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Apollo Explore Review - New Urban Electric Scooter

Apollo Explore Review – New Urban Electric Scooter

Apollo gives the spark of excitement by introducing a new item Apollo Explore– A new urban electric scooter that we will review in this post. Nothing can be more entertaining for anyone than to use such a great scooter that runs through a fantastic battery. Its high voltage battery will give you years of enjoyment as there is no chance you will get bored with this scooter. Apollo explore is a franchise of scooters, and it is a treat for e-scooter lovers.

If you want to give this scooter to anyone, don’t miss a chance and grab the alluring and incredible Apollo Explore urban electric scooter. According to the receiver’s choice, a rider and adventurous person will cherish your gift as it is worth buying. Apollo explore is the game-changing scooter and most powerful scooter in the scooting line. This scooter is specifically designed to ride in the hills as not many scooters have this option. If you want to buy a scooter, don’t think twice about this electric scooter with beautiful features.


Review of Apollo Explore – Specifications


34 miles / 54.71 km
29.9 mph / 48.11 kph
52v 18aH
dual 25.4 – 8 centimetres, pneumatic
Product weight
52.9lbs / 24 kg
Net Weight it can handle
264.55 lbs / 120 Kg



Apollo Explore Review
Apollo Explore Review


Summary of features

If you are in a hurry and want to know a little about a scooter in minimum time, here is the numerical summary of an electric scooter’s features.

Company: As the name says, the scooter is manufactured by Apollo.

Battery recharge timing: It takes around 8 hrs to charge the battery fully.

Weight: It weighs 24 kg(52.9lbs)

Folded dimension: 117*23*43 cm

Top speed: It can go up to 29.9 mph(48.11kph)

Battery capacity: 946Wh

Range: In a single charge, you can go up to 34 miles(54.71km) as per the official website, but to conform, we tested it. Unfortunately, it was around 28.1 miles(45.2km), which again is impressive.

Max rider weight: the maximum weight it can handle is 120 kg(264.55lbs).

Warranty: You get two years of warranty when buying. You can find more details on it down.


Quality and Design – Apollo Explore Review

  • Explore handlebar

Apollo Explore introduced this feature of handlebars, which is helpful and straightforward. The shape of handles is not as round as in scooters. It is still broad in form, having material on it, making it less slippery and firm grip. So that damage does not occur. It has two brake levers and a trigger-style throttle.

The digital luminous LCD is present at the rider’s perfect eye position. The necessary pieces of information are displayed as speed, battery charging percentage, height, and odometer. This will help the rider to change position, velocity, or regenerate break style.

The throttle is of a thumb style, not a trigger, and it is just for the rider’s safety as the trigger can hurt the hand. Therefore the thumb throttle is a safe and straightforward feature.

Quality and Design - Apollo Explore
Quality and Design – Apollo Explore


  • Tires

Apollo Explore tires are wide and frictionless. The tires give you the safest ride in a light rain that will minimize the friction of rain and provide you with a smooth ride. Apollo tires are dual 25.4 – 8 centimeters, pneumatic. HOTA manufactures them.

The larger width of tires makes the ride stable, and the pneumatic feature saves from suspension. These tires have inner tubes and reduce the chances of getting dull, and protects from sudden accidents.

  • Portability

The portable feature of Apollo explore e-scooter makes it shine among usual scooters. Wherever you want to go, fold your scooter and carry it with you quickly.

There are two ways to fold the scooter. Apollo scooters can be folded into 117 cm by 23 cm by 43 cm package. It’s not an easy lifting thing due to its 24v kg weight, so a young rider must avoid lifting it many times.

The stem and handlebars of the scooter are contracted and ready for packaging. Due to this packaging, its shipping and delivery are easy and plausible.

  • Deck

Just like comfortable seats are the main requirement for cars, the deck has the utmost importance in the scooter. In an e-scooter, the rider has to stay for a long time when riding. Therefore the scooter’s deck should be non-slippery and comfortable.

Apollo explore introduces all these fantastic features in its scooters. The Explore has a spacious deck of 50.8 cm by 23.5 cm.

The Apollo explore has a 13.3 cm ground clearance deck. The height of the handlebar is adjustable according to the size of the rider. As the rider grows, he can adjust the handlebar accordingly. The deck to handlebar height is adjustable from 70.1 cm to 97.5 cm.

This long-range of size adjustability provides the long-term use of Apollo scooters, respective of rider size.

Performance of Apollo Explorer Electric Scooter
Performance of Apollo Explorer Electric Scooter


Performance of Apollo Explorer Electric Scooter

  • Speed and Power

As discussed above, the high-power battery is the main feature of this Apollo explore electric scooter. Its speed and direction angle is another significant part as it has a 31MPH (50)Km/H and climbs 20 degree inclines. This scooter is for adults and reaches 15 MPH in 3.5 seconds. This speed will give you a feel of a professional rider.

  • Maximum weight capacity

The max weight capacity of Apollo Explore is 120 kg(264.55lbs), which is good. However, if you are heavier than 120kg, this may not be the perfect option. Luckily, we have other options for you which you can find here.


Battery Life and Charging Time

  • Powerful battery

For the hill crushers, this e-scooter is a suitable item as it has a powerful battery that allows a long ride. It has a 52v 18aH battery and 1000W motor. This high power motor allows a high speed and saves time. The battery is powerful, and it takes 8 hours to charge fully.


Other information

  • Hill climbing

Those times had gone when scooters were for road riding. This is the adventurous time, and Apollo Explore is always there to introduce something trendy and exciting. This urban electric e-scooter has a dual spring suspension in the front with 10 inches air-filled tires making your ride smooth, fun, and safe. This scooter provides the hill-climbing of 60 m, 10% grade, with 74kg rider in just a 12-sec time range. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Acceleration and fast brake

This Apollo Explore fast braking system is splendid with a power bank battery with two disc brakes and a regen brake.

Disc brake functions are to create friction by compressing the handles against the rooter. In contrast, the regen brake is used to save the battery’s power.

It changes the kinetic energy into chemical energy, and when it stops, the electric scooter holds battery power. This safest brake system makes Explore the top of the list.

Its acceleration varies with speed (0 to 40 km/h) to time which ranges (3.5 sec to 9.6 sec) respectively. And the braking distance of 0 to 24km/h within 3.3 meters.

Go where you want
Go where you want


  • Go where you want

Apollo is always there to surprise its customers by introducing a fantastic Apollo e-scooters time and again. Apollo Explore e-scooter is not specific for any place as it can run smoothly on straight roads and hills. A 52V 18.2aH battery can take you up to 34 miles(54.71km), which is very impressive.

  • Best quality ride

Explore is always taking care of you with all the exciting features. This scooter also has a self-set acceleration strength that can be switched and set according to your choice, speed, and pace.

You can find spring suspension in the scooter that is not too stiff, not too soft but is comfortable. The vast deck also provides a comfortable position to the rider for a long speedy ride in a standing position.

  • Glow where you go

The Apollo has some built-in lights, which show the presence of riders on the road. Lights are for the safety of riders and the beautification of the scooter.

These LED lights are present on the handlebars, tires, and on the deck. The lights present on the deck are optimal; it does not help the rider watch the front view clear. The light on the stem is a reflector. They all show your presence on the road. Apollo suggests you have some additional lights on the front side that help you see the road’s front view while driving in the night.

  • Some inbuilt features

There are some inbuilt features in Apollo explore which you should know. Handles present in the scooter itself retighten in a long ride. If you are on a long ride, then the scooter has automatic adjustable features without providing you with any tension.

The Apollo has a resistivity to save the tires from damage and safe ride in the water. It has an IP rating of IP54 water resistance. However, If any damage occurs on the scooter through water, it will not cover as it is not waterproof. Only tires have water resistance.

Some inbuilt features
Some inbuilt features


  • Price of Apollo Explore

The price of the Apollo Explore -New Urban electric Scooter is $1,249.

  • Shipment of Apollo explores

Apollo is a trustworthy franchise with the fastest shipment all over the world. Apollo pays the shipping fee if there is any issue within one year if they need to return the scooter to fix it.

  • Warranty of Apollo Explore

Any business or website must build trust. Apollo is also winning the game on this matter as this fantastic featured scooter has a two-year (24 months) warranty.

The terms of the warranty are not the same in the two years, but you will find it valuable to read it generously.

First-year warranty conditions:

  • All manufacturing defects are fully covered. If any tool has to change, then there are no labor charges, only charges of that part.
  • If there is a need to send the product back, Apollo will pay the shipment charge.
  • A local mechanic can correct unaffected damage and break.

Second-year warranty conditions:

  • Only labor cost is free for any exchange, manufacture defects, and wear and tear. All fees will, including shipping costs if necessary, be paid by the customer.
Apollo Explore Review - Pros and Cons
Apollo Explore Review – Pros and Cons

Apollo Explore Review – Pros and Cons


  • It is super fast
  • The range is extremely impressive
  • Regenerative braking and nice colored lights
  • Great stability even in high speed


  • Front headlight is a little dull. It could have been brighter.
  • It gets hard to check the display in sunlight.


Comparison – Apollo Explore Vs Zero 9

Range: The range of Apollo Explore is 59km and Zero 9 is 45km.

Top speed: Apollo Explore can go up to 49km/h while Zero 9 goes up to 45km/h

Maximum weight:  The max weight Apollo Explore can carry is 260.15 lb and Zero 9 can carry up to 218.26 lb

Color choice: Apollo Explore only comes in one color which is black while Zero 9 has 3 options of black, red and silver

Water resistance: Apollo Explore has IP54 water resistance and Zero 9 has none.

Motor: Apollo Explore has 1000 w motor and Zero 9 has 600 w

Tires and brake: Both scooters have Pneumatic tires and Disc brake

Battery: Apollo Explore has a 946 Wh battery and Zero 9 has 624 Wh battery.

Pricing: The price of Apollo Explore is $1,249 but usually they have a sale on $1,149 and Zero 9 costs $1099


Who wins this e-scooter battle?

As you can see the clear winner here is Apollo Explore and there is not much price difference as well.


Comparison – Apollo Explore Vs Apollo City

Range: The range of Apollo Explore is 59km and Apollo City is 45km

Top speed: Apollo Explore can go up to 49km/h while Apollo City can go up to 45km/h

Maximum weight:  Both scooters maximum capacity is 260.15 lb

Color choice: Apollo Explore and Apollo City only comes in one color which is black

Water resistance: Both scooters come with IP54 water resistance

Motor: Apollo Explore has 1000 w motor and Apollo City has 600 w

Tires and brake: Both scooters have Pneumatic tires and Disc brake

Battery: Apollo Explore has a 946 Wh battery and Apollo City has 634 Wh battery.

Pricing: The price of Apollo Explore is $1,249 but usually they have a sale on $1,149 and Apollo City costs $999


Who wins this e-scooter battle?

Again here Apollo Explore wins the battle against Apollo City.


Apollo Explore Review – Conclusion

In short, Apollo explorers introduced the best-featured scooter for their customers. All the features of the scooter are fantastic. The Deck width and stability is impressive. The handlebar is easy to adjust, and the tires, brakes, lights, and all other features are splendid.

The weight-bearing standards are also excellent, but the scooter’s weight is higher than other scooters to avoid uplifting the scooter. A must buy e-scooter for an adventure loving person.