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So flow air aluminum electric scooter review

So flow air aluminum electric scooter review

Do you often rely on the bus or train to get to work or school? Commuting every day using such means of transport can be tiresome. You have to set aside transport money if you cannot get to your destination on foot. Save yourself from all this by getting an electric scooter. On the next on the next article we will present so flow air aluminum electric scooter review!

Technology has made it possible for commuters to get to their destinations fast without having to rely on cars or their feet. So flow air aluminum electric scooter is a convenient means of transport that makes your ride quite enjoyable. Since it is a walkability booster, it can save you from excess fatigue and also save you time.

For those who are used to driving, getting this scooter eliminates parking and traffic issues. Nowadays, electric scooters appeal to people of different races and are widely used globally. Most cities in the US are filled with people riding scooters along the highways. According to the supplier of this device, anyone above 14 years can ride the scooter. If you are interested in getting this convenient device, you should first learn everything about it through our so flow air aluminum electric scooter review.

What should you expect from this electric scooter?

Most people tend to assume that you need a lot of skills for you to ride a scooter. On the contrary, riding so flow air aluminum scooter is quite easy even for beginners. Since the device is designed to move at certain speeds, you will not have to use a lot of energy for you to propel it.

Though the device is user-friendly, you don’t expect it to come at a very low price. If you want to own this scooter, you can start saving for a few months so that the high price tag does not limit you. Investing in such a piece of equipment is worth it since it can save you transportation costs, especially if you commute from one point to the next regularly.

The supplier of this electric scooter also offers it in a variety of colors. You can, therefore, choose a red, blue or black scooter. It is a beautiful looking device that can make you look stylish. As you purchase this scooter, you should expect a two-year warranty for the product. The supplier also offers a one year warranty for its batteries. This assures customers that So flow electric scooter is a quality product that should give them service for long. If you wish to return the scooter after purchase, the supplier gives you at least seven days to do this.

What are the critical features of the So flow air aluminum scooter?

Design and size

Every commuter wishes they could have a simple to use piece of equipment that could make life easier. So Flow air aluminum scooter is a suitable device that comes in a great design. Its size makes it easy to use and store. You can easily fold and unfold conveniently without any risk of damaging some of the parts. Unlike vehicles, you don’t need a lot of packing space for this scooter.

Material and weight

The manufacturer of this scooter makes use of aluminum in its making. It is, therefore, a quality scooter that can last for long without any issues. Since it weighs only 17lbs, you should not have any problems riding it. Carrying it with your hand is also a breeze. The use of aluminum makes it quiet but robust.


Both beginners and experienced riders can use this device since it is designed with at least three driving modes. If you want it to go slow, you should use the first mode indicated as 1. The third mode is the fastest. This electric scooter can go at high speeds of up to 15 mph. It can also propel your body effortlessly for about 10 miles. It also features a dual brake system, which enhances safety as you ride it on a busy street.

Power consumption

Unlike vehicles that depend on fuel, this device makes use of electricity. It has a charging system that makes it quite reliable and cost-effective. The battery can charge for less than 3 hours. The power consumption of this electric scooter is 250 W. Since this scooter uses electricity, it is a fuel-efficient product.

LCD screen and lights

One of the components that makes this electric scooter easy to control is the inclusion of an LCD screen. You can use this screen to adjust the different settings, including the speed of your scooter. If you often commute at night, you will appreciate the inclusion of both the rear and front lights. This increases visibility as you ride in the dark since other road users can easily see you. The lights, therefore, boost safety.

Set up

Your package includes all the parts you need to set it up and start using. Most customers reveal that they don’t have any problems with the set up since it is straightforward. The package also has handles that you need to secure in place. These handles give you a firm and comfortable grip.


  • The scooter is fun and easy to ride on
  • Made from quality materials
  • Can go for long on a single charge
  • It is portable
  • Stylish design
  • You can fold it


  • The cost is on the high end


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Final thoughts

So flow aluminum air electric scooter offers portability, fun, and value for your cash. At 17lbs, this equipment can take you anywhere you want. It is a foldable device that you can control with ease. The manufacturer includes some useful features such as a dual brake system, LCD screen, and lights for your safety.

Before you start enjoying this scooter, you should be aware of the ways you can enhance safety to prevent yourself from accidents. Regardless of your level of experience, wearing a helmet is advisable. Consider a scooter as a different form of vehicle and avoid careless riding. You should always maintain standard speeds and focus on the traffic lights especially on a busy street.