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Voyager ion electric scooter review

Voyager ion electric scooter review – Latest Fully Review

Electric scooters are fun to ride. They are eco-friendly and a great medium of transportation, especially for shorter distances. You can take e-scooters to work, schools, or casually ride with friends. Not only that, but e-scooters are easy to balance, and you will less likely have accidents than standard vehicles. But sometimes they get expensive, and our budget doesn’t allow it to be bought. But there’s no more to worry about. You can ride an electric scooter and show your personality with a Voyager ion electric scooter. It is easy to ride, crafted with great design, built with quality materials, and the best thing is it is cheap. However, is this electric scooter an ideal option for you? Let us find through the Voyager ion electric scooter review.

Review of Voyager ion electric scooter

Is this electric scooter an ideal option for you?

We all love electric scooters, but not all of us can afford it. We don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to buy it and are always looking for a simple e-scooter that we can ride. And suppose you are looking for a cheap and simple electric scooter. In that case, a voyager ion electric scooter is an ideal option for you. You can not drive it for longer distances as it only allows 7 miles(11.2km). And if speed is your top priority, you should think before buying it. Otherwise, it’s a splendid scooter.

Now let us move through the specification of the voyager ion electric scooter.


Specifications of Voyager ion electric scooter

7 miles(11.2km)
12.5 mph(20kph)
250 Watt Brushless Motors
Product weight
19 Lbs(8.6km)
Net Weight it can handle
220 lb Max Load



Voyager ion electric scooter review
Voyager ion electric scooter review

If you don’t want to go through the whole blog and want to have a basic knowledge of this scooter, then you can go through its specification.

Age: There is no official recommendation from the company regarding the period. However, In many countries, you need to be above 16 to ride an e-scooter. The rule is to maintain safety as e-scooters can cause several injuries in case of an accident.

Motor: Voyager ion electric scooter has a 250 Watt Brushless Motors. A powerful engine means faster acceleration. Also, it allows the scooter to carry heavier weight and climb steep hills. And 250 w is quite a good and robust motor.

Handlebar: If you look at the handlebar of a voyager ion, they are of perfect size. It is easy to reach, and you get a slick feel when you touch the handle. Handlebar plays an essential role in e-scooters as it is harder to ride with rough handlebars.

Brake: The brake is Hand-operated and is easy to use.

Max Incline: voyager ion electric scooter has 15° Max Incline.



Features of voyager ion electric scooter

  • The 250 w brushless battery with powerful energy, the moderate speed equipped in voyager ion ensures a great ride.
  • The scooter has moderate speed, and you can go up to 12.5 mph(20kph). This speed is good enough to take it to work, school, and other places unless you are in a hurry.
  • 220 lb Max Load. The weight capacity of the voyager ion electric scooter is impressive. We often have many problems not being able to ride cheap e-scooter as they only allow lighter weight. But now, with this scooter, you can ride affordable e-scooters even if you are weighty.
  • 10 Mile(16km) Max Range- Considering the price, the speed is quite good. If you fully recharge it, you will be able to go until 10 miles and sometimes even more, depending on the weather condition and your riding style.
  • 15 Degree Max Incline. It is considered a slightly steep incline, and you should be able to ride the scooter in somewhat sloppy places.
  • The scooter can Capture Custom Dolly or POV Shots.
Features of voyager ion electric scooter
Features of voyager ion electric scooter

Quality and design of voyager ion electric scooter

It is necessary to know the quality and design of e-scooters before you buy them. Both quality and design play an essential role when it comes to e-scooters. Not everyone admires a quality scooter with poor design as some people like to flex it as well and vice-versa. So let us go through the quality and design of the Voyager ion electric scooter.

  • Wheels

The wheels of a voyager ion are neither too big nor too small. The material used to make the tires ensures a smooth ride even on a bad surface. Maybe climbing higher places with this kind of tires will be more challenging, but otherwise, they are good.

  • Weight

The scooter is lightweight. It only weighs 19 Lbs(8.6km). Lightweight e-scooters are easy to carry, and with its flawless, lightweight design, it stands out from rest e-scooters in this budget.

  • Kickstand

The kickstand is handy to have in e-scooters. It helps to balance the scooter when charging and parking. With the help of kickstand, you don’t have to search for other support to park your e-scooters. And voyager ion electric scooter features a small kickstand that is beneficial to all e-scooter riders.

  • Foldable design for effortless carrying

One thing that we all love to see in e-scooters is foldable design. Looking at the price, I didn’t expect it to have a foldable design. But with a voyager ion, you can effortlessly fold the scooter in seconds. I like the foldable design because it makes the scooter easy to carry and take into crowded places. Also, foldable design is handy when taking it on public transportation.

Voyager ion - Foldable design
Voyager ion – Foldable design
  • LED headlight

Voyager ion electric scooter features a led headlight. It is not some cheap quality light but very good. It brightens up the path when driving in a dark time.


Battery and charging

How does the battery perform? How long does it take to recharge fully? Do I get the battery for free, or do I need to buy it? All these questions are necessary to know, and we will answer these here. So let us go through the battery and charging of the voyager ion electric scooter.

  • Battery Life

In a single charge, you will be able to go up to 7 miles(11.2km). I know this is a little low for the people who like traveling with an e-scooter for long-distance. But considering the price, i can’t complain about the speed of the Voyager ion electric scooter. But the distance also depends on the weather condition, types of road you are riding, the weight of the rider, and the battery status. If you want the long-distance e-scooters, you can choose the Xiaomi e-scooters. However, the price is higher compared to the voyager ion.

  • Charging Time & Battery Charger

How fast can I charge? Voyager ion electric scooter takes 5-8 hrs to charge fully. But one thing you need to remember is not to overcharge the scooter. Overcharging scooters doesn’t mean that you will be able to ride long distances. It only damages your battery. Therefore take care of your battery, so the battery lasts longer.



As we talked about guarantee, let us know how long they provide it? Does the battery damage include the guarantee? Etc. Voyager ion electric scooter comes with a year warranty against any manufacturing defects. The official website does not say if they cover the battery damage or not, so make sure to ask the seller before buying it. Usually, the warranty does not include battery damage; therefore, it’s best to precisely take care of your battery.


How does the warranty work?

The warranty is for one year. If something happens, you contact the person from where you originally bought the scooter. They will fix it for free four times.



The electric scooter is designed for an adult, but children over 16 can ride it with parents’ permission. Also, check your local community rules to make sure that kids can ride it. Different countries have different rules regarding the allowed age to ride e-scooters.



You don’t need to worry about assembling it as it comes welded. The only thing you need to do is fit the handlebar and wheels. After that, you are ready to ride.



When it comes to e-scooters, i always talk about safety. It is an e-scooter that is made with quality material and has a good brake system. Furthermore, the led lights make it safe to ride in a dark time. But make sure to ride it properly as the scooter can flip dangerously if you get hit on harsh places. The wheel rolls very loosely concerning the handlebars, and this can sometimes be dangerous.

Therefore be careful, wear a helmet, and practice beforehand when riding an e-scooter in the streets. Prevention is better than cure.



One of the most affordable e-scooter in the market, the Voyager ion electric scooter, only costs $189. Buying this electric scooter will save you some money, but with less pricing comes a limited feature.



Voyager ion electric scooter is cheap. It only costs $189. But that does not mean that there will be no expenses after buying it. The extra costs after purchasing the scooter include the electricity bill. One great idea to lower the electricity bill is to charge it in public places, for example in parking areas.


Pros and Cons of Voyager ion

We have talked about its features, specifications, pricing, and lots of other things. Now is the time to know the pros and cons of voyager ion electric scooter. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the scooter can make you easier to understand if the scooter is an ideal option for you or not.


  • It can carry almost 90kg of weight. It is an excellent scooter for people with a heavyweight. Usually, it’s hard to find a scooter that can lift 100 kg in this price range.
  • Moderate speed: Even though 2.5 mph(20kph) is not too high, neither can we consider it at a low speed.
  • Budget-friendly scooter: It is one of the cheapest e-scooter you can find in the market.
  • Features like foldable design and led headlight make it a great scooter.
  • Low weight electric scooter that features a kickstand for easy parking.
  • Great design


  • Short distance: 10 Mile(16km) Max Range, which i consider to be a little less. 20-25 km per single charge would have been something that every people would appreciate.
  • Bas customer Support- Sometimes, it takes forever to get support from the seller.
  • As per some buyers, the battery does not last long after a few ride.


Pros and Cons of Voyager ion
Pros and Cons of Voyager ion

Can I ride a Voyager ion electric scooter in the rain?

No. Since the guarantee does not cover water damage, it would be best not to use it in the rain and keep it safe from water.



In conclusion, the voyager ion electric scooter is a nice and simple electric scooter. It is affordable to buy and made with quality materials. Furthermore, the design is admirable and easy to ride. I can’t say it’s the best scooter, but the scooter is excellent at the price of $189.