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Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl

Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl – Ultimate comparing

If you’re looking for a great electric scooter, then you have probably stumbled upon the Glion and Gotrax scooters. In this comparison article “Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl”, we are going to look at the two and see how they compare to each other.

Electric scooters are loved for their ease of use, versatility, and convenience they offer. They are perfect for navigating through busy cities and make commuting from home to work easily. To make this possible, they have to be very light, swift, and relatively fast. These are some of the important factors that make a great electric scooter. If you travel uphill, then you need to consider the motor power as this is the key to getting you up hills. When it comes to long-distance traveling, you should consider the range of the scooter above everything else. Both Glion and Gotrax have been making electric scooters for a long time now. Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl is widely compared due to the great quality of scooters they manufacture. We are going to help you pick the right scooter for you depending on your needs.


Compare Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl

Glion Dolly – Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly is a popular scooter known especially for its portability and comfort. It is great for people who use public transport such as commuter trains. The Glion Dolly is sturdy and compact and yet the most portable electric scooter you can find in the market today. The portability is made possible by the dolly wheels (from which the name is derived) and a telescoping carrying handle that enables you to carry it like airport luggage. In simpler words, it folds into a small package with wheels that is easy to tow around and stand on its own. However, a few things had to be compromised to achieve this high level of portability. The Glion Dolly rides poorly on rough roads and has lackluster control and overall performance.

Dolly Wheels

The Glion Dolly is named after the dolly wheels it uses. The dolly wheels protrude from the tail end of the scooter like those you would find on airport luggage bags. The dolly wheels are fitted to make it easy and convenient to carry around when folded. It folds into a small package with wheels that is easy to tow around and stand on its own.

It is fitted with a telescoping towing handle

The Glion Dolly is perfect for people who travel in public commuter trains and buses. This is why it is equipped with a telescoping towing handle that enables you to tow it around like airport luggage. Like a suitcase, the handle is deployed using the click of a button and you can move it around on the dolly wheels

LCD display cockpit

The Glion Dolly has a very simple cockpit. The cockpit is the area on the handlebar with all the controls. This scooter’s cockpit consists of a power button, a mechanical bull, a twisty style accelerator, and brakes, and an LCD display that shows the speed and battery level.

Superior brake controls

The Glion Dolly uses an electronic brake system that is controlled in a twist-style manner. The only problem with this braking manner is that it provides little control over braking modulation. However, when you apply the brakes, they grip tightly and efficiently. Some have even said the grip is too much and can be jerky.

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GOTRAX GLX – Electric Commuter Scooter

It is hard to talk about electric commuter scooters without talking about the Gotrax GLX scooter. This scooter is one of the best electric scooters for commuters and has even won awards for it. It was released in September 2019 and has impressed a lot in the scooter community. Like the original GLX, this one is also well-built, the sturdy ad has a nice balance of weight and features. It uses high-quality pneumatic tires for comfort and stability. The Gotrax GXL is known for its great value for money. For all the great features it offers, it sells at under $300 which is such a hard bargain compared to its competitors. It weighs just about 26 lbs. which ensures portability and maneuverability.

High-quality disc brakes

The GXL comes with front regenerative disc brakes as well as rear disc brakes. These are to ensure you come to a stop as quickly as possible while maintaining comfort. The rear disc is easily operated using a hand lever to allow you to ride in different positions. By doing this, safety is increased as your left hand is placed more naturally to allow easy braking.

Powerful motor

The Gotrax GXL comes with a 250 Watts power motor that propels the scooter. This is a very powerful motor that will provide decent acceleration and top speed. However, this performance can be slowed down by factors such as the rider’s weight and going uphill.

The GXL is equipped with air-filled pneumatic tires

The GXL is fitted with pneumatic inner tube tires. This is such a great feature as pneumatic tires are great for suspension and an overall comfortable ride. They provide bounce on slightly rough roads and therefore eliminate uncomfortable jerky movements.

Superb Design

As you know now, electric scooters for commuters must implement a good compact design that is foldable into a small portable package. The GXL does this well with its sturdy design. To make this possible, the controls have been kept minimal and there are not many unnecessary switches and levers. Whether folded or unfolded, the scooter feels solid and this is something any commuter would want.

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Final verdict

Both the Gotrax GXL and Glion Dolly are great scooters for commuters. They are portable and foldable and easy to carry around on public trains and buses. In our article “Glion Dolly Vs Gotrax Gxl” we have difficulty selecting the best. However, we love the Gotrax as it provides a more comfortable ride due to the air-filled pneumatic suspension tires. If you are on a tight budget though, we recommend the Glion as it is cheaper and will save you some coins.