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Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter review

Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter review – Great for Kids

Electric Scooters delights everyone from young to old. In today’s world, we are overwhelmed by so many options and choices, which generally makes it difficult to choose the right one. When it comes to choosing one for young riders, the options can get a bit tricky. With so many brands to choose from, buying one is a challenge for younger kids. Viro Rides VR 550E Electric Scooter is every kid’s dream come true. This scooter is perfect for the first scooter and can be a child’s association to have the best childhood memories. Whether to flaunt in the park or in the front yard or indoors, Viro Rides is a perfect fit. Today we will analyze the Viro electric scooter in this review and see if it should be on your buying list or not.

The Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter review will help you check the specifications on various frontiers like weight, handling, and performance. This Viro Rides review will help you decide if this aligns with your needs. At the end of this VR 550e electric scooter review, we will also present our verdict on the VR550 electric scooter in the concluding session. The review is based on different parameters and specifications, which include quality, design, and performance.

What will we talk about in the Viro VR 550e electric scooter review?

The Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter review will mostly cover the most critical features like the brake, motors, weight, dimensions, tires, frames, speed, and batteries. Suppose you are serious about buying one Viro 550e. In that case, you should discover different features, pros, and cons of the electric scooter. Understanding this will help make sure to know what you are getting into.


Review of Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter

The first part of the Viro rides VR 550e review will discuss building structure and features if you are absurd about these small details and better understand the electric scooter. In this case, this review will help you understand the features in detail. The VR 550E is made reliable for kids and teenagers, ensuring all the needs. For beginner riders, the scooter is designed by keeping user-friendly needs in mind, and all the safety features are intact. The red button is a self-start button, which, when pressed, starts the scooter.

Specifications of Viro rides VR 550e Electric Scooter

6 Miles / 9.6 km
10 mph / 16.09 km/h
100W DC motor embedded with a chain drive
12V 7Ah SLA battery
175 mm in diameter
Product weight
26 lb / 12 kgs
Net Weight it can handle
120 lb (54.4kg)



Quality and design of Viro rides VR 550e
Quality and design of Viro rides VR 550e

Quality and design of Viro rides VR 550e

  • Designs

The Viro 550E comes in different colors and designs. The street-themed scooter is artistic, catchy, and aesthetically sound and comes in different choices-blue, green, or graffiti.

  • Weight

The weight is light, which makes a Viro 550E an excellent choice for kids. The total weight of the scooter is 29 pounds, which is roughly around 13 kilograms. This makes the Viro scooter a breezy scooter and super easy to carry around.

  • Load

The scooter can carry a load of about 120 pounds(54.4kg). The weight is appropriate for a scooter to carry when it comes to kids and teenagers. Teenagers around 50 kgs in weight can smoothly ride the scooter, and the scooter effortlessly supports the weight.

  • Portability

The scooter is extremely portable. It weighs about just 13 kgs. It’s easy to transport to the parks or carry to open spaces where a kid can play around. This is what makes this electric scooter better compared to the other ones. The scooter fits in your car.

  • Material

The scooter is industrially designed. The lightweight frame and material of the scooter are aluminum. The frame is made out of steel.

  • Handlebar

The handlebar is stiff and comfortable to hold. The grip is natural and genuine at all times. A powerful aspect of the handlebars is that they are adjustable. The total height of the handle is around 36″.

  • Lights

Viro Rides Scooter is packed with the LED running lights with a cool ground effect. The beautiful and bright lights give a fancy and stylish look and are always on.

  • Kickstand

The electric scooter comes with a kickstand. The scooter looks imposing and majestic with the kickstand, and it helps to park while you charge. Kids don’t have to lose it while charging, and this increases the lifespan of the scooter.

  • Dimension

The dimension of the scooter is around 14.4 Inches (L), 36.2 Inches (H) x 36.7 Inches (W).

Performance of Viro rides VR 550e
Performance of Viro rides VR 550e

Performance of Viro rides VR 550e

  • Speed

One thing that should be looked upon clearly is speed. Speed should be something to check before buying a scooter. Viro Electric Scooter can reach a reasonable pace of 10 miles per hour(16.09km/h). The speed is suitable for any teenager who wants to drive around.

  • Range

The Viro 550E scooter covers a balanced range of about 6 miles when fully charged. It is a good range for indoor and park play.

  • Motor

The motor is a crucial component of the electric scooter. Viro 550E uses an electric motor of 100W DC motor embedded with a chain drive. The engine is not exposed and can be considered a safety feature. The majority of people who buy Viro 550E have endorsed that the motor is safe and reliable.

  • Wheels

The number of wheels is two, with around 175 mm in diameter. The tires are made up of polyurethane. They are big and help to navigate through rough terrain, cracks, and bumpers smoothly. The wheels do not need any inflation and save you from the extra hassle of checking the tire condition time and again.

  • Brake

If you are buying for a child, then you should be careful about the brake system. The brakes are hand-activated rear brakes, which is strong and powerful for optimal braking performance. The brakes are attached to the handles to the left.

Battery and charging time
Battery and charging time

Battery and charging time

  • Battery

Viro rides VR 550e has a great battery. It has one non-universal lead-acid battery, which is under the footplate. The rechargeable battery makes Viro 550E simple to recharge and choose different drive options.

  • Charging Time

One thing many people look at is charging. The charging time is around 12 hours for the Viro Rides VR scooter. The scooter can be left overnight for charging, and it is good to go on the ride the next day.

  • Battery Life

The battery life is around 40 minutes. This is an excellent opportunity to make an enjoyable time for a kid to enjoy the ride in the park or open space. If you ride the scooter and the battery runs out, it is still possible to ride like a standard scooter.

  • Charger

Every Viro VR 550E scooter comes with a charger. The charger is easy to use and charges the battery in the scooter quickly. Charging cables indicates whether the scooter is charging or not.

Viro rides VR 550e Red
Viro rides VR 550e Red

Other information

  • Age limit

Kids can ride the scooter from age eight years and older. The scooter is the right choice for all types of kids.

  • Support and Warranty

The scooter comes with a buffer time of 3 months warranty. In the 90 days, any manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. The scooter is UL certified, which means they undergo rigorous quality checks and safety checks before they sell it. You don’t have to worry about technical problems for 90 days after buying a brand new Viro Rides VR 550E electric scooter for the kids.

  • Pricing

The price is economical for what it has to offer. It is durable and appealing to children, and for about $139, the scooter does wonders. As per my opinion, Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter is an affordable scooter.

  • DIY

The scooter needs to be set up after you unbox them. The setup is done with an adult and is a bonding process with a scooter in a do-it-yourself way. The box comes with assembly setup tools and pieces.

Assembly Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter
Assembly Viro rides VR 550e electric scooter

Pros and Cons of Viro ride VR 550e


  • The good thing about the scooter is the brakes, which are abrupt and robust.
  • The motor and chain are enclosed and covered. This ensures the safety and durability of young people in mind.
  • The tires are durable and big. They are non-inflatable.
  • The charger is easy to use and charges the battery.


  • The charge time is 12 hours, which is still long.
  • The ride time is 40 minutes, which is okay for a single kid but can be challenging if kids take turns to play.
  • The scooter is 12 kgs, which might be difficult for kids to carry around.


Questions and answers

Do you have to push start this, or does it take off with the push of a button?

If you are riding the scooter on battery, what you can do is you can push to start. However, suppose you are using a rechargeable battery. In that case, the scooter on the battery starts when you press a throttle button attached to the handle. The scooter is convenient to use by any kid and teenager and is super easy to spring and drive.

Can we ride the scooter on the gravel road?

We can. We can ride the scooter on the gravel road, but the scooter gives a better riding experience on the smooth surfaces. We do not recommend riding the scooter in the rain or wet surfaces.

Can we fold the handlebar while transporting?

The answer is no. The aluminum and steel framed body of the Viro 550E scooter are tightly joined, and you cannot fold it. This is done targeting younger kids and scooter size.

What should be kept in mind when riding the Viro Scooter?

Remember that the scooter is for young riders, kids, and teenagers above eight years. While riding the scooter, it is essential to wear a good quality helmet. The helmet helps to ensure your protection from any possible accidents or injuries.



The Viro Rides VR 550E scooter is for kids and teenagers. With great design and quality, easy to assemble features, Viro Rides is an artistic electric scooter. The range and speed are optimal. Something worth mentioning, the brakes and light ensure safety. Please use the scooter with your helmets on. The scooter offers the best kids’ experience and is affordable to buy.