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Can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk?

Whether you want to sail down to work fast and conveniently or have fun or both at the same time, the scooter should be your number one choice of transportation. There are electric scooters and non-motorized scooters. They can mostly do a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and have a distance range of about 20 miles. Scooters also have a folding mechanism that allows you to easily fold it and carry it when the need arises. If you commute using a motorized scooter, always ensure you’re on the right side of the law. This article will answer the question if can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk.


The question is: Can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk?

The following are the laws for scooter riders:

  • Always make sure that you are aware of all traffic signs and are following them
  • Always check the street before entering. Look out for pedestrians and other riders incoming. Makes sure you do not end up on a car’s path
  • Use sidewalks and walk on the left side of the road as a runner would
  • Make sure you know the streets where electric and motorized scooters may be prohibited and get off your scooter. If there are bike paths within your route, always use them. It is important to know that electric scooters are not allowed on roads where the speed limit exceeds 25mph.
  • Always wear a helmet. For people under 18, this is required by law
  • Always use the lights especially when traveling in the morning and at night. If the light that comes with the scooter is not enough, consider adding an additional light for your own safety. Other than the headlight, you need a red tail light at the back and reflectors on the sides for visibility to other road users.

With the quick improvements of scooters, these laws are constantly changing. This is due to the additional power that some scooters come with these days. It becomes difficult to categorize them under the vehicles category. When in doubt of where your scooter lies, ask a DMV near you.

Can I ride my scooter on the pavement?

Different countries have different laws on the use of electric scooters as a mode of transportation. The question ‘where am I allowed to scoot?’ is frequently and we’re here to answer that for you. In the UK, scooters are allowed on the pavements provided that the pavement has no restrictions on scooting. The riders are also required to wear helmets by law. Other than this, there are no clearly defined laws regarding the use of scooters. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice safe scooting. The following are the best tips to remember when riding in cities and busy streets.

Do not ride on the road

This is the most obvious rule when it comes to scooter riders. This is because most roads have speed limits higher than 25mph which is the average maximum speed for many scooters. Also, motorists do not expect to see you in traffic and to be honest, you’re difficult to spot in traffic. Your scooter may also get ruined by potholes and drains. Remember that your tires are small and may not be to handle the impact of large and deep potholes.

Be polite with other pavement users

There are many other road users other than you including pedestrians, skaters, and other riders. Do not ride your scooter in a way that inconveniences other road users. Use the bell politely and observe before switching lanes. In short, avoid offending other pavement users

Remember to step off the scooter when necessary

One of the most important things to remember is to always step off your scooter when crossing the road. This is because you are required to pick up speed when crossing the road. If in doubt, there is no need to risk it.

Plan ahead

When riding a scooter, always plan ahead. You should ways look at the route before you, the movements of people before you, and generally be alert. This is the best and safest way to get around narrow pavements and avoid minor accidents. Always observe shops where people may suddenly step out, bus stops, and train exits. In this lovely digital age, there are apps that can show you the best scooter paths within an area. We recommend getting the Scooter Route app.

Be visible

When riding a scooter especially at night or early in the morning, consider announcing yourself. By this, we mean that you should be visible to other pavement users. Use the headlight at the front and the tail light at the back. If they are not enough, consider adding another light. Make sure there are reflective material on the sides and wear a reflective jacket if you can. The reason for this is that you are difficult to spot especially for drivers on the road.

Protect yourself

This should go without saying but you should always ensure personal safety. No matter how careful you are on the road, you can never be sure of other road users. It could be a minor stumble or serious fall, whichever the case, you should be ready for it. Always wear a helmet to protect one of the most vital parts of your body. Use wrist, knees, and elbow pads too. They will make all the difference when an accident occurs


Riding a scooter is so much fun and you probably know it by now. The most important thing is to ensure your safety by observing the rules mentioned above. By following these, you will enjoy your scooter life to the fullest. Let’s hope that we answered the question “can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk”.