and efficiently. However, the climbing, mileage, and top speed might vary with the variation in riders’ weight.


Final Verdict

With this scooter, you do not need to worry about things like portability. It is one of the most portable scooters with a lightweight and easy foldability. The Gotrax GLX V2 allows a maximum user weight of 220 lbs which is quite a lot. It is available on online stores such as Amazon at an affordable price. It can also be found in your nearby scooter dealer. Let’s hope that our Gotrax GXL V2 Review will help with your selection. Read also our review of Gotrax G4.