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In the current economic times, investing in a scooter is one of the ways of saving cash, because for one scooters don’t use a lot of gas. And even better is that in the Anno Domini era, the world is going green and we, therefore, have the electric scooters, which apart from being cost-efficient in terms of use, their manufacture does not consume a lot of energy.

A scooter, when compared to a car, is versatile in utilization, because it can be used by both adults and kids and will have you crawl through traffic thus saving on time. What’s more, using a scooter does not involve a steep learning curve and you can be well on your way within a day. We, therefore, have different types of scooters.

The kick scooter

The first one is the kick scooter which is commonly known as a human-powered street vehicle that comprises of three parts, the wheels, the deck, and the handlebar. And for one to gain motion, the rider has to push it off the ground. These types of scooter are available even for much younger kids but with more wheels for stability and ease of use.

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The Electric kick scooter

We then have the Electric kick scooter, which is a stand-up scooter with an internal combustion engine; this type of scooter usually has a larger deck compared to the kick scooter from which the rider will stand. And please don’t confuse the electric kick scooter with the mobility scooters, because the latter is not made with wheels and allows propulsion.

The applications of the motorized kick scooters are diverse and are even adopted for security patrolling by the law enforcement agencies. People who don’t fancy walking over short distances then the kick scooters will be a great companion.

In a world that has become so congested with cars some of which are unroadworthy the scooter can be quite a savior just like the bicycle, because they utilize very little packing space, can facilitate easy transport over reasonable distances. What’s more, is that they don’t take a lot of packing space, are cheap compared to cars but might not be as convenient when It begins to rain.

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The Uber Scuuter

The uber scuuter is an electrical foldable type of scuuter, and can achieve speeds of up to 15 mph and covers up to 27 miles range per charge. The Scuuter can hold a maximum weight of up to 264 pounds and the only major disadvantage is that it is still in the metric system, a thing that makes speed monitoring a bit difficult.

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The moped

Mopeds come incorporated with both the motorcycle engine and pedals that are used for propulsion. Using them does not attract strict licensing when compared to cars and motorcycles, and they are also a bit faster than bicycles.

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Owning a scooter cannot be compared to owning a car first because scooters are a bit cold, thus cars are convenient when it is raining or when one is traveling far. Scooters, on the other hand, will work best on sunny days, can take you from point A to B and you will not experience parking problems, neither will you delay in traffic.

But there are some basic things that you have to consider before you purchase your scooter, and the first one is the cost and the purpose for which you intend to use it. The quality of the scooter should also justify its price, some scooters are highly-priced but made with poor quality materials and don’t have many relevant features.

Speed is also an important factor in a scooter, and different scooters have been equipped with different engine types that give them the power to cover a given speed. Some scooters are very fast and can allow you to travel far, for example, those that range between 500 and 800 ccs.

Maintenance cost is a very important factor; remember that with frequent use, your scooter is going to need maintenance to give you great service. And this also goes to some of its parts that might need replacing but all in all, it also depends on how well you care for your scooter. If you are too rough then it will be a write off in a matter of weeks.

Licensing, with regard to the type of scooter that you wish to adopt, you will need a license not for the kick scooter but for something like the moped. A license is proof that you are not going to cause unnecessary accidents on the road, lack of which you might find yourself behind bars or will have to part with a large sum of money that would be equivalent to the proposed jail time.

Protective clothing, scooter riding is so much fun, but don’t be drowned into the fun to the extent of forgetting to protect yourself. You will, therefore, need eye protection, this will prevent insects or other dust particles from entering your eye thus obstruct your vision. Wind also needs to be kept at bay so that you can get a clear sight of where you are going.

A helmet is to protect your head in case of an accident, the impact on your head when you hit the floor after falling off from a scooter can be detrimental to your health because remember scooters are rode on concrete floor or hard roads, so to be on the safe side protect your head with a helmet.

Gloves depending on the type of scooter that you are riding and the distance that you are going to cover then you might or might not need the gloves, the thing is during the summer months gloves are not really necessary but if it is winter and you want to use your scooter then you can get one with extra padding and insulation to prevent frostbite.

Long pants- reinforced jean pants are a good choice for the scooter riders because they are made of lightweight material and are also casual. For example, there is the REV’IT! Lombard 2 jeans that have incorporated the advanced moisture-wicking technology complete with a knee protection feature that has extra stitching, thus offers protection than your normal jean pants.

For the ladies, there is the Fly racing Women’s Fortress Jeans that have incorporated the Dupont Kevlar fiber panels that are also protective

Jackets and shirts– donning protective gear when riding your scooter is not only about safety but comfort, new scooter riders might not understand the necessity of adopting the right scooter apparel the reason you should keep reading. Bracing the wind while cruising on your scooter can get cold really fast and your chest will quickly turn into a buffet table filled with bug splats of every manner.

Therefore, you need to get a jacket that has been manufactured with top-grade synthetic textile and has been reinforced with a CE-approved armor. Some jackets have zippers installed all around the jacket for venting during summer and a reasonable waist length that prevents the dreaded ride-up.

There are also the leather riding shirts that offer more coverage than your average shirt, its design features a belt loop attachment that prevents ride-up. The shirts are also available for the ladies but specially designed to fit the female physique.

Insurance- the state laws require that you get a license for your scooter so that you can use it on the public roads. Coverage is highly dependent on the age of the driver, the type of scooter, and experience among other personal factors. So, when you decide to get the policy, adding passenger liability coverage would be very thoughtful.

Scooter speed

Scooters don’t move as first as motorbikes but you can always change that however, you will first need to have a valid license so that your insurance does not leave you out in the cold and to avoid trouble with the law. So if your scooter is a 50cc or a 49 cc there are several methods to increase their speed, for example, you could change the air filters, and replace them with the high-performance muffler exhaust pipes.

Alternatively, you could also modify your bike by getting rid of the excess weight, and here you will have to remove the parts that you don’t need but be careful to remove parts that are meant to protect you from injury. You can also have your carburetor finely attuned so that it doesn’t affect the acceleration speed, a condition that is catalyzed by the mixing of air and petrol thus preventing the engine from performing to its full power.

The above can, however, be avoided by removing the throttle opening restriction. There is also the option of mounting a spark plug to your scooter, which will make your bike move faster. Important to note is that you should ensure that you get an effective aftermarket spark plug. Another option is utilizing an unrestricted capacitor discharge ignition scooter that normally works on the ignition process of the bike.

Acquiring other high-performance scooter parts is the same as putting your life at risk, so to be on the safe side best you find ones that are of top quality. You can, therefore, invest in a high-performance upgrade kit that has been equipped with a variety of parts and turn your scooter into a high-speed machine.