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Bird es1-300 electric scooter review

Bird es1-300 electric scooter review – Unbiased review

Is Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter worth buying? It is the first question that arises in our mind when we see our friend or some random person having fun riding it. Maybe now you want to buy this electric scooter. Therefore you want to know what makes it different from all other scooters in the market. Is the ride smooth, or is it worth the price? How about battery and distance Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooters can travel? Does it fold? Yes, I know you have many questions going in your mind that need a clear answer. So today, in this blog, I am going to provide you a detailed review of the Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter so you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

Bird ES1-300 is an electric scooter designed for adults, carrying up to 99.7 kg(220-lbs). You can use it to ride around streets, urban areas, colleges, or other authorized places.

Bird es1-300 electric scooter review


Specifications of Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter

15.5 miles
300 W
42 V
Dual Braking System
Product weight
27.6 lbs
Net Weight it can handle
220 lbs




Bird es1-300 electric scooter review
Bird es1-300 electric scooter review


Is this electric scooter ideal for you?

Even though it is not the best electric scooter, you will find it in the market. It is still an environmentally friendly electric scooter that is great for casual riding. It may not be best for the work, unlike standard scooters, but it is a good option for an outing with friends, go to markets, or to explore tracks in your area. It is a dynamic electric scooter offered at the lowest price with outstanding features.


Quality and Design of Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter

A strong enough electric scooter that can handle 100 kg of weight is designed for adults. It is built with excellent quality material and is lightweight. Unlike Xiaomi 365, this electric scooter is not foldable, but you can still carry it easily. Thanks to its lightweight mechanism as it only weighs 12.5 kg(27.6 pounds).

Made by a “Bird” company, the es1-300 electric scooter is durable and feels firm. It is made from aircraft aluminum and high-density polymer. Bird ES1-300 meets all the standards of ample tests for safety, which is done by underwater laboratories. Also, all mechanical and electrical parts are UL-2272 certified. This means the scooter passed electrical and fire-safety testing.

  • Handlebar


Many other electric scooters in the market have a long handlebar, so if you want a short handlebar, the Bird ES1-300 is the best option for you. It has a short handlebar. People using long handlebars may think it is uncomfortable, but with ES1-300, it’s not the case. It feels super easy and very definite with a short handlebar to ride electric scooters, especially when changing the direction.

  • Brakes

Equipped with a dual braking system, the Bird ES1-300 has an excellent brake system. This provides you with proper control while riding. Apart from the dual braking system, it also has a mechanical brake on rear tires to operate with your foot. Not many electric scooters have a mechanical brake, so that’s something the Bird ES1-300 has done great.

  • Lights

The Bird ES1-300 electric scooter has an LED brake light that is essential when riding at night time. It also has rear brake lights that help you to keep safe while riding on the road. Another essential feature I like in this scooter is the built-in ground light effect that makes you more noticeable in the dark.

  • Kickstand

The kickstand is a beneficial innovation to have in an electric scooter, especially when it is not foldable. And Bird ES1-300 electric scooter has one. Yay. You can see the kickstand in the front left side of the deck, which helps the scooter keep upright. I love the kickstand so much that it’s extremely useful when charging.

  • Tires


The Bird ES1-300 electric scooter has ES1-300 tires, which are excellent for balance and long-distance riding. Even though the tires’ diameter is not the same, you wouldn’t feel any difference while driving. It is effortless to ride and comfortable to balance even at maximum speed.

There is also a coil suspension in Bird ES1-300. And it is very effective in sensing road shocks and helps to decrease bouncing for a smooth ride.

  • Motor

Just like many other electric scooters, the Bird ES1-30 also has a 300 watts motor, which goes up to 700watt. This is more than enough to take benefit of its durable battery.


How long does it take to assemble Bird ES1-30 electric scooters?

Setting up should not take you more than ten minutes as everything comes with precise information. It comes up with a charger/adapter, manual book, and a warranty card.


How long is the warranty valid?

Bird ES1-300 electric scooter has a warranty period of 6 months. If you get any technical errors within six months, they will fix it for free.


Will I be able to ride this scooter?

Yes, if you are over 18. Unfortunately, this electric scooter is not designed for the people under 18 yrs old

Will I be able to ride this scooter?
Will I be able to ride this scooter?


There is no doubt that Bird ES1-30 electric scooters have an excellent performance. It is easy to travel with ES1-30, comfortable to travel even on bumpy roads, brilliant shock absorption system, and built-in ground light effect. A dual braking system, mechanical brake, and lightweight make the scooter worth buying.

Now you can ride in peace as no more buzzy sound with this electric scooter. Easy to read LED screen to check your speed and battery life. And lots of other built-in features at an affordable price.


Battery life and charging time

You need a lithium-ion battery to run this scooter, and it comes with the package. Therefore you don’t have to buy it as extra. You can charge the scooter pretty fast, but unfortunately, it does not include a second battery. Usually, a second battery comes in handy while going for a long ride. But it has a long-lasting battery life which can take you almost 15miles(24.1km) in one charge.


Pros and Cons of Bird ES1-300

Pros of Bird ES1-300 electric scooter

  1. It has six months of warranty.
  2. You can go up to 24.14 km(15m) in a single battery charge.
  3. A mechanical brake and a LED light make your ride safer even at night time.
  4. The tires in ES1-300 allows you to take a ride.
  5. It has a brilliant shock absorption system.
  6. Bird ES1-300 has a kickstand to park and is extremely useful when charging.
  7. High power upgraded motor present in the Bird ES1-300 makes sure that you get higher energy and a powerful ride.

Cons of Bird ES1-300 electric scooter

  1. Unlike in other scooters like Xiaomi 365, it does not have an app to control the scooter.
  2. It does not have any anti-theft features. This is unfortunate as you always need to use an electric scooter locker while parking.
  3. Another thing I didn’t like about this scooter is that it’s not foldable. Even though it’s a lightweight electric scooter it is not that heavy to carry. But if it were foldable, it would have been easier to carry and pack.
  4. There is no second battery in the Bird ES1-300 electric scooter. The Second battery is useful when you are riding for a long distance.



Bird ES1-300 Question And Answers

Bird ES1-300 Question And Answers

How long does it take to charge a full charge?

It takes around 6-7 hours with the external battery on and 3-4 hours without the battery on.

Can I use it as a standard kick scooter in case the battery goes down?

Since it’s a lightweight electric scooter, you should be able to use it as a standard kick scooter.

What is the weight of the Bird ES1-300 electric scooter?

The weight of the Bird ES1-300 electric scooter is approximately 12 kg and 500 g.

Is the item durable?

Since the ES1-300 is built from high-quality material, it is indeed durable.

Therefore the scooter is backed up with a 6-month warranty while buying.

How is it different from other electric scooters?

One of the different things I found on this scooter is a brake. Unlike other scooters, it has both electric and mechanical brakes that double the safety.

What would be your rating for this scooter?

As i said initially, it may not be the best scooter in the market. Still, I like this scooter considering the safety, battery, and weight. Would I recommend you to buy this scooter? Without a doubt, yes.



If you need a lightweight scooter with lots of unique features and specifications in the range of $500, it is the best option for you. Also, if safety is your priority, then what can be better than Bird es1-300 electric scooter. You can sometimes find this scooter in a price range of around $300 in the sale. One thing I can say is, you will not regret buying this electric scooter. It has almost everything that an electric scooter should have.