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insurance for electric scooter

Everything you need to know about insurance for electric scooter

Did you recently buy an electric scooter? Or maybe you are planning to buy an electric scooter? Electric scooters are fun to ride and environment friendly, so many of us admire it. But, Just like regular scooters, it can get stolen, lost, or broken. We may also get into accidents while riding e-scooters. We have to lose lots of money, so it is helpful if we have insurance. But many questions strike our mind. Is insurance for e-scooters worth the money? How much does it actually cost? Can the insurance company pay the money if I lost the scooter or if someone stole it? What about the accident? Therefore, today in this blog, we will talk about everything you need to know about electric scooters’ insurance.

The rise of e-scooters: do you need insurance for electric scooter?

As the law in many countries started permitting electric scooters, we started seeing thousands of them running on roads. Many people began choosing e-scooters over regular scooters. They are affordable, do not need a license to ride, and are environmentally friendly. Many people started preferring e-scooters over standard scooters. But as other vehicles, they get stolen, lost, or you get into an accident while riding it. Sometimes you hit other people’s cars while riding it. It gets expensive when you have to pay from your pocket, so insurance is your best choice.


Insurance for E-scooter

Different insurance companies have their own sets of rules and policies regarding insurance. Some companies cover everything in insurance like loss, theft, accident. In contrast, some companies only include accidents and damage but do not include lost or stolen. So we need to look at everything before getting insurance for e-scooters.

insurance for electric scooter
insurance for electric scooter

Things to look after before getting insurance for electric scooter

What is included in insurance? Can you claim insurance when some angry driver hits your e-scooter in parking? What about accidents? Do they pay you, if mistakenly, you hit someone’s car, and now they want you to fix everything? Let’s look at what you need to know and look before getting insurance for e-scooters.


Theft protection for e-scooter

Imagine you get insurance, and after six months, your scooter gets lost or stolen. You open the agreement, and it mentions that the insurance doesn’t include theft protection. The insurance will be no use for you. Therefore, it is beneficial to ask the insurance company if the insurance consists of theft protection. And if not, you need to find another company that includes theft protection.

If you ever are in this situation where you have done insurance, but it doesn’t cover theft. Then it’s a good idea to look after your household insurance, which may provide theft protection for your e-scooter.

Theft protection for e-scooter
Theft protection for e-scooter

E-scooter and private liability

Private liability insurance is essential if you have an e-scooter. This kind of insurance is beneficial in accidents. Accidents can cost a lot of money, but they will bear all the costs for damage if you have private liability insurance. Almost all insurance companies cover the accidental damage for e-scooters if you do not drive over 20km/h. But age is a significant factor for insurance, so don’t forget to ask the age limit for insurance cover.

I mean by this that if your 14-year-old child is riding an e-scooter and gets in an accident, the insurance company may not cover the cost. In many countries, it may be illegal for children to ride e-scooters. Thus always know the age limit for e-scooter insurance.


Hidden rules and costs

Sometimes insurance companies can trick people into believing they are the best insurance companies. But their agreement may not include lots of useful things. For example, they may say we cover theft protection, and you will believe it to be true. But when your scooter gets stolen, they will start asking a thousand questions like did you have a lock while parking it. And if not, they will not cover the cost of theft. So, it’s necessary to know every hidden rules and price of insurance companies before signing the agreement.


How much electric scooter insurance costs?

How much electric scooter insurance costs?
How much electric scooter insurance costs?

How much does an electric scooter cost? Is it cheap or costly? Is doing insurance for e-scooter worth the cost they charge? Pricing is a big thing that we need to consider before getting insurance. Every country has different prices, and every company has different pricing. Usually, the same companies you bought the e-scooter can provide you with an insurance plan, and it’s worth checking it out from them. Since the insurance varies from company to company, we recommend you to check out the pricing from the company in which you want to do the insurance.

Usually, the home insurance may already cover the insurance for an e-scooter if it’s legal in your country. So make sure to check out your home insurance policy if you have one.


Is it compulsory to get e-scooter insurance?

In many countries, it’s not compulsory to get insurance for an e-scooter. It is because they are not that prone to accidents as regular vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you will not have an accident in e-scooters. Even if it’s not compulsory to get e-scooter insurance, you should consider getting it, mostly if you regularly ride it on roads. But if you only ride in your home surroundings, it may not be necessary to get insurance.

In conclusion, make sure to read all the rules and regulations before signing the agreement for insurance. Check out all the insurance companies available instead of closing the deal on the first company you went to. Check out all the hidden rules and costs and ride carefully, even if you have insurance. Before getting another insurance, you can check if you already have insurance like home insurance, which may already cover insurance for your e-scooter.