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Xiaomi m365 electric scooter review

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Review

In December 2016, Xiaomi came up with an award-winning electric scooter capable of traveling at 25.5 km/h, and it blew everyone’s mind. Not only Xiaomi is excellent at creating smartphones but also in building great electric scooters, and Xiaomi m365 is one of the best electric scooters you can find anywhere in the world. It is insane. And today, in this blog, we will review this Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.

In the price range of $500, the Xiaomi scooter is affordable. It has impressive speed, fast acceleration, marvelous hill-climbing ability, lightweight to carry, and fits almost in any place when folded. Apart from that, it has a 12-month warranty, which you can rarely find in other electric scooters.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Review

Specs For Xiaomi M365

18.6 miles
250 W
42 V
Regenerative + disc braking
Charging Time
Approx. 5 hours
Product weight
26.9 lbs
Net Weight it can handle
220 lbs
Maximum Incline








Overview of Xiaomi m365

The grip

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter has a mechanical disc brake for added braking power, assisted by regenerative braking. It has a rubber-lined footboard for better grip and durability. Although it’s not recommended to use it in the rain, it can help keep you on the scooter during the cold or wet months. The back of 365 has some great little design details like a bell. It allows the scooter to unfold with only a single hinge point when released.

Even if you have never used an electric scooter before, it will not take

Xiaomi m365
Xiaomi m365

you more than 5 minutes to get comfortable with the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter. The handlebar of this scooter is narrow but still is simple to split lanes. Another cool detail is the rear light, which flashes when the brakes are squeezed.

The scooter is quite settled and easy to control. And you can lean into the turns while you are riding it in a standing position. You may get an uncomfortable feeling if you haven’t ridden it before. But you will get used to it in no time and want to ride again and again once you try it for some days.


Comfort level

This electric scooter is very comfortable to use. And This is a scooter that you can use daily very much like a bike. The setup is relatively straightforward. You’ve got four-round key bolts in the end. The handlebars are loose, and all you do is pop the handlebars in and screw the four other key bolts together, and you’re done.

With only one button or a smart app, you can control all the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter features. Even though it does not have the best brakes in the world and probably will need some fine-tuning but if you are doing gentle rolling down the street, it’s not the problem.

The tires of Xiaomi m365 are great at sensing small bumps in the road and are decent if you are riding above blocks and boardwalks. The air tire makes a huge difference, and it helps for an incredibly smooth ride. The tires are made of air, which means that it’s quite soft as it absorbs a lot of vibrations from the road. However, the air tires are both a significant positive but also a big negative. It is negative not because of what they are, but because it is complicated to change.

Comfort level of Xiaomi m365 electric scooter
Comfort level of Xiaomi m365 electric scooter

The Xiaomi m365 scooter is much quicker than any other scooter you will find in this price range. The handlebars are relatively short from to end. Still, it is comfortable. But if you have a small hand, then you may find the handlebars a little uncomfortable when taking long rides.



The Xiaomi M365 is a very powerful electric scooter considering its weight and size. It is fitted with a front-facing 250 W hub motor, and, according to Xiaomi, the maximum instant power will exceed 500 W, and the maximum torque is 16 Nm.

After riding this scooter, you will get impressed with the performance of Xiaomi m365. Even in the hilly area, the m365 does not lose its performance and aces your ride. It can go up to 16-17 km/h uphill, which is extremely good compared to other electric scooters.


Speed setting

Speed setting of Xiaomi m365
Speed setting of Xiaomi m365

There are 2-speed settings in m365. Based on practice, having a lower speed is comfortable and saves battery power. When you buy this as a gift to a younger child, it is recommended to set a lower speed for their safety.


The company “Xiaomi” who made this electric scooter claims that it can go up to 30 km. But it mostly depends on your speed setting, and it may be lower when the speed setting is set to high. But according to reviews from thousands of Xiaomi m365 electric scooter critics, it usually reaches at least 25km, which is convincing.



The quality of Xiaomi 365 is quite impressive, considering the price of only $499. The scooter is made from a grade aluminum alloy that weighs around 13 kg. The aluminum frame looks very solid, and the locking mechanism does not move, bend, or crumble. Even though it’s not the lightest electric scooter, neither too huge for carrying.

Also, the lights in M365 are convenient. Unlike other electric scooters, you don’t have to keep the lights charged, and they are always there when you need them. You will not have a problem riding this beast at night as the lights are pretty good.


Charging and Battery

It is required to have 1 Lithium Metal battery, which is included in M365 when buying. The 18650 lithium-ion battery pack holds a 280 Wh capacity and power consumption of 1.1 kWh/100 km.

When you turn on your scooter with the 4 LED lights on the handlebar, you can see how much battery you have left. Also, you can use a mobile app for more precise details. And it takes around 5 hours to charge your battery from 0% to 100%.


Features of Xiaomi m365

Flaunting an excellent folding design, the Xiaomi M365 has lots of features that will wow you, and no doubt, this electric scooter is the best among others in this price range. Therefore let’s talk about the features of the Xiaomi m365.

  1. The M365 can be comfortably carried or moved as it only weighs 12kg, which is not weighty looking to its range. It folds in such a great way that you can fit it in the dickey of almost any car. And you can take it to any public transportation. But unfortunately, you can’t fold the handlebar of m365, so that may be a little problem in the crowded metro or train.
  2. The folding tool is fast and user friendly. You pull up a metal lever to lock, then rotate a safety mechanism that stops the hook from being unintentionally pulled down when riding.
  3. The cockpit of the M365 Xiaomi electric scooter is clean and well designed. There is a thumb-controlled twist accelerator in the right handlebar. The left-hand brake controls the regenerative motor brake as well as the mechanical disk brake. Also, the thumb trigger serves as a latch in the folded position to lock the scooter. And the lights are controlled by an on and off power button.
  4. Another cool feature of this scooter is the app that enables you to monitor your travel stats, such as speed, traveled distance, and time is taken. It also shows the health and charge status of the battery.

Pros and Cons – Xiaomi M365 Review


  • The design is nice, and the price is affordable.
  • Xiaomi being a trendy brand and model, there is an active and large community of users who provide valuable advice. And the ability to easily find spare parts.
  • The brake is excellent and safe and guarantees a short braking distance.
  • It is not too heavy and is foldable so you can carry it to any shops.


  • When you first get the scooter and try to locate the vertical support, the fixing lever gets extremely hard to adjust, and nowhere does it explain the process to loosen it. If you don’t have the patience, you will get mad. So remember to loosen it with a key inside the bracket.
  • When the battery drops to 50%, the scooter unnecessarily reduces the acceleration capacity, and you have to drive slowly, which many people dislike.
  • According to some online reviews, the wheels begin to lose pressure after 5-6 months of use. And also, the scooter does not ride for more than 15-20 km.
  • The button and the four battery indicator lights are not waterproof, and you need to buy protection.



Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Review – Question And Answers

How long will the battery last?

It entirely depends on the speed and what kind of place you are riding the scooter. And if you are using an eco mode or not. But it should last for a distance of around 25-30 km.

What accessories are included in the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter?

The M365 electric scooter is packed with spare tires, tubes, and a battery.

What is the weight of M365?

The weight of M365 is precisely 18.1 kg.

What is the material type used in this scooter?

The material used in this scooter is called Polypropylene.

What is the weight capacity of the Mi365?

The maximum capacity is 100 kilograms.

Can a child use this scooter?

Yes, if a child is over 14 yrs. This scooter is restricted to be used by children less than 14 yrs. And make sure that your child uses protective equipment and does not use it in traffic.

Is the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter water-resistant?

Yes, it is water-resistant but not waterproof. Be careful as both don’t mean the same. Waterproof means the gadget is invulnerable to water, but water-resistant means that the device will resist the water to some extent but not entirely.

Is it possible to ride this scooter like a standard kick scooter in case the battery runs out?

Yes, but it will be more challenging because of the motor and the weight of the scooter.

Is there a way to lock this so people won’t steal it?

It is possible to lock the scooter’s wheels with an app and set the alarm if moved. You can also use other anti-theft locks, which you can find in bike and scooter shops.

Can I take the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter on the airplane?

Unfortunately, you can not take this on an airplane as the battery used in this scooter is over 100 wh.

Warranty of Xiaomi m365 electric scooter

You get a 12-month warranty when you buy it. The warranty includes both frame and battery. But make sure to buy only from the authorized seller, for example, amazon.

Return policy

Lots of sellers in amazon offer returns for most items within 30 days of receipt of delivery. But make sure to check the details from the official seller page when you buy to make sure there is a return policy.


Overall in our Xiaomi m365 electric scooter review, is a great electric scooter. The quality is excellent, and the price is affordable. It is a perfect option if you want to save some of your time and looking for a scooter in the price range of $400-500 and the speed range of 25km/h. Indeed, some elements found in other higher-end scooters are missing, such as mirrors, directional lights, seats, electric horns, and above all, a little more power. But it is also true that if you are looking for a quality and affordable option, then the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter is phenomenal and a prominent option to consider.