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Razor Power Core E100 Not Working – causes and fixes

The question why is my scooter not running is common especially with electric scooters. There are a number of reasons your scooter may fail to run from basic things such as low charge to more complex issues. When it comes to troubleshooting the Razor Power Core, there are a lot of places you should consider checking first before it you consider it damaged. It is important to remember that when you’re troubleshooting, always ensure that the scooter is charged. We created the article to about “Razor Power Core E100 Not Working”  but applies to all Razor Power Core E1 series (E100, E125, E150, and E175).

Troubleshoot Razor Power Core E100 Not Working

The Scooter Does Not Run

This is a commonly reported problem when it comes to electric scooters in general. It can happen after you have just charged the scooter or when it is undercharged. The most important thing is to try and figure out the cause for the problem so that you are able to fix it fast and efficiently. The scooter failing to run can be caused by the following: an undercharged battery, the charger failing to work, loose connections or loose wires, failure to kick start the scooter when it is at 3mph. Each of this causes has a different fix or solution. The following shows the best fixes for each cause:

Undercharged battery

The solution for this is pretty obvious. If you have an undercharged battery, charge the battery for at least three hours. If the scooter is new and has not been used yet, charge it for at least 12 hours before you can start using it. After this, you should be charging it for up to 8 hours after use for a full charge. Before leaving the scooter to charge, always confirm that all connections are tight and that the charger is plugged in deep enough. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and find an unresponsive scooter.

Charger is not working

Image for charger for scooter

If the charger isn’t working, first check whether the connection to the power outlet is on. If it is on, try unplugging the charger from both ends and plugging it back in. You can then check if the charger is working by testing it using a voltmeter. If the charger is revealed to have a problem, consider replacing it with a new one from a Razor Servicing Center.

Loose wires and loose connections

Image for loose wires on an electrical scooter

If there are any loose wires or connections inside the scooter, there is a high chance it will not run. You should first check if the charger is working using a voltmeter or asking a Razor service center to check it out for you.  With this problem, there in not much you can do to fix it on your own. The best solution would be taking it to the service shop.

Failure to kick start the scooter at 3mph

This problem usually affects the E100 scooter specifically. The Razor Power Core E100 needs to be pushed or kick started until it reaches 3 miles per hour. Once this target is reached you can hop on and take off. Twist the throttle to start the motor and go.

Scooter was running smoothly and then stopped

Another common problem with the Razor E1 series is that they run smoothly and then suddenly stop. This problem almost always has one cause: a broken or tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is meant to protect other electric parts from damaging in case there is a power overload. If an overload occurs, the circuit breaker which is located next to the on/off switch of the scooter, automatically disconnects and the scooter powers off. We know how daunting this issue sounds but we guarantee it is easy to fix. There are a number of solutions to this. They include the following. First, check all the wires and connections and ensure they are firmly fixed. If they are, this means that the circuit problem is the Issue for certain. The circuit breaker may have disconnected due to reasons such as exceeding the weight limit and riding uphill on a steep hill. When the scooter comes to a sudden stop, wait 60 seconds and then reset the circuit breaker. Also, correct the conditions that may have caused the problem by pushing it the rest of the hill or getting off the scooter if you exceed the limit.

Scooter dies very fast (less than half an hour per charge)

This can be caused by an undercharged battery or a battery that is too old for use. To fix this problem, always ensure that the battery charges for up to eight hours for a full charge. If the scooter is new, charge it for at least 12 hours before you can start using it. After this, you should be charging it for up to 8 hours after use for a full charge. Also remember to ensure that you check the plug connections before leaving it to charge. If the battery is too old, then you will notice that it does ot accept a full charge. Batteries are not meant to love forever and have a life span of about two years. If you have used the same battery for over two years, consider replacing it with a new one from a Razor service center.


The Razor Power Core is a great electric scooter for people on a budget. However, it comes with these problems which to be fair, are common problems in other scooters too. To keep your scooter in good health and condition for longer, ensure you take it for maintenance at least once every two months and replace its components when there’s need. Lets hope that our article “Razor Power Core E100 Not Working” helped you to fix your problem.