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Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Electric Scooter Safety Tips – What you need to know

Electric Scooters are increasingly getting popular day by day. They are great and could be fun for short rides to work, college or travel. Since they run on electricity, they are comfortable and environmentally friendly. We always question if the electric scooter is safe to ride and what are the safety tips. We hope to answer this question today. If you are riding an e-scooter for the first time, it could be a bit challenging to begin. You need to be aware of a few safety rules and make sure that you follow them the right way. Here are a few electric scooter safety tips and tricks that will help you stay confident and safe when riding an electric scooter.

7 Electric Scooter Safety Tips

1)   Understand your scooter better

The first tip is knowing your scooter well. Electric scooters come in different shapes, sizes, and features. You should know what they are and how you use them. For example, every scooter comes with a battery that needs to be charged before taking on rides. Most electric scooters use Lithium-ion batteries that need to be kept in a dry place at optimal temperatures. Charging and keeping the battery well is equally essential for your safety and battery life. The engine of an electric scooter needs a kick start to move. Ensure you give a slight push off when you begin the ride—knowing how your scooter works will help you build your trust and care with your scooter.


2)   Know your surroundings and look ahead.

Next, safety tips are after getting your first scooter. You need to take enough time and space to practice it in the right way. A bumpy road increases your chances of falling. So, you can excel at easy and rugged terrain before going to places with lots of people and vehicles. You should not wear headphones while riding. The point is you have to drive in a very comfortable and alert position. Not doing so might lead you not to see any obstacles and overreact in case of something unexpected.

It would help if you were extra precautions for riding in gravels and slippery surfaces like wet areas, marbles, and muds. You should be mindful, especially during the rainy season. They have greater chances of accidents.

You should also keep your eye on the road – straight ahead. This suggestion might be too obvious to realize. Still, many people do not look at the road ahead during their first days and encounter accidents daily. Keeping your focus straight on the road helps take necessary action and timely decisions.

3)   Wear a helmet

It is an obvious but most crucial safety tip that many people ignore. You should always wear a helmet. A helmet is a lifesaver. Helmets are the best preventive measure for all the possible injuries. You might be wondering how you can be safe on a scooter? A helmet reduces the chance of head collision in case of an accident. It also stops air, dust, and heat. It protects your hair. It not only makes you safe but also gives you confidence while riding on a scooter. You are making sure you and the people around you are safe by wearing a helmet.

If you plan to get one, make sure you buy a helmet with a good-quality vision. That helps you not only see clearly but protects from any external particles entering your eye.


4)   Check the tires

There are two types of tires when it comes to electric scooters. First, tires with airs and second are solid tires. Air-filled tires have a good ride quality but maintaining the proper air pressure in them is equally important. Refer to your user manual or online for the air pressure your scooter’s tires need. Having the right air pressure makes your journey pleasant and reduces the stress on your engine, tires, and batteries. The first thing you need to make sure before going on a trip is that your scooter’s tires are in good condition. You should always assess them before use as a safety check. Keep checking the treads from time and again if they are worn out or not. Replace if required.


5)   Understand the scooter modes and brakes

An electric scooter has different modes. The Level 1 model is for low speed, and Level 3 is for high speed. Level 2 is somewhere in the middle. At first, it is safer to use the first level for practice and travel. You can increase your level when you are comfortable enough with your riding habits. Every model comes with its perks and has its demerits. Level 1 is slow but gives you longer rides, while level 3 is fast but gives you a lesser distance.

Similarly, the electric scooters come with different types of brakes. If you need to stop, you should know that electric scooters come with drums, electric, and disc brakes. Most of the time, you can use more than one type of brake. You should be familiar with the strength and stopping time of your brakes. Some scooters have powerful front brakes while some have powerful rear brakes. Which one is yours?

Before we go further, I want to answer the question that many people always ask us. Are electric scooters safer than bikes? To answer your question, both electric scooters and bikes are almost the same for safety. Maybe bikes are a little more safer than e-scooters but not much different.         But as per many reports wearing a helmet makes e-scooters safer to ride than bicycles when accidents happen.                                 

Now let us proceed to more electric Scooter Safety Tips


6)   Follow traffic rules

You should be aware of the traffic rules in your area. Traffic rules are made considering the safety of cars, pedestrians, and other riders. So, if you plan for a trip on your electric scooter, you might want to check on the traffic laws. Traffic laws might be different in different cities and countries. Knowing the right rules and regulations can help you stay safe. Remember, road safety measures and prevent personal injuries. Some places have a certain speed, age, or travel restrictions. In some cities, it is necessary to obtain a license, insurance, and registration.

In some places and cities, there are dedicated lanes for scooters. These lanes are safer, and your local laws require you to drive in the bike lanes. While in other areas, roadways and sidewalks do not allow electric scooters.


7)   Maintain an appropriate speed

The final safety tip is simple – find the speed that is appropriate to ride. When you are on the road, always expect the unexpected. A child might come running for a ball, or a dog might change its direction. Watch out! If you are speeding, then things might go out of control. Depending upon your surroundings, you should maintain an appropriate speed for your scooter. Are electric scooters safer than bikes? They are when it comes to managing speed. It seems easy and comfortable — you feel you are in control, but things might go nasty pretty fast. When you have to look back or to take a turn, slow down. You might need to decelerate while moving downhill. While starting, using the brakes, parking, and slowing down, keep your speed minimal and watch out for other cars and people.

Following these rules will help you become an expert electric scooter rider. If you already knew them, then it’s a significant refresh. If you found out about these now, try and implement them. Let your friends and family know these tips, share the electric scooter safety tips with them. Kids must let them know these guidelines determining what is allowed and what is not allowed when riding an electric scooter. Once you have understood the basics, you can have a good scooter ride filled with joy. Happy riding!