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How long does a razor scooter battery last

Scooters have been in use for three decades now and have had such a huge impact on transportation within the urban and busy cities in the world. The use of a rechargeable battery has widely contributed to the growth of scooters as it has made low mobility very easy, efficient, and cheap. This is why scooter making companies put a lot of resources in the battery life of a scooter. Different scooters are fitted with different capacity batteries depending on their use, range, and price. Scooters are categorized into two categories: motorized and regular scooters. Motorized scooters are more common for elder people that need to move around easily whereas regular scooters are built for recreation and kids. For Razor scooters, the battery life ranges depending on the model. But the average life for any scooter is about an hour.


How long does a razor scooter battery last?

The E Prime Electric Scooter for example lasts 40 minutes and has a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. It has a weight limit of 176lbs. which plays a huge role in battery life. It is a sophisticated scooter with folding technology and eco-friendly operations. The Power Core E10 provides up to one hour of use due to its lightweight design and use of Power Core technology. The maximum weight is 120lbs. and is mainly recommended for children of about eight years.


Types of batteries found in different scooters

Scooters come with either of the two types of batteries they use: gel cell batteries and lead-acid batteries. The difference between the two is that lead-acid batteries have a shorter life span and are less expensive to buy and maintain. Lead-acid batteries are the general choice for many scooter making companies. Gel cell batteries on the other hand are a better choice for high-end scooters meant for heavy use. Because of this, they are much more expensive than other scooters. However, they take a longer time to fully charge and consequently provide a longer run time. They are easy to maintain compared to some lead-acid batteries.


How long is a battery’s life span? How long does a razor scooter battery last?

The general amount of cycles a battery is supposed to go through to be considered for replacement is between 300 and 400 charge and discharge cycles. This roughly translated to anywhere between two and a half years to three years. Once this time has elapsed, you will start noticing a considerable reduction in the run time of the scooter. This means that a scooter that used to provide anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes of operation will reduce to about 15 to 20 minutes of use. And this is when you should replace the battery with a new one.

What are the main causes of the battery scooter dying?

So to answer our question “how long does a razor scooter battery last” we will need to analyze the causes of the battery dying. Other than the normal wearing down of the battery, there are other reasons that may cause your battery to die prematurely. The following are some of the bad habits when it comes to battery maintenance that will prematurely end your battery.

Overcharging the battery

No matter what scooter you have, you should never overcharge your scooter. It is especially destructive when done repeatedly. Overcharging is a common problem as many people believe that leaving the scooter charging overnight is harmless. For some scooters, this is true as they have automatic systems that tell the battery to stop charging when full. Always read the instruction guide that comes with the scooter to know how long you should charge the scooter. Some scooters need to be charged continuously for 12 hours before use and skipping this step may cause problems in the future. Overcharging ruins the battery. Replacing the charger with a lower quality one also ruins the battery and leads to failures. It also causes the battery to wear out faster.


Undercharging is a common problem with scooters, and more common than overcharging. The effects of undercharging are also more intense, especially in the long term. You should always allow your battery to charge to the fullest before using it. If you always remove it before fully charging, this could have disastrous effects in the long term. Some scooters should even be left charging for some time even after the full charge indicator comes on.

Lower quality charger

If you chose to replace a faulty charger, always replace it with a charger of the same caliber. It is recommended that you get the same exact original charger from your service dealer. This is because a non-original charger may be of lower quality. And if it is, it will ruin your battery. You will notice that the scooter takes a longer time to charge and that it may overheat from time to time. Both of these are signs that your battery is suffering

Extremely temperatures

Batteries really don’t like to be in extreme temperatures. If you store your scooter outside where it’s too cold, your battery will suffer and lose power. The same applies to very higher temperatures. Your battery may start losing power all of a sudden and jumping from say 90% to 70% of charge in an instant. If you do this repeatedly, your battery will die prematurely and you will need to replace it or the whole scooter in extreme situations.


How to prolong battery life

Battery wear and tear cannot be avoided. However, there are a few things you can to ensure that your battery lives up to its expected time. Charge the scooter after each ride even when there is still some battery left. Don’t be tempted to ride it for two days without a charge because this will ruin the battery.


Razor electric scooters are some of the best in the market. They are popular with kids and adults alike. Knowing how your battery lasts and good maintenance goes a long way in keeping your battery healthy. It is the key to enjoying your scooter’s maximum power for longer.