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Hiboy max electric scooter Review

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review

Hiboy Max electric scooter is an affordable and well-designed adult electric scooter that has lots of unique features. Hiboy max is one of the best e-scooter for under $600 but is very underrated. They don’t market their product much compared to other giant companies. It is no doubt that you will love this scooter. Sometimes, even after having great features, the scooter may not be an ideal option for some of us because of its slow/highspeed, battery, design, etc. Therefore today, in this blog review, we will detail about Hiboy Max electric scooter.

We will talk about its specification, features, pros and cons, frequently asked questions, and many other essential things in the Hiboy MAX electric scooter review. At the end of this blog, you will be able to decide if this scooter is suitable for you or not.

Review of Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

Is this electric scooter ideal for you?

We all love the scooter with great design and quality. Hiboy max electric scooter is made with excellent quality material, and its design is incredible as well. The scooter has lots of unique features and aces the safety test. Speed and distance range is great; the braking system is impressive. It has an upgraded tracking system to check your scooter usage, which lots of scooters lack. Therefore, most people will love this scooter. Yet there will always be some people for whom the scooter may not be an ideal option for some reason. At the end of the blog, you will be able to know if the Hiboy Max electric scooter is a good option for you or not.


Specifications of Hiboy Max Electric Scooter

17 miles
18. 6 mph
350 W
Lithium-Ion 36V 7. 5Ah
8.5-inch solid tires
Product weight
34 lbs
Net Weight it can handle
220 lbs





Hiboy MAX electric scooter review
Hiboy MAX electric scooter review


Before we go further and talk about its features, battery, pros, and cons, and other things, let us talk about its specifications. The specification will give you a basic idea about the scooter. Also, suppose you don’t have time to go through the entire blog. In that case, you can just read the specification for a more limited understanding.

Age: The scooter is an adult scooter. Therefore only people above age 18 can use it. The motor of the Hiboy Max is potent, so the kids should not ride it. In some countries, kids above 16 can ride it with their parent’s permission.

Motor: Hiboy max features an upgraded 350 Watt motor that ensures a long-range, high-grade speed and better battery life.

Handlebar: When I first rode the scooter, I liked the handlebars of the Hiboy max. And still, I have no complaints about it. The handlebar is sleek and comfortable to hold. Handlebar plays a crucial role when riding as an uneasy handlebar can ruin your ride.

Brake: Hiboy max electric scooter has a dual braking system for better safety in emergencies. A hand brake in the right makes the scooter go slow while the left brake makes the scooter completely stop.


Features of Hiboy MAX

  • The scooter features 8-5 inch solid tires that don’t puncture.
  • It has double lights attached to the scooter.
  • You can fold the scooter with just one click. After folding the scooter, you can even carry it with one hand.
  • The front screen shows the current speed and battery.
  • Hiboy max has a dual braking system for added safety.
  • It has a lock into place feature that helps you from getting the scooter stolen.
  • The scooter also has a front shock absorber for a stable and comfortable ride.
Features of Hiboy max electric scooter
Features of Hiboy max electric scooter


Quality and Design of Hiboy Max

We want a scooter with a good design and does not get damaged as soon as you buy it. We want to ride it for at least 6-7 months without going through too many problems. As I said in the beginning, the quality and design of Hiboy Max are impressive. Now let us go through the Quality and Design of the Hiboy Max in detail for better understanding.

Tires: The scooter features rubber tires. Even though many people admire pneumatic tires, rubber tires are also great. One bad thing about rubber tires is they are not as stable as pneumatic tires. Therefore, it’s not a recommendation from our side to ride in the gravel.

Weight: Hiboy max weighs 34 lbs, which is not lightweight. But even if it’s not light, the foldable feature makes it easy to carry.

Kickstand: How can we forget about the kickstand when it comes to e-scooter. Either it’s when charging the scooter or parking, a kickstand is hugely beneficial.

Foldable design: Whenever we review the e-scooters, the foldable design comes under priority. It is because the foldable design makes the scooter easy to carry and fit in congested places. Also, foldable design makes a scooter easy to take on public transportation. Fortunately, Hiboy max electric scooter not only has a foldable design but a unique foldable design that you can fold in 1 click. Isn’t that amazing?


Performance of Hiboy MAX

Topspeed, range, maximum weight capacity decides the performance of e-scooters. How fast can they go? How long can you travel on the scooter? Let us proceed towards the performance of the Hiboy MAX.

  • Top speed

What is the top speed of the Hiboy max electric scooter? I know we will never buy an e-scooter without knowing its max speed, as it’s not fun to ride at a low pace. Hiboy max can go up to 18. 6 mph. The top speed of this scooter is outstanding, and it is better than its previous versions.

Performance of Hiboy MAX electric scooter

    Performance of Hiboy MAX
  • Range

How far can a Hiboy max electric scooter go in a single charge? Will I be able to take this scooter to work without having to charge it in the way? We don’t like the scooter with too low range. Hiboy max can go up to 17 miles, which is good enough for most people to take it to work, go to college, or have casual rides with friends and family.

  • Maximum weight capacity

Yes, we all want to know how much the scooter can carry? If you are a heavy person, it becomes more crucial to know the maximum weight the scooter can carry. Hiboy max weight capacity is around 220 lbs, which is good. Of course, it’s not the highest weight capacity scooter found in the market, but 220 lbs max weight is enough for most people.


Battery and charging

If you want to buy an e-scooter, it is good to know how the scooter performs in battery and charge. Does the battery charge fast? How long does it take to charge it fully? Let us talk about the battery and charging in our Hiboy max electric scooter review.

  • Battery Life

When you charge the battery to full, you can ride up to 17miles. The battery life is the same as the Hiboy s2 electric scooter. I wish they had a 30km distance in a single charge. However, 17miles in a single charge is already good.

Note: The range also depends on how the person rides it. Weather conditions, the rider’s weight, and the scooter state also significantly affect the maximum distance of the e-scooter.

  • Charging Time & Battery Charger

How can we forget about charging time when it comes to e-scooters. From past scooters we reviewed, some e-scooter took 4 hrs while other scooters took almost 12 hrs. What about the Hiboy max?

It takes around 4-6 hrs to charge the battery fully. Considering the range it can travel in a single charge, I am quite impressed with the charging time. You will rarely find an e-scooter that will charge in less than 4 hrs.

Note: If you want the battery to last longer, make sure you don’t overcharge it. Also, charge the scooter only when the battery status is low. Frequent charging can also cause the battery to damage fast.

  • Regenerative battery

We talked about the regenerative battery in the last review blog of the Hiboy S2 electric scooter. Both the Hiboy S2 and Max have a regenerative Battery. Regenerative battery indicates that the scooter can automatically charge and regenerate the battery when you ride the scooter on a downhill road.

Note: When the battery is full, do not ride it on the downhill road. Doing so may damage the battery.



There aren’t many expenses after you buy the e-scooter. Hiboy max electric scooter does not need much maintenance, so you don’t have to waste money on maintenance. Only the cost is the electricity bill which you can save by charging in public places if possible.



The scooter is intended for adults. Therefore you need to be above 18 to ride this scooter. Many countries forbid such powerful scooters to ride by kids. However, some states allow riding this e-scooter with parent’s permission. You can check the e-scooter rules for your country on the government’s official website.



No way we could forget to talk about safety when it comes to e-scooters. Safety should be everyone’s priority when buying a scooter or any vehicle. The previous version of Hiboy s2 was already a fantastic scooter with lots of amazing safety features, so let us look at Hiboy max electric scooter’s safety features.

It has an E-braking & Disc braking system that ensures both slow and fast braking. Disc braking is useful when you need to stop it immediately in emergency conditions. Not only this, but there is another safety feature called constant speed. With constant speed, you can ride a scooter at the same pace without worrying about over speed. Apart from it, the scooter also has three lights for clear vision at night time.

Note: Even if Hiboy max has excellent safety features, do not forget to wear a helmet when riding.

Hiboy MAX
Hiboy MAX



The scooter comes up with 30 days money back and 12 months warranty.

Note: The warranty only covers the technical problem. If your e-scooter gets stolen, the company will not provide another scooter. Also, the warranty does not cover the damage done by riders by not following their instructions.



The Hiboy max electric scooter costs around $399.The price is almost the same as S2, and both have similar features. For all the fantastic features the scooter has, this price is perfect.

Pros and Cons of Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review

Every e-scooters has its pros and cons. The same goes for Hiboy max electric scooter. Let us know about the pros and cons of the Hiboy max to understand it better.


  • Riding at night time is safer and comfortable with its three lights attached to the scooter. Also, the lights are brighter for better vision.
  • It features a dual braking system for a faster and safer brake.
  • You can go up to 17miles in a single charge.
  • Both the design and quality of a scooter is top-notch.
  • It has an app to see the speed, battery status, and track the ride.
  • You can easily fold the scooter with just one click.
  • The customer service is fantastic.


  • The scooter is a little heavy
  • You can’t adjust the height of the handlebar




In the conclusion of our Hiboy MAX electric scooter review, Hiboy max is a reliable e-scooter and will fit most people’s needs. The scooter has a superior design and is equipped with quality materials. Also, the reason why I like scooters is because of customer support. If you have any problems, they will, without delay, fix them. If they can’t fix the problem, you will get a new one.

Therefore, if you need an affordable scooter with great features. Hiboy max is probably the best option for you.  Read also the review of Hiboy S2.