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Zero 11x Electric Scooter Review

Zero 11x Electric Scooter Review

It is no wonder that electric scooters are in trend today. We have made an effort to bring you the latest industry news and reviews so that you stay ahead in knowing about these cool electric scooters. Among the famous electric scooters, the newest addition to the Zero series, Zero 11x, is definitely something big. Zero electric Scooters have a simple message – and that is, they emit zero carbon to the environment. We are about to explore the features, perks, and cool functionalities of this Zero 11x Electric Scooter Review.

There are so many electric scooters in the market that offer a similar function, aesthetic, and price. What makes Zero 11x different? What it has to offer when it comes to speed and buoyancy? How do we charge, and how long does it last? How far can we go without thinking about the distance it covers? We will answer these questions. We will dive deep down to its specs, features, battery, tires, brakes, and take a test ride to its highs and lows, pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look and find out if this is the right fit for you and suit your personality and style.

Review of Zero 11x Electric Scooter

Specifications of Zero 11x Electric Scooter

92Milies / 145 km
62 MPH / 90 km/h.
1600 W x2
Lithium-ion Samsung / LG, 72V, 26 Ah 80-110KM Eco Mode and 72v/32Ah, 120-160KM Eco mode
11 Inch pneumatic
Product weight
117 lb / 53 kgs
Net Weight it can handle
265 lb / 120 Kg



Zero 11x Electric Scooter Review
Zero 11x Electric Scooter Review

A simple question to begin, Is Zero 11x right for you?

If you love speed, if you are active and want thrill in your life – Zero 11x is an insane, powerful option. You are full of life, you like adventure, and you do not settle for less, then high-end Zero 11x offers you optimal speed and neat design. When it comes to speed and power, Zero 11x aces the competition.

You want to make sure you want the best combination for the money you put. Hence, We will explore the other features and functionalities later in this review to understand Zero 11x better.

You might have skimmed through the specifications. Specifications are incomplete information for those who have an eye for details. Read through the detailed review below categorized into three hidden parts – first, build structure, details, and mechanical anatomy. Next is design, aesthetics, and feel. At last, we will talk about performance, quality, and safety.

Zero 11x is a successor of Zero 10x and an upgraded version in the Zero Scooter Series that comes with a powerful battery, motor, and weight. That makes 11x expensive and heavy in the regular Zero series. The mind-blowing power and range ultimately justify the price this has to offer.


Quality and Design of Zero 11x

  • Motor

Zero 11x has two sturdy motors. These two brushless motors are capable of developing 1600W power each to give a total capacity of 3200W. This is an increase in power compared to other scooters in the Zero series. The Zero 10x had two 1000W motors. The Zero 11x excels the rest of the electric scooters when it comes to performance in its price range, making the ZERO 11X a very high-performance electric scooter.

  • Tires

The scooter has 11-inch pneumatic tires. They are air-filled inflatable tires where desired air pressure of about 3.1 Barr can be maintained. These tires are for sure all-road tires, and they are a perfect fit for trails and rugged terrain. The tires are massive compared to what we usually see in the market and contribute a much reliable performance and grasp on any surface in any weather. These big pneumatic tires offer more shock absorption than solid tires. It adds to the overall essence of the Zero 11X’s suspension and rides quality.

Zero 11X Tires
Zero 11X Tires
  • Brakes

The brakes are remarkably responsive, reactive, and rage. Zero 11X offers powerful brakes from Taiwan, which help to gain immediate stop from fast speed. This electric scooter has rear and front 160 mm Nutt hydraulic disc brakes with cooling fins. Cooling fins ventilate the wheels from heating. Brakes support both wheels. There is also an electric magnetic brake for the motor, which is attached to the handle. The hydraulic brakes are integrated with an electronic brake system, meaning a slight tap on the brakes will cut the front and rear motor’s connection. This safety feature significantly reduces braking distance in this electronic scooter.

  • Suspension

The dual-spring suspension is intuitive and goes well with big inflatable tires. The combination of sound shock absorbers and tires provides a very comfortable ride even in every bumpy area we encounter. You will not be disappointed while on speed by the suspensions are designed with consideration of speed. Springs and arms are thick. There are two suspensions, each on the rear and front tires with fitted long-travel mega-sized 165mm hydraulic spring suspension. They are far better than the rubber suspension we see on other electric scooters. These medium-hard sized suspensions support speed and provide a balance while flowing. The suspension not only carries a load of 265 lb/120 Kg but are also customizable to personal weight and road usage. They are stiff, robust, and can climb any surface.

This elite electric scooter feels sporty yet classy. The Z11x is made from forged aluminum, and anyone who rides Z11x says that Zero 11x is a luxury. The scooter is super comfortable to ride and extremely easy to control. The buoyancy and posture are maintained by the broad flat deck and ergonomic handle. You can adjust the handle according to personal requirements, and the wide grip is tight and feels natural.

The Zero 11x has professional decorations and style. The detailed frame and modern design make it stand out in the crowd. The materials are authentic and build to last due to their thick and reinforced frame wall. The look is sport-like.


  • Portability

Z11x’s foldable design makes it easy to transport in the trunk of a car. It has a key button that acts as a circuit breaker. Almost all parts, including the steering wheel, are fold-able. The portability is right for Zero 11X. Keep in mind the size when folded is LxWxH 1420 x 720 x 600 mm, and when unfolded, the dimensions are 1420 x 720 x 1325 cm. The weight of the scooter is about 117 lb/53 kgs, supported by a kickstand. However, it can load a person of about 265 lb/120 Kg. The parts are pretty durable, with the ability to withstand speed and pressure.

We should all agree that Zero 11x is a powerful scooter. The two engines are lion when it comes in full power and cheetah when it speeds. The scooter can go up to 62 MPH / 90 km/h. , which is a wild speed. We recommend driving a fast scooter. It is fast but, at the same time, very flexible and agile.


Battery, Charging Time, and Charger

Z11x is Packed with two sets of powerful batteries. They are Lithium-ion Samsung / LG, 72V, 26 Ah, and 72v/32Ah batteries. Batteries are made to match the insane motors that come with Zero 11x. The previous series Z10x had a 52V 24Ah battery. The battery is whooping big and mounts underneath the slide plate. There are two charging ports. When used, the charging time is reduced to half. It takes around 15-20 hours for a full charge; with two charges, the time is reduced to 8-12 hours. Every Z11x comes with a charger set.

The charge lasts long and covers a wide range when riding. Under optimal conditions and energy-saving eco-mode, the 72V 26Ah battery covers up to 110KM. In contrast, the 72V 32Ah battery can cover a great distance of 160KM. The ZERO 11X is made to last on long and challenging roads without worrying about the chance of the battery ever running out.

With the Zero 11X’s massive regenerative battery, it lasts for a week if you use the scooter to commute to work or college. Or, you can ride Z11x for a full day without the need for a charge in between.


Support and Warranty

Every Z11x comes with a 12-month limited warranty. The warranty does not cover damages done from wear and tear, modifications and misuse in water. However, the manufacturer defects and defects in battery, charger, or any other parts could be warranted depending on where you buy it. Certain vendors provide a warranty against shipping defects for 5-7 days.

Z11x comes with some exciting safety features. The theft protection specialty of the scooter is, it has a key lock feature. The key disables the motor and locks the wheels. Due to its giant size and weight, it is difficult for someone to pick and move quickly. The huge wheels and double framed stem give an impression of a military tank.

The overall build and look of the body plus LED lights; shift classy attention to anyone riding Z11x. The Z11x on the road looks magnificent and imposingly impressive.

Support and Warranty
Support and Warranty


Zero 11x Review – Pros and Cons of



  1. The scooter is built for off-road and trails.
  2. The handlebar is adjustable for better ergonomics.
  3. The different light options make the scooter easy to ride in the night.
  4. Scooters can be folded to fit in a car’s trunk or a small space.


  1. The scooter is not for beginners and light-hearted people. Due to its speed, we recommend younger kids should ride under the elder’s supervision.
  2. The scooter is heavier than other scooters in the Zero series.



Pros and Cons of Zero 11x
Pros and Cons of Zero 11x


The Zero 11x is extreme, and the speed is seductive. The design is a beast. If you are thinking of a more casual scooter, then this scooter is a high-end option for you. Suppose you are a beginner and do not want to get too serious to explore a lighter version. However, If you are a serious rider, an enthusiast, and searching for an exhilarating sporty experience going to places, off-grid, and trails. Zero 11x is the best fit for your needs. Let’s hope that our Zero 11x review helped you.