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Segway Es4 Review - Ninebot Electric Scooter

Segway Es4 Review – Ninebot Electric Scooter

Over the years, the popularity of electric scooters has been rising. Most people have switched from driving traditional vehicles to using electric scooters and more people are joining the race every single day. Electric scooters are relatively fast and comfortable. You can reach your favorite destinations within any city. To keep it short, electric scooters will save you a great deal of cost in terms of gas and maintenance when compared to your typical vehicle. In this post, we’ll review Segway ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter

Segway is among the best electric scooter brands that have been around for years. We believe anyone that’s looking into buying an electric scooter should definitely consider the ES4 model. It comes with different characteristics that make it stand from other brands. They’re lightweight, compact, easy to use, and are eco-friendly. These distinctive properties make it a popular device for moving around the city. Stay with us till the end of this post to explore more about this powerful device and how it can simplify your daily commuting routines.

Ninebot Segway Es4 Review – Electric Scooter

Overview of ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter

If you’ve been following the trends when it comes to electric scooters, you know that Segway is a leading brand that’s worth mentioning in the industry when it comes to quality. The ES4 is one of the best models they’ve designed so far and many people loved the ES4 scooter than any other model they have.

Specs For Segway ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter

28 miles
19 mph
Full charging time
7 hours
30.9 lbs
12 Months
Nominal power of motor
Maximum power of motor
800W Max
Battery charging time
Number of Batteries
Wheel Size
8-inches from and 7.5-inches rear
Water resistant rating
Nominal capacity of battery
374 Wh
Hill grade
15 degrees




Features of ES4 Electric Scooter

  • Range and speed

Segway ES4 is a very powerful scooter that can be used on different occasions and that’s because of the powerful motor that’s equipped with the device. It has a peak power of 800W.

When it comes to range it depends on the number of batteries you’re using, ES4 comes with two batteries. Both internal and external batteries. If you want you can remove the external battery, but that means you’ll cover less distance. When you’re using the two batteries, you can cover up to 28-miles on a single charge. This is quite enough to spend some hours riding in the city.

Spec of Segway Es4
Spec of Segway Es4

The speed is also impressive when compared with other electric scooters within its category. The maximum speed for the ES4 Ninebot scooter is 19mph. You can also set a speed limit on the device to save energy so that your batteries can last longer. There are a sport mode and a standard model. The speed can look somewhat low when compared to your regular vehicle. Scooters are designed at low speeds to protect the rider. The typical speed of electric scooters is between 20km/h-30km/h.

  • Construction

The construction materials on any electric scooter mean everything. The Segway ES4 is built to last longer, the deck comes with a mesh pattern to give the rider excellent grip. The handlebar also is very comfortable to ride along. ES4 Ninebot scooter weighs about 31 pounds. Any adult can handle this weight. This means you can easily fold the device and take it with you on a bus or train.

The scooter can handle a weight of up to 220 pounds. This means you can carry a few loads with you especially if you’re a lightweight person. It also comes in different color options. You can choose between Silver, dark and gray colors, any color you choose to look really good, it just depends on your taste.

  • Wheels


Wheels are an important part of electric scooters and that’s why you need to choose them wisely. They determine your comfort and safety. Aso determines the type of terrains you’re able to handle. The Wheels of the ES4 electric scooter aren’t really the best and they’re much similar to the previous models. They’re still good enough to provide you with the comfort you need. The wheels are solid and have a size of 8-inches and 7.5-inches for front and back respectively. They’re designed to roll perfectly on smooth surfaces. You have to avoid riding in puddles, grass, sand, and dirt. I’ll say that you should just stick to roads with the ES4 if you don’t want to get disappointed.

Though the wheels are not impressive to most people. The steering on the other hand is excellent, you can really turn around corners at a speed of 18mph or 15mph. Still, you shouldn’t just go bend corners at high speed. You want to make sure you’re familiar with the device before moving at extra speed.

  • Safety

Every safety measure has been taken into consideration. Your safety is guaranteed because the ES4 Electric scooter is UL 2272 certified. This is an essential safety feature to look in every electric scooter and the ES4 Segway has that feature in place since previous models. This safety feature means that the lithium battery has undergone rigorous tests so that there won’t be any explosion while riding the scooter.

The scooter’s ends are well fitted with shock-absorbent materials. This means you don’t have any problem when you bump into some objects. The device will stay intact even if you’re not carrying a weight of any more than 30 pounds. You should however know that the ES4 Ninebot scooter is designed to roll on smooth roads.

  • LED lights

LED lights
LED lights

The scooter comes with LED lights placed under the deck. It means you can use your scooter at night without a problem and if you want to add extra lights. You can order that as well as your accessories. But the LED light installed on ES4 is good enough to give you the visibility you need while riding at night.

  • Mobile app

ES4 comes with a mobile app to help you keep an eye on different aspects of the scooter. With the app, you’re able to view the percentage of battery that remains,. You can check your current speed and you can choose the speed limit you want. For example, you can choose the Eco option which can travel for no more than 10mph. The second option is the standard level which is capable of riding at 15mph. There is a sport level that can travel up to 19mph. You can use the power button to navigate to any of these options easily. You can monitor other things with the mobile app and the app is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Inside the app dashboard, you also have the scooter guide. This will show you how to explore different features of the scooter. For instance, you can view instructions on how to fold or unfold the ES4 scooter and other stuff like using the accelerator or the brake. You can also update the device firmware using the app or control LED lights which are placed under the deck.

  • Easy setup

Easy setup
Easy setup

The ES4 Ninebot Electric scooter is straight out of the box. You don’t have to go through any technicalities in order to set up the device before use. All you need to do when you receive the package is to push down the rear fender and then pull the stem up so that it’s in place. When the device is upright, you then attach the handlebar to the steer tube. You can do this with the Allen Key provided and the four screws it comes with.

There is a user guide that will show you everything you need and as we’ve mentioned earlier. There is a guide within the mobile app, so make sure to check it out if you need any help. They also have a customer support team to help you with the device setup. Call the support numbers provided in the guide if you need any help.

  • Price

Since it’s the newest model coming after ES2 and ES3, you definitely know the price will be higher. The ES4 electric scooter costs about $800 for the basic package. This is about £500, if you’re going to add more accessories, you might end up spending up to $1000. The accessories are somewhat necessary, we’ll talk about them in a few moments.

Overall, the price of the ES4 Segway Ninebot electric scooter is considered expensive to most people. When you look at the quality especially if you make comparisons against other brands, the price isn’t really that expensive. Segway are the best manufacturers of electric scooter and have been around for a while. You assured that your investment is protected.


Let’s list on our Segway ES4 Review some of the important accessories you need to add to your purchase:

  • ES4 Electric Scooter Phone Mount

Segway Es4 Review - Ninebot Electric Scooter
Segway Es4 Review – Ninebot Electric Scooter

If you’re going to be using the mobile app, you should definitely order the Phone Mount. This will hold your phone tight to avoid falling down while riding. The phone mount will also help you navigate through the app comfortably while riding.

  • ES4 Electric Scooter Bag

This bag is also very helpful because you can shop for some items in your favorite stores. There is also a bag that allows you to store the scooter safely and can carry the device around. The bag for storing the scooter will protect the scooter from rain or during winter.

  • ES4 Electric Scooter Seat

For an even better riding experience, the scooter seat is something you should also add to your bundle. You can use the seat and enjoy riding along the streets. If you’re considering riding the scooter for long distances, you should consider buying the seat.

  • ES4 Electric Scooter External battery

External battery
External battery

There is a provision to mount an external battery, the external battery is important if you want to cover long distances on a single charge. With the extra battery, you can ride around the city for hours on a single charge. That’s why you don’t want to miss the extra battery in your bundle.

  • ES4 Electric Scooter Helmet

This is another important accessory you don’t want to miss in your bundle. Adding a helmet is a must because most cities and states require that you wear all protective equipment before riding a scooter. It’s for your own good, even if it’s not mandatory in your city, you should consider buying one for your safety.


Pros and Cons – Segway ES4 Review

The Pros ES4 Electric Scooter

  • It can cover a range of up to 29-miles.
  • Portable – the device can be folded easily for carrying in buses or trains.
  • Comes with new grip patterns than the previous models.
  • Rear light for a night ride.
  • The handlebar is very comfortable to use.
  • Comes with a cruise control feature.
  • Comes with a sleek silver finish.
  • Can choose between different speed levels.
  • Has an external battery to help the rider cover long distances.

The Cons Of ES4 Electric Scooter

  • The stand it comes with can’t be adjusted, which means if you’re not comfortable with it, you can’t make any changes.
  • Comes mostly in two colors, but up to three colors are available.
  • It’s more expensive than previous models.
  • The ES4 Ninebot electric scooter is limited on terrain use, it’s perfect for riding on smooth surfaces.
  • There are no updates to the wheels, they’re the same as the previous models or with only a minor change that hardly make a difference.



Comparing ES4 And The Segway Max

These two scooters are similar to each other because they can both cover a maximum range of 28-miles. When it comes to speed they differ, ES4 is faster than the Segway Max. ES4 Ninebot electric scooter can attain a top speed of 19mph, while Segway Max has a top speed of 15mph.

When it comes to portability, ES4 is more comfortable because Segway Max is heavier. Es4 only weighs 30 pounds as mentioned previously. Overall when comparing Segway ES4 and Segway max, we can draw the conclusion that ES4 is better especially if you want a device that’s faster and can move up hills.

Why Should You Choose ES4 Electric Scooter?

  • Solid tires – the tires are enough to provide comfort during ride and if you need replacement they’re not hard to find.
  • Suspension system – the suspension system also is designed to provide comfort and balance to the rider. The rear wheels absorb shock to enable the rider to enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Light – you can drive your scooter at night without any problem.
  • The handlebar is very comfortable to use and can maintain a good grip, and also control the scooter while riding.
  • Anti-theft – comes with an anti-theft feature that allows you to monitor your device using the mobile app.
  • Warranty – You’re backed by a one-year warranty, which means your investment if protected.

Who Should Use The ES4 Electric Scooter?

Anyone that’s looking for cheaper means of transport within or outside the city can really enjoy the ES4 electric scooter. The device can be used by students, business people, and millennials in general. Anyone that’s looking for a great riding experience should opt for the ES4 Ninebot electric scooter. You’re covered by their warranty of up to one year and they have great customer service in place if you need any help. Check also the newest version of Segway Ninebot E22.


Segway Es4 Review – Question And Answers

What’s Included In Your ES4 Ninebot Scooter?

You have the scooter device, and two Lithium-ion batteries for powering the device. Everything is well attached to the device. You just need to unfold and start using the device. If you, however, order for extras during your purchase you can attach them to the device which is very simple such as the phone mount or other stuff.

Is The Segway ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter Waterproof?

On one side the ES4 Ninebot is water-resistant but not waterproof, and its water-resistant capacity is rated at IP54. This means it can withstand puddle splashes of rain. If it’s raining heavily, it’s better to hold on until the rain stop. Even if the scooter is waterproof, do you really want to ride in a downpour?

Can You Ride ES4 Electric Scooter On Pavement?

The scooter can do well on a smooth road, concrete, asphalt, pavement, and cobblestones, but still, the ES4 isn’t an all-terrain electric scooter. We don’t recommend riding along dirt paths, because it might get stuck.

Is The ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter Foldable?

It’s a portable device and it’s not heavy, it has a one-click folding system that makes it easier to carry the device along while walking or when on the bus or the train.

The verdict of Segway ES4 Review

The ES4 Ninebot Electric Scooter has earned a lot of praise and reviews from users. It’s a perfect option for commuters that move around the city every now and then. This electric scooter will become handy in a crowded city. You can blend in to reach your destination fast. The extra battery it also comes with offers an additional advantage over other scooters. Overall we can say in our Segway Es4 Review that if it is within your budget, you should consider buying it. It offers good value for the money you invested.