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Megawheels s5 electric scooter review

Megawheels s5 Electric Scooter Review

Are you thinking about buying Megawheels s5 electric scooter? I know it’s hard to decide what electric scooter to buy as hundreds of e-scooters are available in the market. Even if we finally figure out what scooter to buy, lots of questions strike our mind. Is the e-scooter budget-friendly? Can I take this scooter to work? Is this scooter legal in my country? Or is it worth the price? We want to know the pros and cons, specifications, and features of a specific e-scooter before deciding to buy. And today, in this blog, we will talk about the detailed review of the Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

Review of Megawheels s5 electric scooter

Is this electric scooter ideal for you?

If this e-scooter is an ideal option for you or not solely depends on its specification and features. More than that, it depends on what you are looking for on e-scooters. Some people want cost-friendly, and they don’t want too many features. In contrast, others don’t mind the pricing but like lots of features.

But if you want an e-scooter with an elegant design and a smooth ride, megawheels s5 e-scooter may be an ideal option for you. Let’s find out.

Specifications of Megawheels s5 electric scooter

10 miles
15.5 MPH
250 watt
5800 mAh
Product weight
27.5 lbs
Net Weight it can handle
264 lbs




Megawheels s5 Electric Scooter Review
Megawheels s5 Electric Scooter Review

Quality and Design of Megawheels s5 e-scooter

Quality and design both play an essential role in e-scooters. Low quality with great design or excellent quality with a poor design is not something buyers want. We want an e-scooter that has a good design and built with quality material. First, let us talk about the quality and design of the megawheels s5 electric scooter.

  • Wheels

The diameter of the wheel in a Megawheels s5 is 8.5″. It is considerably large. These kinds of wheels provide better stability. Also, it features 8.5″ Pneumatic Tires. The Pneumatic Tires are shock-absorbing and non-slip, which makes your ride comfortable and safe.

  • Weight

The weight of megawheels s5 electric scooter is 27.5 lbs. This electric scooter is lightweight. You can take it easily from one place to another. Also, lightweight e-scooters are easy to take on public transportation. This scooter is lighter than Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite, Xiaomi Mi Scooter, and a little heavier than Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1.

  • Foldable design

Foldable design
Foldable design

One of the reasons why many people admire megawheels s5 is because of its foldable design. Foldable e-scooters are easy to carry and accessible when taking it on public transportation and crowded places. Also, you can efficiently store it in small areas considering the problems of space limitations.

  • Height of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

The height of Megawheels s5 electric scooter is 1.2 m. Usually, scooters with smaller sizes are better than larger height e-scooter. And s5 has a perfect size. Other scooters with similar height are Qiewa Q1 Hummer, Nanorobot D5+, Qiewa Q mini.

  • Front and Rear light

Front lights and rear lights are essential concerning safety. They brighten the road in front of you, and you will be noticeable to other riders. Megawheels s5 has a front light.

It is essential to buy an e-scooter with front and rear lights to avoid an accident. When approaching from behind, the rider will see you from the back reflector on the clutches or your helmet. Also, front and rear lights increase safety while driving, especially at night time.

  • Width

The width of Megawheels s5 electric scooter is 1.11 m. The width denotes the horizontal dimension of the product. A smaller width is better, as it is easy to move freely. Other scooters with similar widths are Boosted Rev, Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro, and Qiewa Q1 Hummer.


Performance of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

How does the scooter function? What is its top speed, motor power, battery, and charging, etc.? It is essential to know everything before you buy an e-scooter. So now, let us know the performance of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

  • Top speed

Performance of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.
Performance of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

What is the top speed? It is how fast a vehicle can travel within an hour. When buying an e-scooter, it is essential to know the maximum speed. You don’t want to buy a scooter that is extremely slow that you would better walk. Fortunately, Megawheels s5 has a fair pace. It can go up to 15.5 MPH(24.9 Km/H).

Even though it’s not a decent speed, especially for those riders who like riding extremely fast, this speed is enough for most people. Many countries restrict riding e.scooters faster than 15.5 MPH(24.9 Km/H).

Other e-scooters with similar max speed are Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1, GoTrax G2, and MegaWheels S1.

  • Motor power

The powerful the motor is, the faster the acceleration. Also, It allows the scooters to carry added weight and climb abrupter hills. Megawheels s5 electric scooter has a 250 w motor, which is pretty good. Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite, Xiaomi Mi Scooter, Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1, has a similar motor power. In many countries, e-scooters with more than 250 w motor power are forbidden to ride.

  • The climbing angle of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

A wider climbing angle signifies that the e-scooter can escalate steeper slopes. And, the climbing angle of the Megawheels s5 is around 20°. And another electric scooter in this climbing range is Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite.

  • Maximum weight capacity

Here, weight capacity means the max weight an e-scooter can carry. It is essential to know the weight capacity before buying the e-scooters, especially if you are heavy. You don’t want to purchase the e-scooters, which can’t even carry the weight of 70kg. Fortunately, Megawheels s5 can carry up to 264 lbs. Other e-scooters with similar weight capacity are Boosted rev and Glion Dolly.


Battery and charging

Battery and charging
Battery and charging

Does the battery last longer? How far can I go in a single charge? Does it take a whole day or a few hours for a full recharge? I got it. We all have these kinds of questions running through our minds while buying an e-scooter. Let us talk about details on the battery and charging of Megawheels s5 electric scooter.

  • Maximum distance per charge

How long can a MegaWheels S5 go a single charge? It is essential to know the max distance of the e-scooter. You would want to buy a scooter which has a good range in a single charge. Less travel range means you need to recharge the scooter frequently, and is not convenient to travel far. And Megawheels s5 can go up to 10 miles in a single charge.

As per the maximum speed, 10 miles is neither too good nor too bad. In this pricing range, it’s relatively OK.

  • Charging time

It is essential to understand the charging time of an e-scooter before you decide to purchase it. Some electric scooters can take up to 12 hrs to charge and go a longer distance, while some take a shorter time and can only go to a short distance.

Megawheels s5 electric scooter takes 4 hours to recharge fully. Other e-scooters that take a similar time to recharge are Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite, Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1, and Boosted rev.

  • Battery power

The higher battery power means a longer battery time. Megawheels s5 has 5800mAh battery power, which is good.


Pros and Cons of Megawheels s5



  • Great look with a sleek design
  • It is built with quality material.
  • It can carry a massive load of weight, which is very impressive.
  • Easily foldable design
  • Lightweight electric scooter. It only weighs 27.5 lbs.
  • Cost-effective e-scooter.
  • Decent brakes to ensure safety


  • There isn’t a LED display in s5.
  • It doesn’t have any smartphone app.
  • No guaranteed waterproof rating.
  • Only available in 1 color.




Megawheels s5 electric scooter is a budget-friendly scooter. If you want to buy an e-scooter that is cost-effective and has lots of useful features. Megawheels s5 is something you should consider. It only costs $349

Questions and answers
Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Does the scooter work if I change the standard tires with flat tires?

Unfortunately, the scooter will not work if you replace the regular tires with flat tires.

Are the Megawheels s5 waterproof?

There isn’t any official guarantee for waterproof. You shouldn’t have any problem riding in light rain. But it would be best if you were careful with heavy rain as it may damage the battery.

Does it have a mobile app?

The scooter doesn’t have a mobile app.

Do I need a license to ride this e-scooter?

The rules vary from place to place, so it is best to consult the local traffic management department, considering the e-scooter license rule.



Megawheels s5 electric scooter is a nice scooter that doesn’t cost too much. Many people can easily afford it as it is one of the cheapest scooters you can find in the market. It also has lots of great features that are suitable for many people.