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Segway ES2 Review – Ninebot Electric Scooter

If you’re on the look for an electric scooter, you’re in the right place because in this Segway ES2 review post we’ll discuss one of the best options in the market. The electric scooter we’re going to talk about is none other than the Segway Ninebot ES2. This electric scooter is our top pick due to the exceptional features it comes with. Stay with us as we explore the features of the Segway ES2 electric scooter below.

Electric scooters are very effective when it comes to moving between short distances. They’re the perfect solution in crowded cities with traffic jams. Due to advancements in technology you can now cover a few miles with electric scooters because they now come with more powerful engines, better battery life, they’re easier to operate, and they’re affordable. Though the price depends on the features you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for basic functions you’ll definitely find one that suits your budget.


Review of Segway ES2 – Ninebot Electric Scooter

A brief about the brand

Segway is the first to create personal transporter in the early 2000s, it’s called Segway PT, but in 2015 the company was acquired by Ninebot. Since then they’ve produced a wide range of products that simplify moving around short distances. Segway ES2 is the successor of Segway ES1. We can say that ES2 is a lot better than ES1 because of its minimal and uncomplicated design. When you look at the design you know that it’s something you can move around in the city without any problem.

Segway Ninebot ES2 Overview

This electric scooter is compact and lightweight, it’s one of the best portable electric scooters you can carry around. It comes with an effective folding system, no bulky batteries to carry around. The Segway Ninebot ES2 comes with a powerful battery that allows the user to travel up to 25km/h and cover up to 15 miles from a single battery recharge. The scooter can be used at night because of the bright LED lights attached to all the sides of the scooter. It comes with a shock absorber to help you reduce bumps that are on your way. We chose to review Segway ES2 as a high-quality scooter at a reasonable price.

The specs of Segway Ninebot ES2

15.5 miles
15.5 mph
Maximum climbing angle
Ten degrees
27.6 lbs
Nominal power of motor
Maximum power of motor
Battery charging time
Cruise control
LED Display
Water resistant rating
Nominal capacity of battery



Features of Segway Ninebot ES2

Design and quality

Design is one of the important features to look for in an electric scooter. You want it to be lightweight, easier to fold and carry around.  The Segway ES2 comes with a minimalistic design. When you fold this device, people won’t notice you’re carrying an electric scooter. The batteries are well packed and stored in the neck of the scooter. If you also want you can clip more batteries on the T-bar.

It comes with a foot brake and an electronic brake which is on the handlebars. You can fold the scooter in one simple click, and the good part is that it only weighs 27lbs. That’s something you can carry around for some time without getting tired.

Design and quality
Design and quality

The handlebars and the neck are made with rubber, which provides an excellent grip and also feels stable while riding. The front and rear wheels are well designed. They look as if they’re designed for city streets and asphalt.

Segway Ninebot ES2 comes with LED lights that offer night visibility. These LED lights are placed on the rear of the device, sides, and front. The headlight is also very bright. This allows any pedestrian or driver to notice you at night. The app installed allows you to control the light such as color type and patterns that would appear on the deck. It’s also equipped with shock absorbers for extra comfort while riding.

Range And Performance

It’s easier to control the speed using the handlebar, with Segway Ninebot ES2 you have three riding options. Each level is

Segway ES2 Review Ninebot Electric Scooter
Segway ES2 Review Ninebot Electric Scooter

slightly faster than the other, here are they:

  • Sport Mode – This is the highest speed mode and is ideal when you’re traveling off-road or you’re going up steep hills. It has 25km/h or 15.5 mph, this is the highest speed of Segway Ninebot ES2
  • Standard Mode – This mode covers up to 20 km/h or 12.4mph, it’s ideal for everyday use.
  • Speed Limit Mode – As a beginner, this should be the ideal speed or if you’re in the crowd, to avoid colliding with people on your path.

These three-speed modes can be adjusted easily from the handlebar and also you have two brakes as mentioned earlier than can be pressed with your leg or electronically from the handlebar.

The tires are designed to roll on different grounds, gravel, or grass, it’s capable of getting up a gradient of 10%, but sport mode is needed in order pass through such gradient efficiently.


Segway Ninebot ES2 is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that power the machine to cover 15 miles range. With an extra battery that can be bought separately, one can cover up to 28 miles.

Bluetooth app and display

The Segway Ninebot ES2 can be controlled right from your phone while riding. You need to install the app on your phone and you’ll get access to lots of features that aren’t available on other electric scooters. You can view statistics about the

Bluetooth app and display
Bluetooth app and display

device and can diagnose problems that may arise while using the Segway scooter. The app also allows you to switch between the three-speed modes available and can control the LED lights surrounding the deck.

After finishing your journey, the wheels can be locked using the app, there is an anti-theft feature to notify you when someone tries to steal your Segway machine, plus you can track the movement of the device at any given time.

There is also a display on the handlebars which allow you to view battery life, speed, power mode, and Bluetooth connectivity, there is also a power button for controlling the headlight and taillight.


Folding the device is really easy and it doesn’t weigh much, you can carry the Segway Ninebot ES2 around with one hand without any discomfort.


Charging the batteries

The batteries don’t take long hours to get fully charged, you should expect three and a half hours to recharge the batteries fully. Only a few scooters out there can compete with the Segway ES2 when it comes to charging speed.

When you add more batteries you should expect this time to double, but you’re also getting better running time, you can travel long distances without worrying about charging.

Pros and Cons – Segway ES2 Review

Pros of Segway Ninebot ES2

  • Provides great stability
  • Can be folded easily
  • The components are well assembled to keep it tight.
  • Comes with a stylish design and also easier to carry around.

The cons of Segway Ninebot ES2

  • In cold weather the electronic brake isn’t effective, some people have reported lots of failure rates in cold weather. They need some improvement.
  • The airless tires aren’t good because they affect the loosening of the hardware.
  • The level of water-resistant also isn’t high, IP54 isn’t top grade water-resistant quality, so improvement is needed on this one.




Why Should You Choose The Ninebot Kick scooter by Segway ES2?

  • Ride faster – Since it’s equipped with a powerful motor, the Segway Ninebot ES2 is one of the fastest electric scooters you can find in the market. You can ride up to 25km/h and can take a load of up to 100kg.
  • Foldable and lightweight – With the weight of 27.6 lbs, it’s easier to move around in different locations, it comes with a one-click folding system and can be carried around with only one hand, which means it’s a travel companion.
  • Ride comfortably – With the shock absorbed on the front and rear wheel, you’re safe and comfortable on the Segway Ninebot ES2. The solid and airless tires provide the best comfort for the rider. The Safe breaking system is responsive to at least 13.1ft.
  • Comes with superior technology – All the features you can find in a high-quality electric scooter are equipped in this machine. It can be controlled with your phone using the app, it has an excellent LED display, cruise control, customization colors, firmware updates, and more features that make the scooter unique from other brands.

Who should use Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter?

You’re required to be at least 14 years before using this electric scooter and that’s because it’s faster than most scooters out there. This isn’t the best option for young riders and inexperienced riders.

Teenagers can still use this device provided they can decide properly when to crossroads and can also calculate or make an estimate of other road users.

How Is The Ninebot By Segway Es2 Compared To Other Electric Scooters?

The Segway Ninebot Es2 has unique features that set it apart from other brands within its price range, we’re not saying the Segway Ninebot Es2 is the best, but we can say that it’s the best choice for beginners due to the simple mode of operation and it doesn’t weigh much.

When you compare the Segway Ninebot Es2 to other electric scooters within its price range we can say that it’s the fastest, has the best battery life than most, and it’s easier to handle. The LED lights equipped that makes it easier to ride at night is also another great feature that isn’t found on its counterparts like the Razor power core e100 scooter.


Segway ES1 Vs ES2

The Segway ES2 is an upgrade to the previous Segway model which is ES1, they almost look the same except with some updates and upgrades in ES2, they both can be used as your everyday scooter. Both ES1 and ES2 are folded the same way and can travel at high speed, but ES2 run faster since the speed has been improved from 20km in ES1 to 25km in ES2, when an extra battery is added, the Segway ES2 can cover a distance of at least 45km or more. That’s quite a long distance, this means that you can travel to multiple cities on a single charge.

Segway Ninebot ES2 Review - Segway ES1 Vs ES2
Segway Ninebot ES2 Review – Segway ES1 Vs ES2

Segway ES1 and ES2 don’t weigh much, they’re both lightweight scooters when compared with other electric scooters. Charging time is also the same because they both take 3 ½ hours to charge full, but when it comes to batteries, the extra battery can be mounted on ES2 to make it cover even more distances.

Both the two scooters can be controlled using the Ninebot app, and they’ve similar features with some little improvement in ES2, you manage the LED lights, anti-theft features, speed control and diagnose the device in both ES1 and ES2. Overall we can say that all the features that are in Segway ES1 are also available in Segway ES2 with most of the features improved.

When it comes to price there is a gap between the two and some users believe the improvements in ES2 aren’t worth the increase in price since they share a lot of features, the distance you can cover with ES2 can be covered with ES1. ES2 however costs three times ES1, and that’s why if you find ES2 to be somewhat expensive you can go with ES1 and you’ll still enjoy some of the benefits that are equipped in ES2. Check also our comparison of Es2 vs Es4.


Answer to Community Questions:

Is It Safe To Ride On Segway ES2?
Safety is a must and that’s why it’s important to sort this out before making a purchase. The Segway Ninebot ES2 is designed with safety in mind, you can ride the scooter along any road safely provided you know the basic rules. Anti-slip rubber is used to give you a firm grip while standing on the scooter, even if your shoes are wet, you’re safe with this rubber material. Also with the braking systems as mentioned earlier, are of two types; the foot brake and the electric brake. This means you can ride the scooter in any environment. The small handlebars make it easier to maneuver while in traffic, you can move between cars and people safely.
What’s the battery lifespan of Segway ES2?
The Segway Ninebot ES2 will take three years before they get exhausted, the lithium-ion batteries installed can be recharged one thousand charge cycles.
Is Segway ES2Water Resistant?
Segway Ninebot ES2 is waterproof, it can withstand any splashes of water from any direction, the waterproof rating of ES2 is IP54, though this isn’t a top-level waterproof mechanism, you’re free to ride your scooter even when it’s raining, but that doesn’t mean you should always leave it in a wet environment, you should keep safe and dry at all times.
Segway Ninebot ES2 Colors
It comes in mainly two colors, silver and black, it’s suitable for all ages.
Materials Used
We’ve mentioned earlier that anti-slip rubber is used to provide firm grip, the body on the other hand is made of high quality aluminum alloy, this gives a very firm feel. All the joints are sturdy and can last for a long. The tires are made with high-quality rubber and are not filled to avoid getting flat.
Segway Ninebot ES2 Warranty
It comes with one-year warranty; your machine will be repaired if anything goes wrong within this period. When something is broken or damaged, you can return for repair at no extra cost, only shipping costs will be applied..


Accessories You Might Want Add For Your Segway Ninebot ES2 Scooter

Adding more accessories to your Segway ES2 will help you enjoy the device better. Let’s list on our Segway ES2 Review some of the important accessories you need to add to your purchase:


Segway Ninebot Helmet

Segway Ninebot Helmet
Segway Ninebot Helmet

One important accessory you don’t want to miss in your Segway tools is protective gear. Any rider should have a helmet for protection. A Helmet will help reduce the risk of injuries when accidents occur. So that’s why you need to buy yourself a comfortable helmet, you’ll thank yourself later for having it.


Locks – Segway-Ninebot-5-Digit Lock

You need to do as much as you can to secure your Segway electric scooter. The Segway ES2 comes with an automatic lock as

Locks - Segway-Ninebot-5-Digit Lock
Locks – Segway-Ninebot-5-Digit Lock

mentioned earlier, but still, you need separate locks that offer better security for your device. Having locks is mandatory in crowded cities and especially areas with a high rate of crime. You need a lock that allows you to attach the device to a strong stationary object that makes it difficult to remove. There are different locks to choose from. You can choose from cable locks to chain locks. They all have their own advantages, just pick the one that suits your needs.


Adjustable Portable Hand Strap

The Segway Ninebot scooter allows you to fold and hold the device comfortably, but if you want extra comfort you need to buy the adjustable hand strap that allows you to hold the device when it’s folded. It’s adjustable so that you can use it to hold the scooter comfortably.

Adjustable Portable Hand Strap
Adjustable Portable Hand Strap

Phone Holder – Segway-Ninebot-Attachable-Phone

Since in most cases you want to control the Segway using the Ninebot app, you want to make sure that your phone is secured. By holding the phone with your hand there is more risk of falling down. Also, you can’t use the Ninebot app comfortably. Choose an excellent phone holder that will protect your phone even if you fall while riding and also a holder that allows you to answer phone calls while riding your Segway.

Phone Holder - Segway-Ninebot-Attachable-Phone
Phone Holder – Segway-Ninebot-Attachable-Phone

Bag, Box, Basket, Or Pouch – Segway-Ninebot-Waterproof-Storage

Electric scooters don’t normally come with enough storage boxes. That’s if they even manage to add one to your machine. With your external box, basket, or pouch you don’t need to worry about picking items at your favorite grocery store. You can also use the basket to keep your locks and cover sheets.

Bag, Box, Basket Or Pouch - Segway-Ninebot-Waterproof-Storage
Bag, Box, Basket Or Pouch – Segway-Ninebot-Waterproof-Storage

Seat – Segway-Ninebot-Adjustable-Saddle

If you’re moving to long distances you might just be tired of standing. Getting a comfortable seat will become useful so that you can rest when the need arises. Lots of options are available and it all depends on your budget.

Seat - Segway-Ninebot-Adjustable-Saddle
Seat – Segway-Ninebot-Adjustable-Saddle

External Battery – Ninebot-External-Battery

As mentioned earlier, the ES2 comes with durable batteries that can cover long distances of up to 25 Km from one single charge. If you want to go the extra mile, external batteries are available that will extend your traveling distance.

External Battery - Ninebot-External-Battery
External Battery – Ninebot-External-Battery

These are some of the important accessories you need to add to your collection. They’ll spice up your Segway Ninebot ES2 scooter, and you’ll have extra protection while on the road. Most of these accessories don’t cost much. If you can afford to buy an electric scooter you can definitely afford to buy some of these accessories and improve the performance of the device because they cost a fraction of the scooter price. You don’t need to buy all the accessories listed at once. We strongly recommend you buy the ones that will protect your body and secure the device from theft.


Final Verdict of Segway ES2 Review

Overall the Segway Ninebot Es2 is very powerful and is built to last for a long and has a lot of benefits than other electric scooters out there. It’s ideal for traveling short to moderate distances since it can cover up to 15 miles on a single charge. The high speed it has ensures you reach your destination fast.

For beginners who’re just starting out with electric scooters, the Segway Ninebot Es2 is the best option for them. If you find it a little bit expensive you can opt for ES1 which is the previous success of the ES2. ES1 also comes with its own unique features, the Segway Ninebot Es2 is already an upgrade to the ES1 model. You’ll enjoy riding along with ES1 as well. You can check also the newest version E22 of Segway or the latest powerful electric scooter of Segway.

That’s it for this Segway ES2 review posts. Let us know your comments and thoughts on these two popular Segway scooters. If you have used them, please do share your thoughts in the comment box below, thank you for reading.