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About Us

Owning a car in the 21st century is slowly becoming an age-old practice especially if you are living in the city, where commuting with a bike, scooter or trekking is a better option than driving. At scooter guide, we strive to provide you with current, relevant and reliable information on scooters. The topic of getting a reliable machine can be very tricky especially for new riders and that is why we provide you with an extensive well-researched guide on scooters.

There are different types of scooters some that can be used for long-distance travel and others that are meant for fun. To which end we have different types of kick scooters, one that is electrical and the other one that you have to use your legs to power, there is also the moped scooter that you can use if you want to go far or use it to commute to work.

The advantage of using the moped scooter is that you can easily weave through traffic, and you will not have trouble finding a parking spot. Kick scooters also come in kid’s model and apart from fun they do have some great health benefits, for example, they help improve motor skills, and kids can also exercise while having fun at the same time.

And for the adults, by adopting a kick scooter, you will be able to save on gas while running small errands like going to the grocery store. Our mission, therefore, is to ensure that you spend more time outside and not get tied up on your computer screens, phones or tablets. Riding a scooter is not just about having fun because there are some safety guidelines to be observed.

Such as adopting the right type of safety gear, and this includes helmets, gloves, jackets, pants and the right riding boots. For kids, you have to get them a helmet and that is for the kick scooter, just in case they accidentally fall down. And if you are riding the Moped scooter ensure that you have your license intact complete with a comprehensive insurance cover.

So why choose Scooter guide, well the reason is simple because we care. Remember that a scooter is not only convenient but will save you money that you would have otherwise used on gas, they are also a healthy option when it comes to a person’s emotions and mental well being. Having fun with your scooter as a family is one way of relieving stress and anxiety, and don’t forget that you also improve your motor skills.