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Electric scooters laws Oregon

Electric scooters laws Oregon

More commuters are embracing electric scooters as an alternative mode of transportation to cars. Gasoline prices keep fluctuating coupled with increased greenhouse emissions. Electric scooters are a fast way to get to work as you bypass any city traffic jams. However, each state has come up with laws to regulate the use of electric scooters.

In most States, you will have a set of regulations that need to be adhered to for one to be allowed to ride their electric scooters. These laws relate to speed, age limits to general safety requirements meant to ensure that electric scooter riders do not cause harm to motorists and pedestrians.


Electric scooters laws Oregon

For one anyone under the age of 16 is prohibited to use an electric scooter. You can ride your scooter in multi-use paths, Portland city streets or bike lanes. You are however, prohibited from using them in sidewalks and crosswalks. When riding you are required to yield to the right of pedestrians to walk. The scooters are not allowed in public parks or designated motor vehicle parking areas unless one produces a permit.

Riding scooter under the influence

  • Just like cars you should follow the set law when riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The law treats electric scooters like they do for cars so be familiar with local laws.
  • Here are some to watch out for:
  • If you happen to ride your scooter with blood alcohol level of 0.8 and above then you will be arrested for riding under the influence.
  • You are also prohibited from riding your scooter if you are under the influence of cannabis, hard liquor, controlled substances of inhalants. If you are caught the illegal drugs will be confiscated and you will be arrested and charged. Prohibited drugs extend to painkillers and other prescriptions that impair your judgment and riding.
  • The charges for DUI convictions accumulate in the same way as for a car. If the police suspect you are riding under the influence, they will stop you and subject you to a sobriety test.

Scooter road safety in Oregon

Electric scooters are treated in the same way as bicycles in regard to road safety. This means you will need to have your helmet on whenever riding a scooter and indicate whenever you want to change lanes. You should also keep an eye on how fast you ride. Failure to adhere to some of these regulations will attract a presumptive fine of $110 or higher under the Class D Traffic violation laws.

In Portland riding your scooter in highways is allowed as long as you do not see a speed limit under 25 mph. You should also be on the lookout for bike lanes and ride as close to the right side of the road as possible. This prevents you from unconsciously veering to the road. It also reduces chances of been accidentally been knocked over by a swerving car.

Speed Limit in Portland

The general speed limit for Portland for electric scooters is 15 mph. This is not a challenge for most scooters as they are designed to hit top speeds of 15 mph. However, recent innovations in scooter battery output has led to scooters that are capable of more than 40 mph. A good example is the NANROBOT D4+ that is capable of hitting speeds of 40 mph. The scooter generates 2000 watts of power.

Making turns

Indicating where you are going helps tell a motorists, pedestrian or cyclist where you are going so that they can make a corresponding judgment. Electric scooter bikes do not have indicators like the ones in cars or motorbikes but you can use your arm for indication.

Right turn: You can either extend your right hand straight and someone will know you are turning right or turn your left hand out while your elbow is facing upwards. This should form a “L” shape.

Left turn: extend your left arm out while ensuring it is fully perpendicular to your body.

Stopping: This is the inverse of the left turn but in this case you have an upside “L”. In this scenario turn your left hand out then have your elbow to the hand face a downward position.

More Laws..

If you are going to be riding your scooter at night ensure you have your headlights on. The danger of riding at night and foggy areas is so real as motorists cannot clearly see the car ahead. Most of the scooters operated in Portland will come with scooter headlights and taillights installed.

Most scooters are designed for riding by one person however, it is not unusual to have two people riding on one scooter. However, you need to consider your general safety when doing this as it can pose a road safety risk to other pedestrians.

One of the most posed questions by many scooter riders is whether they can ride their scooters without a helmet. When most people rent scooters they notice that the helmet does not come with the scooter, this makes some of them ignore wearing it. Not wearing a helmet exposes you to serious injuries should you be knocked down by a car.

In Portland any person who is below the age of 16 is not allowed to ride a scooter. In some instances –especially for those with scooter rentals you maybe required to show a rider license before you can rent an electric scooter.

When parking your scooter ensure you are not obstructing pedestrians or other road users. Most electric scooters are easy to fold so you can carry it with your when going to the office. For city parking do it in the sidewalk next to the curb.


Having an electric scooter is a fast way to get to work without worrying about city traffic or gasoline pollution. You get to absorb the scenery as you ride your way to the mall or office. However, remember that most of the regulations applicable to motorists and riders still apply to you. Electric scooters laws Oregon, people who are below 16 years are not allowed to use electric scooters. Also, always wear a helmet when riding one.