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Razor e200 electric scooter review

Razor E200 electric scooter review – Worth the money?

Have you thought of buying a Razor e200 electric scooter? Good choice. Do you want to know if it’s the right choice? We all have lots of questions. Is it budget-friendly? Can I ride it in my country? Does it have a good battery? And it goes and goes. To make it easy to decide when buying Razor e200 electric scooter, we have come up with this blog. Today, we will explain all the necessary details you need to know before buying it. Let us start Razor e200 electric scooter review.

Before I start this blog, it is necessary to know that this scooter is designed for kids and is not suitable for adults.

Review of Razor E200 electric scooter

Is this electric scooter ideal for you?

Razor e200 is an excellent option for kids above 12. Both boys and girls can ride this electric scooter without any difficulty. I have bought this scooter for my 13-year-old kid, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The removable seats in Razor e200 electric scooter make the whole ride fun. Your kid can ride both by sitting and standing. Also, kids can ride this scooter to school or any other place.


Specifications of Razor E200 electric scooter

Up to 40 minutes
12 mph (19 km/h)
200 watt
5800 mAh
Product weight
38.17 lbs (17 kg)
Net Weight it can handle
154 lbs (70 kg)




Razor e200 electric scooter review
Razor e200 electric scooter review


Specifications of the Razor E200

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go through the whole blog, then here’s a short specification of this scooter. Even though I recommend reading the blog fully to grasp more ideas, the short specification will give you some concept of the Razor E200 scooter.

Age: The scooter is suitable for kids above 8.

Motor: It has a 200-watt, high-torque, impressive chain-driven engine, considering it is designed for kids.

Handlebars: Height 25″ (647 mm), width 16″ (420 mm). The handlebars are of great size. It’s neither too small nor too big. The kids will not have any problem with handlebar size.

Throttle: Razor E200 has a Twist-grip throttle.

Brake: The brake is Hand-operated and regulates real wheels.

Grips: It has soft rubber grips

Tires: 8″ (200 mm),pneumatic

Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid



  • The scooter designed for kids above age 13 is equipped with its full-size deck and unique structure.
  • It is empowered with a 200-watt, powerful energy, exceptional speed, chain-driven motor that ensures an exciting ride. You can ride up to 12 mph (19 km/h)
  • You can thoroughly ride up to 40 minutes in a single charge. Thanks to a rechargeable 24V sealed lead acid battery model.
  • Razor e200 is easy to ride even on a broken, rocky, and uneven surface as it has an all-steel frame and fork for a stable ride.
  • 8″ (200 mm), pneumatic front and rear tires ensure a fun and smooth ride.
  • The Razor e200 electric scooter’s further highlights are twist-grip acceleration control, rear brake, and compatible kickstand.


Quality and Design of Razor E200

Even if the electric scooter is not too expensive, we expect it to be well designed and made with quality material. And our expectation is valid unless the e-scooter costs $20. As Razor e200 costs $239, we expect it to be good. So let us look at its quality and design.

  • Wheels

The Razor e200 has 8″ pneumatic tires. The tendency to withstand the terrain’s irregularity is among the most significant advantages of using pneumatic tires. These tires ensure a comfortable ride, with less shaking with bouncing. Also, pneumatic tires are more enduring and easily replaceable.

  • Weight

The weight of the Razor e200 electric scooter is 38.17 lbs (17 kg) without a seat. This is not the lightest scooter found in the market, but unfortunately, most of the kid’s electric scooter weighs similar. I think most kids electric scooters are heavy to create better stability.

  • Height of Razor e200 electric scooter

The height of the Razor e200 electric scooter is 42 inches (1.0668 m). The size is not large and is a perfect height for kid’s e-scooters.

  • Kickstand

Razor e200 has a movable kickstand that is extremely useful when parking. Also, the kickstand makes it easier for you to charge the scooter.

  • Removable seat

It is beautiful to have an electric scooter to attach the seat and remove it when you want. We don’t always want to ride standing but enjoy the ride sitting. And keeping this in mind, Razor e200 electric scooter features a removable seat. Now your kid can ride the e-scooter while sitting.


Performance of Razor E200 electric scooter.

It is essential to know the performance of an e-scooter before you buy it. How well does it perform? What is its top speed, and how long can it go on a single charge? And lots of other things. Let us go through it in this Review of Razor E200.

Performance of Razor e200 electric scooter.
Performance of Razor e200 electric scooter.

  • Top speed

How fast can a Razor e200 electric scooter be? The scooter must not go too slow. Since it’s a kid’s scooter, we also don’t want it to be too fast. And Razor e200 has an ideal speed. It can go up to Up to 12 mph (19 km/h).

  • Motor power

Motor power denotes how long the scooter can travel. Many countries restrict the scooter with more than 250 w motors, so it is a good idea to know the motor rules for e-scooter in your country. But luckily Razor e200 has a 200w motor, and your kid can ride it without any problem.

  • Maximum weight capacity

What is the maximum weight it can carry? Even if it’s a kids’ scooter, we don’t want the weight capacity to be more limited. It is good if the scooter has at least 50-70 kg weight capacity to be suitable for most kids. Razor e200 electric scooter has a weighing capacity of 154 lbs (70 kg). As the scooter is intended for kids’ i consider it a reasonably good weight capacity.


Battery and charging

It is crucial to know everything about battery and charging before you go to buy an electric scooter. How fast does the scooter charge? How is the battery? Does the battery last longer? Etc. You don’t want to get an e-scooter with inadequate battery capacity and prolonged charging.

  • Battery Life

Once you fully charge the battery, you will be able to ride it for at least 40 minutes. If you ride it properly with care, it may go up to 2 hrs. Also, battery life ultimately depends on the weight of the rider. The less you weigh, the more time you can ride. Apart from the weight, another factor that plays a significant role in battery life is the climate and the place you ride.

But 40 minutes is a good time for kids as we all know they get bored quickly and want to switch to other activities even before the battery runs out.

Razor e200


  • Charging Time & Battery Charger

How long does it take to charge the battery? The one thing I am not satisfied with the Razor e200 is the amount of time it takes to recharge the battery entirely from zero. It almost takes 12 hrs to charge the battery fully.

If you are buying this scooter, you want to remember not to overcharge it as the battery quickly gets damaged. Don’t charge more than 12 hrs and wait until the battery gets extremely low before you recharge it. Doing this will ensure that your battery lasts long.


Other Information

  • Expenses

Even though the scooter is cheaper, the expenses may get higher from the electricity bill. Before buying Razor e200 electric scooter or any other scooter, you need to know that you will get an extra bill for charging. It takes a long time to recharge. Therefore it’s a good idea to charge it in public places to reduce the electricity bill.

  • Age

As I said in the beginning, Razor e200 electric scooter is for kids above 13. As lots of kids below that age may not be able to reach the handlebars properly. But many parents with taller kids let them drive if they are 9 yrs old and can grasp the handlebars and use the brake properly.

  • Assembly

Do I need to assemble it when I buy it? How hard is it to build from parts? Many questions arise when buying e-scooters. But luckily, Razor e200 electric scooter needs a minimal assembly that will be fun to do with your kids. The only thing you need to do is add the handlebar, pump up the tires, and connect the seat.

  • Terrain

Razor e200 electric scooter is an excellent option if you live near country roads, farms, and fields and near gravel roads. The scooter can efficiently work on grass and dirt roads.

  • Safety

When it comes to electric scooters or any other vehicle, safety should be your main priority. You should always question if the scooter is safe to ride. So is Razor e200 electric scooter safe to ride? Yes. It is a powerful scooter with pneumatic tires that ensures excellent stability. Also, The deck is comparatively expensive, which makes balancing much more comfortable.

This scooters’ dimension is perfect, which makes it easier for kids to reach handlebars and ride safely. Brakes play an essential role in scooters’ safety, and Razor e200 electric scooter has a brake in the perfect place.

However, it would be best if you were still careful when riding an e-scooter. Wear a helmet and practice riding in a safe place, for example, inside house areas, before you take it on roads.

  • Guarantee

I always look for a guarantee when I buy an e-scooter. I usually look for a warranty of at least six months – two years depending on the price. Unfortunately, Razor e200 electric scooter only provides a 90 days warranty, which is less than what I look at the e-scooters.

Razor e200 electric scooter
Razor e200 electric scooter


  • Does my child need to kickoff before riding Razor’s e200 electric scooter?

Unlike Razor 100 and 150, you don’t need to kickoff Razor’s E200 before riding. The automatic feature in it lets you drive without having to kick off the scooter. The scooter will start automatically, and you will be able to ride it easily.

  • Pricing

Razor E200 electric scooter is not only a powerful scooter but a budget-friendly scooter. You can get it for $239 from amazon. Sometimes it’s even cheaper in the sale.


Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review – Pros and Cons


When you buy something, it has both cons and pros. And just like any other e-scooters, Razor e200 electric scooter review has its pros and cons. Here we describe its pros and cons of Razor e200.


  • It has a top speed of 12 MPH (19 KPH)
  • Safety gear is included when buying the scooter.
  • Rides smoothly on terrains
  • Pneumatic tires that make your ride comfortable and smooth.
  • A rear brake that you can apply with your hand.
  • Razor e200 can carry up to 70 kg.
  • It has twist-grip acceleration control, movable kickstand.
  • Ease to remove the seat.


  • It takes almost 12 hrs to charge fully
  • You can’t fold it
  • Razor e200 electric scooter only has 90 days warranty.


Razor e200 Questions and answers
Razor e200 Questions and answers


Razor E200 – Questions and answers

How does the warranty work?

The warranty is for 90 days, and you need a valid receipt to claim the warranty. If you lose the receipt, it will get tough to claim it, so make sure you store it safely.

Can you ride it in the rain?

Since the warranty does not cover water damage, it would be best to be careful with water and not ride in the rain. Even the manual says not to ride on rain as it may damage the battery.

Are the handlebars adjustable?

I know this would be great to have adjustable handlebars to use even when the child grows taller. Unfortunately, Razor e200 electric scooters handlebars are not adjustable.


Do I recommend buying a Razor e200 electric scooter?

Apart from not so good warranty, i still recommend this scooter to everyone looking for a good design and a quality e-scooter. As the scooter is equipped with lots of safety features, there’s no doubt it is an ideal option for kids.



Razor e200 electric scooter is a powerful scooter built with quality material and great design. The safety of the scooter is top-notch, and kids will indeed have fun riding it. Let’s hope that our Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review helped with your decision.