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Hover 1 Journey Scooter Review

The Hover 1 journey is a great scooter that is very reasonably priced and is available worldwide. It is considered a clone of the much more expensive Xiaomi M365 scooter due to the uncanny resemblance and similar features. This scooter is very fast and is able to hit 18 miles per hour which is really good for a lightweight electric scooter. It is important to note that the Hover 1 journey does not have an age limit. All that is required is for you to read the manual beforehand and decide whether you want it to be used by your child. Although this scooter is considered a lightweight scooter, it supports an astonishing maximum weight of 145kg (320 lbs.). This is the heaviest amount of weight supported by a scooter of this size and weight. To achieve all these great milestones, the Hover 1 journey is equipped with some very key features. Learn on the Hover 1 Journey Scooter Review for more details.


Hover 1 Journey Scooter Review – KEY FEATURES

Hover has been in the scooter manufacturing business for almost two decades now. Since then, they have been steadily improving the quality of their scooters and moving with the times. The Hover 1 journey scooter is one of the lightest electric scooters in the market today and this is no surprise. Their first electric scooter which had been the lightest electric scooter in the world failed miserably and they had to go back to the drawing board. Three more scooters later, the Hover 1 journey came up with some new powerful and creative features.


It features a comfortable and tech-savvy cockpit/handlebar

The handlebar or cockpit is the bar you hold onto while riding. The Hover 1 journey has a nice looking techie cockpit with all the necessary features a handlebar should have.

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First, there is a central LED battery status indicator so that the scooter does not unexpectedly die on you. There is a speed indicator that displays the gear and speed you are in. And finally, there is Bluetooth pairing information. The display is neat and tidy although a bit dim in bright sunlight. Besides the display is a single button that does the following functions: power the scooter on and off, control the gear and turn the lights on at night. This handlebar is also detachable meaning, in case you need to fit your Hover 1 journey in a car, you can simply detach it and make it smaller.


Front and rear LED lights

Image for LED lights

A scooter is small and needs to be spotted by other road users at night. Because of this, the Hover 1 journey is fitted with a bright front LED light that is mounted high up the step. The rear light is also bright and is mounted in a low position on the fender. If you find that these lights are not enough, you can add more lights to improve your safety.


Long-lasting battery

The Hover 1 journey comes with a large sentry shield lithium-ion battery which can last up to 11 miles on a single full charge. It needs three and a half hours to be fully charged.


Hover 1 journey has a Bluetooth App

The Hover 1 journey is a modern scooter with modern features. Among them is the Hover 1 journey Bluetooth app which lets you control a couple of things in the scooter. The app lets you turn the front light on and off, switch between gear modes without having to click the single button in the Morse code, and lock the scooter by setting it to gear 0.


Powerful Brakes

The Hover 1 journey scooter is very fast and is able to reach 18 mph. This is really good for a lightweight electric scooter. But with this high speed, the brake also had to be greatly improved. The rear disc brakes provide powerful solid stops and are assisted by the front brakes. The front brakes are electric and are activated immediately you pull the brake lever. They work together to provide a solid comfortable stop even when you’re at high speeds.


High-quality build

Overall, the Hover 1 journey has been built from high-quality material and you will notice this just by looking at it. Everything from the frame of the scooter to the folding lever feels very solid and sturdy.


Pros and Cons – Hover 1 Journey Scooter Review



  • There is no suspension system
  • Most users have an issue with the cruise control feature on this scooter

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Final Verdict

Our review of the Hover-1 Journey electric scooter showed a great electric scooter you can buy today. With all the necessary features of a good scooter, you will not go wrong with this scooter. It is also very fairly priced compared to other electric scooters in its league. If you need a more powerful and faster scooter then it may not be right for you. Otherwise, we highly recommend it. This scooter is readily available on Amazon at an affordable price. You can check also our review of the Hover-1 Pioneer.