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Electric scooter throttle not working – causes and fixes

Electric scooters are a great invention when it comes to movement within busy streets and cities. They are great for dashing to the café at lunch and going back to the office on time. However, scooters are prone to some common problems including: failure to start, running smoothly and then coming to a sudden stop, motor not engaging, and the throttle refusing to work. Each of these problems has their own fixes and solutions. In the following article we will discuss about electric scooter throttle not working and try to troubleshot and fix it.

How to FIX: Electric scooter throttle not working

Electric scooter has no power

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When your scooter fails to start due to lack of power, there could be a number of reasons for this. First, eliminate the obvious problem of undercharge or no charge by charging it to full. If this is done, move to the next step. Eject the top deck to reveal the wiring and inspect the internal components that include: battery, throttle, the controller and the brake lever. If the controller box is the one with an issue, get it fixed with your service dealer. The problem might be the switch and if it is, check whether the light and indicator light up when the scooter is at ‘on’. If the light does not come on, the switch or wiring inside it is damaged.

Electric scooter has limited power

You may notice that over time, the scooter runs for shorter time with a full charge. This isn’t surprising considering that rechargeable lithium ion batteries have a lifespan of about two years. This means that if you have used your scooter for this period, you may need to replace it. Another cause could be that the charger is defective. To confirm this, check the indicator light on the charge and if it does not light up, the battery isn’t charging. Consider installing a new battery. The battery power may have reduced to less than 60% which really affects the period of active use. You can test the battery using a voltmeter to see if the capacity is far much gone. Replace the battery if this is the case.

Electric Scooter is on but not running

Another common problem is that the scooter may be on but fails to run. There could be a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the fuse may be missing. The fuse is supposed to be installed in the fuse assembly. If the scooter fails to move when it is on or when connected to the charger, there is a high chance the fuse might be the problem. All you need to do is install the fuse that should have come with the electric scooter.

Another issue could be that the fuse is in bad condition. To check whether the fuse is bad, open the fuse holder using a screwdriver and remove the bad fuse. The bad fuse is observed by inspecting the wire inside the fuse. If the wire is broken, this is a bad fuse and needs to be replaced immediately. While at it, inspect the fuse holder for any breakages. If there are breakages or cracks, take the scooter to your service center and get the fuse holder replaced. Also check the wiring in the fuse assembly. Wires and connections get looser the more you ride the scooter. When this happens you will notice that the lights work but the scooter does not move. Make sure that the wires in the fuse holder are connected to the fuse assembly, control box and the battery.

Electric scooter accelerates but fails to stop

An electric scooter may experience failure to stop due to the following reasons: the throttle or control box or both are damaged. There is a high chance that this is the problem as previous cases have proven this. It usually happens when you turn on the ignition and the scooter moves without you pressing on the throttle. Check which of them the problem is and get it fixed immediately. If the scooter is off but still takes off, this means that the control box is damaged. Another indicator of this could be if the lights only work when the scooter is connected to the charger.

Troubleshooting the throttle

If the scooter is not running even when on, there is a high chance that the throttle could be damaged. To confirm for sure whether the throttle is the problem, you need to go through the following steps first.

Inspect the throttle

Take off the lead on the top deck and check to see of the wiring and connections are firm. You can go an extra step and gently tighten these connections. If there is something that looks melted, this means the throttle overheated and needs replacement. Inspection generally involves visual, smell and touch to determine where the problem might be

Check the battery and charger

Image for electric scooter battery

If the electric scooter is not running, the battery should be checked just to eliminate the possibility. If the battery is old, there is a high chance it could be the problem as its capacity has been reduced. Check the charger too to see if it is working. The charger can be tested by plugging it to a power source and look for indicator lights that may be on. The indicator may not light or start blinking and this indicates a problem with the charger. You can also use a multi meter and check the output voltage. If the output voltage is zero or below the said level, consider replacing the charger



The throttle is an important component in the operation of a scooter. and we created this article to fix electric scooter throttle not working. A problem with the throttle renders the scooter useless as it cannot be used. Always take your scooter for regular service and checkups with your brand’s service center.