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Megawheels s10 electric scooter review

Megawheels s10 electric scooter review

Electric scooters are a new trend. Many people like riding an electric scooter. It is easy, cheaper, and you do not need a license to ride, unlike regular scooters. Not only that, but electric scooters are extremely fun to ride and are an excellent option for a shorter and medium distance ride. Many companies make an electric scooter, and one of them is the MegaWheel. This company produces a budget-friendly and quality scooter. Maybe you want to buy Megawheels s10 electric scooter because of its quality and the price range, but not sure if it is the right choice. We all like to know the review of the things that we will buy to make sure we don’t buy something that is not worth purchasing. Therefore today, in this blog, we will provide you a detailed Megawheels s10 electric scooter review.


Review of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

Extremely convenient to carry, affordable price, and made with excellent quality material, Megawheels s10 electric scooter is a perfect option for both adults and teens. With its high-capacity motor and battery life, this electric scooter is something you should consider buying. Now let us proceed to a detailed review.

Specifications of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

17-22 K,
25 Km/h
250 watt
7500 mAh
Product weight
12.11 Kg
Net Weight it can handle
220 lbs




Megawheels s10 electric scooter review
Megawheels s10 electric scooter review

Quality and design of Megawheels s10

Megawheels s10 electric scooter comes with a 1-year guarantee. 1-year guarantee solely says that they used the most high-quality material to make this scooter. The quality and design of the s10 are fantastic. You get the international highest safety standards reports when buying Megawheels s10 electric scooter. Not many electric scooters can pass this safety test.

  • Battery life

Battery life
Battery life

Megawheels s10 electric scooter has a 7500 mAh extended battery life. With this battery capacity, you will be able to go up to 25km of travel range.

  • Speed

When it comes to an electric scooter, speed plays an important role. We don’t want it to be too slow or too fast. Megawheels s10 electric scooter can travel up to 25km/h at max.

You can find this speed on most electric scooters. Many countries do not permit the electric scooter with a max speed of more than 25km/h.

  • Handlebars

Neither too short nor too long, MegaWheels s10 has a thin and polished handlebar. The smoothness of handlebars makes your ride fun and easy.

The handlebar consists of three main controllers. Precise display date of your ride, brake button, which is on the left side, and the push accelerator on the right. Also, the control system on the handlebar is straightforward and convenient to use.

  • Brakes

Megawheels s10 electric scooter has a dual brake system. The front-wheel consists of an electric brake, and the rear wheel includes a classic rear foot brake. You can apply the electric brake by launching the brake-button on the handlebar.

  • Safety

Megawheels s10 electric scooter is approved with international highest safety standards. UL2272, Eu certification guarantee certifies this scooter. Also, it has an MSDS/UN38.3 and UL2271 safety of the battery. This means that you don’t have to worry about safety issues regarding Megawheels s10 electric scooter.

  • Portable design

The smooth MegaWheels s10 is built from aerospace-grade aluminum, which weighs 12.11 kg. It can carry a weight of max 100kg. Since the scooter is foldable, you can fit it in almost any car trunk and most other places.

  • Tires

The scooter has two solid tires that need no maintenance. It does not puncture easily—not requiring maintenance saves you some money, which usually goes on the maintenance of tires.

  • Kickstand

Nowadays, many people don’t buy electric scooters without a kickstand as it gets harder to park scooters without a kickstand. And fortunately, Megawheels s10 electric scooter has a compatible kickstand. Not only is kickstand useful for parking and charging, but it also prevents damage and scratches.


Warranty of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

An electric scooter must have a warranty. If an electric scooter does not have a warranty while buying, it is likely not made with quality materials. No guarantee electric scooters are not worth buying. But, s10 electric scooter has a 1-year guarantee. The guarantee is for wheel hub motor, battery, and lots of other issues. Make sure to contact the seller in case of any problem.


Assembling Megawheels s10 electric scooter

Assembling Megawheels s10 electric scooter
Assembling Megawheels s10 electric scooter

When buying Megawheels s10 electric scooter, you don’t have to worry about the assembling part. It mostly comes assembled. You need to assemble some small parts, which will not take more than 10 minutes. Bigger things like tires are already installed and don’t require any maintenance before using. It is also too light in weight, so you don’t have to work hard to compile it if needed.

Note: Make sure to fully charge the Megawheels s10 electric scooter before taking it for a ride. I know you will be too excited to try it, but it’s worth waiting a few more hours and charging it thoroughly before the ride.


Performance of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

Regarding the performance, Megawheels s10 electric scooter is competitive against lots of other electric scooters. It has a 250-watt motor that lets you go through 15.5 miles per hour. Of course, it’s not super-fast, but neither can you say it slow. Many other electric scooters are faster than this but come with a too high price. In this price range, i can’t complain about its speed.


MegaWheels S10 spare parts & accessories

Not many companies provide a replacement part. You need to buy a completely new scooter if something happens to it. But with MegaWheels, you can purchase spare parts that are as good as the original parts fitted in it. All these spare parts, like replacement brakes, handlebars, gas-feed, wheels, tubing, and many other components, are legitimate and easy to replace.

You can find all the spare parts and accessories on their official website.


Pros and Cons of Megawheels s10


Pros of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

  1. The solid tires present in Megawheels s10 electric scooter makes your ride smooth and safe.
  2. Lightweight and portable design
  3. It comes up with a 12-month warranty.
  4. It is easy to control and maintain the Megawheels s10 electric scooter.
  5. Zero-emission and eco-friendly.
  6. Safe to ride. This scooter has passed the safety standard test.
  7. It is easy to raise and lower the handlebar. Also, it is simple to carry.
  8. It is foldable. Foldable scooters are easy to pack and take in public transportation.

Cons of Megawheels s10 electric scooter

  1. You feel bumps in the road while riding, mostly when you ride on top speed.
  2. I feel like 25 km/h is not a decent speed, especially for those who like riding fast.
  3. It is slightly harder to ride on rough terrains and uphill.




Megawheels s10 Questions and answers
Megawheels s10 Questions and answers

Megawheels s10 Questions and answers


What is the price of Megawheels s10 electric scooter?

MegaWheels s10 is not expensive. It costs around $300, and at this price, this electric scooter is worth buying.

How much does this scooter weigh?

It weighs 12.11 kg.

How long does it take for a full battery charge?

It takes around 4 hours for a full charge.

Can I ride Megawheels s10 electric scooter in the rain?

You can ride it in on light rain, but if possible do not ride in heavy rain. Why I am saying this is because it is water-resistant but not waterproof.

Can I use it as a kick scooter in case the battery goes down?

As this scooter is a lightweight electric scooter, you can use it as a kick scooter if the battery goes down.

How much does the replacement battery cost?

Usually, the battery lasts for almost 1000+ charges. And after that, if you want to replace the battery, it would cost you around $150.

How to power off the scooter?

Some people get confused when turning off the scooter for the first time, so it’s good to know about turning it off. You need to push the on-off button for 3-5 seconds, and the scooter will turn off.

Can i connect this scooter with my smartphone?

Unfortunately, Megawheels s10 electric scooter does not have any app that supports smartphone connection. Maybe their upgraded scooter will add this feature in the future.

Do I get the charger while buying this scooter?

Yes, the package includes the charger. You don’t have to buy it separately.



Megawheels s10 electric scooter is an affordable electric scooter that comes up with lots of features. It is built with high-quality material, needs no maintenance, and has solid tires that don’t puncture. In the price range of $300, this is one of the best electric scooters you can buy. Even though it may not have a decent speed, 25km/h is already a suitable speed for most people. If you want a high-speed electric scooter, you may need to check the electric scooters in the price range of $800-$1200. If you are like me, who does not mind the 25km/h pace, you can get this electric scooter without much thought. Lets hope that our Megawheels s10 electric scooter review helped on your decision.